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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The West first encounter with the opposing coalition

November 15, 2014, 09:30

Text: Peter Akopov


The summit of “big twenty”, starting in Brisbane, in fact is the main political platform this year. The major leaders of the world gather in this format for the ninth time in the last six years, but never has a meeting not held in such a tense, argumentative atmosphere. Western countries will face emerging coalition headed by Russia and China.

“Big twenty” first met in November 2008 – when it became clear how huge the magnitude of the incipient global financial crisis and that the blame for it lies squarely with the West. For he created the world financial system, dollar pyramid, financiers, finally hooked on the extraction of real income by playing with unsecured virtual securities.

It was necessary not only to react to the unfolding crisis but also to prepare urgent measures to reform the global financial system, to change its rules, it recognized almost everything, and even its chief beneficiary, the USA, were forced to hold his tongue. And since the West (that is, the “big seven”) could not ignore the outrage of the rest of the world, and handy created in the late 90s, the format of “twenty”. But if earlier it was about at the level of Ministers of Finance, the urgency demanded of the meeting of heads of States.

The first summit was opened on 14 November 2008 in Washington the next two years meetings were held every six months – so everyone was worried about the situation in the global economy. Since 2011, the summits were held once a year – last year the meeting was held in St. Petersburg. In fact, the meeting of “big twenty” have become the main venue for meetings of world leaders – especially after this year was actually buried the “big eight” (representing essentially only the West – with the addition of Russia).

“Eight”, like the preceding “seven”, never responded to the global balance of power, and reflected only the existing balance in the capitalist world – created in the mid 70’s the club of Western powers was designed to align their interests. But since the early 90’s “the seven” has taken on the role of global leader – the good of the global financial system was under the control of the Anglo-Saxon elite.

The connection to “the eight” Russia was symbolic and had the West only makes sense to fasten our country to General Atlantic agenda, and at the same time and give Moscow the illusion that her opinion counts and she is still a “great power”. But as soon as Russia has really begun to pursue an independent policy, “eight” was simply a meeting place for the seven Western leaders and Russian President. What she drowned after the Crimea (although technically only suspended), is actually very right and logical.

Russia alone can only defend their interests before the West – its vastly superior economically, have a huge propaganda machine, and most importantly, to impose all of the financial, political and cultural globalization. Quite another matter – Russia’s relations with the West in the format of “big twenty”, that is, the key countries of the world: Russia may act as a moderator of the interests of all the powers that insist on changing the global rules of the game. And there are every year becoming more and more.

Formally, the “big twenty” is an economic forum here not to discuss questions of war and peace, international security, norms and principles of relations between States. Although it is clear that differences on economic and financial issues are not financial, and geopolitical, civilizational in nature, stem from different views on globalization, the role of the West.

And given the fact that the world has entered a time of global transformation of the existing world order, an era of wars and conflicts, “twenty” is almost doomed to a transformation from purely economic area to political – because in the current format of the UN security Council (and especially at the UN General Assembly) to discuss both strategic and tactical issues the leaders of the countries is simply impossible. And “twenty” for such a transformation is necessary only for expansion through the inclusion of representatives of several regional powers (Egypt, Iran, Nigeria) and major regional unions (for example, African).

But is that the criterion for the formation of the “twenty” economic – here are the largest in terms of GDP. And even due to this, it turns out almost all of the major world power and civilization – albeit with explicit numerical imbalance in favor of the Western world. However, it’s not so important proportion of the West and non-West, and the West is inevitable over time, will be divided into the Anglo-Saxon world and the European Union. At the summit in Brisbane will not be a tough battle “wall to wall” – the West against the rest of the world – but for the first time will be not economic but geopolitical competition.

Today in the “twenty” has all the countries “the seven” – the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan. In addition, we submitted and the European Union, also belongs to the Western world and Australia. Thus, almost half of the countries belongs to the West. Also two of the country more than ties with the US is Mexico and South Korea. On the other hand, in the “twenty” all five BRICS countries – Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa. These adjacent Argentina (already openly declaring their desire to join the Union) and the increasingly noticeable drift Turkey and Indonesia. The last two countries belong to the Islamic world, like Saudi Arabia, which is the only representative of the Arab world. Riyadh seriously fell out with Washington over Syria and Egypt, but it was only the last straw) and builds his own game with Beijing and Moscow.

At this summit it will inevitably go about the reform of the global financial system and its key element – the IMF. In an interview on the eve of departure to Australia Putin recalled that the U.S. Congress has blocked the decision on one of the first summits of “twenty” decision on strengthening the role of developing economies in the IMF and to redistribute quotas”:

“The US Congress blocked the decision and everything. And negotiators, our partners, are saying: well, we would be happy, we signed, we made this decision, but Congress does not pass. Here you have all the solutions. Nevertheless, the fact that such a decision was formulated and all the participants of the international life within twenty felt that it was right and fair, and correspond to today’s realities, it is already certain way configures the international public opinion and the brains of the experts, and this has to be considered.

And the fact that the U.S. Congress refused to pass this law says that the US is distracting from the overall context of the decision facing the world community problems. About it just no one remembers. Capitalizing on its monopoly in the world media, this information choke, it seems not. You know, everyone is talking about some current issues, including sanctions, with Russia, and in fact globally, but in this case the United States do not perform. This is a fundamental, by the way, thing. But she is not satisfied”.

Such a detailed explanation of Putin is no accident – the reform of the IMF deliberately blocked the United States, and it is understood by all, including geopolitical dependence in Europeans and Japanese. The United States does not want to relinquish control over the global financial system – that is, ignore the opinion of the rest of the world community. That can make the rest of the world? Wait until the US agrees to put pressure on them? But it is useless – and most importantly, means that the new series of the global crisis, States will again be selected at the expense of others.

But there is another possibility – to begin to build a new, alternative system – what, in fact, discreetly, but steadily and is engaged in China. If the process will join, not only Russia and Southeast Asia, but also Latin America, Africa, the Islamic world, the process will go quicker and the USA in the near future will lose one of the main components of its power and Finance. And without it will be useless and the fleet, and Hollywood.

But if the outgoing hegemon will lose the opportunity to delay its collapse, bringing another war and chaos, the process of building a new world architecture can go that way, which gives Vladimir Putin – through peaceful coordination of interests of all civilizations. The chance is there – and Russia will do everything to ensure that, together with other centers of power to use it.


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