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Saturday, March 17, 2018

That has inherited the family Karimov

“King” Karimov died. But what would happen to his family. During the life of the sovereign master of the Uzbekistan part of his family felt quite bad, turning under the guise of the name of the President of your business. Daughter Gulnara because of its immoderate appetite and ambitions are all lost. But there is still a daughter-in-law and grandchildren. What now will they?

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Islam Karimov

As told “MK” a source with the government of Uzbekistan, the results of the upcoming presidential election with a probability of 99% the Republic will be headed by its current Prime Minister, Shavkat Mirziyoev, who has entrusted the funeral Islam Karimov. For this scenario the ruling elite of Uzbekistan was ready from the beginning of 2016, so other options are, by and large, are not considered. The source stressed that there are no shocks in connection with the election of a new leader will not, as a year ago we launched the update process of the bureaucracy. The secondary position are still people are tied to Karimov, but all the key positions have been given to the new appointees.

According to the source “MK”, the development strategy of the country will remain the same, but the big questions is the future of the Karimov family. Many were surprised by the absence at the funeral, relatives of Lola Karimova – was neither her husband nor children (Uzbeks have taken to the funeral was attended by all the relatives, including the most distant). In this regard, the informant “MK” suggested that although the people of Uzbekistan Karimov family love is probably his relatives have already been informed that neither business nor politics in the Republic they no longer have any relationship.

Since 2008, Lola is the Uzbek Ambassador to UNESCO, and heads two charity Fund for orphans and disabled children. Funds for the needy, in particular, finds with her husband Timur Tillyaeva, who is the only one in the family earning money. According to estimates by the Swiss economic magazine Bilan, in 2014, their status was equal to 100-200 million dollars, but the Lola calls these figures are highly exaggerated. Meanwhile, according to media reports, Lola and Timur has a mansion in Hollywood, estimated at $ 58 million, and real estate in Geneva for the sum of 41 million dollars.

Opposition to Karimov media repeatedly wrote that the business Tillyaeva is built on corruption schemes. In particular, they write that Timur is a son of the famous Samarkand mafia Governor Tillyaeva, who made their money on the transportation of drugs from Afghanistan to Europe. Timur pulled a few strings at the border, to create your transport company, which allows customers to import goods without payment of duty. Perhaps in the near time the new government of Uzbekistan minimized this “business”.

But worst of all have Gulnara Karimova, who, according to official data, from February 2014, is under house arrest with her daughter Iman. The source of “MK” said that while her father lay in a coma, she was able to flee to Europe or the United States. But if Gulnara did not work, any liberation she should not count, as after the death of Karimov came to power, those who just insisted on her custody.

At the end of June 2014, her son Islam demanded that the Uzbek secret services to provide evidence that the mother is still alive. In August, the BBC got an audio recording where she says that she and her daughter manage worse than dogs, and they urgently need medical assistance. If so, we can assume that it can and does rot in the home for the insane or quietly for all to deprive of life, as in Uzbekistan there is no one left who could stand up for her.

It is noteworthy that even in 2009, Gulnara was on the 9th place in the rating of 300 of the richest women of Switzerland (its condition is estimated in 570-665 million dollars). Presumably, their capital it amassed through extortion of bribes from foreign companies trying to enter Uzbekistan. In particular, in 2012, sparked a major scandal around the Russian and Swedish-Finnish companies hundredth of communication, which she wanted to squeeze $ 1 billion. She was so full of himself in sure that has repeatedly stated that it will be the next President of Uzbekistan.

Died Islam Karimov. Chronicle of events

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