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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Summit in Brisbane: as expected from the meetings of the wartime

November 17, 2014, 21:01

Text: Peter Akopov


Is it possible to imagine that during the Second world war, Stalin was on one international Congress with Hitler? And even on the territory of the Reich-occupied countries? No – and this is perhaps the only fundamental difference from the current situation, with the participation of Vladimir Putin together with the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon world in the summit of “big twenty” in Brisbane.

Russia is the only economic and information warfare, so that in these circumstances, Putin could easily go in the country, headed by the British Queen.

G20 summit with the participation of the most influential politicians in the world will be remembered only by the sudden departure of the President of Russia. But if the goal of the West is that the Russian leader seemed to be “isolated” on the world stage and that this reduced his popularity at home, this goal was not achieved, wrote London’s The Telegraph. This passage contains a rare for the British recognition of their own failures. Much more typical for the “master race” call Guardian: world leaders should stop treating Putin as an equal, his invitation to the APEC summit and the “big twenty” is a mistake, because here he had tried to conduct a dialogue on equal terms, but he continues to be stubborn” and not to contact.

In fact, for contacts and Putin arrived in Brisbane – knowing how it feels to him the Anglo-Saxon elite. Australia, like Canada, are though peripheral, but part of the Anglo-Saxon world – and their elite has always been used by London and Washington to perform the dirty work.

So if British Prime Minister Cameron without any noise goes to meet Putin to the Russian residence, then canadian Prime Minister Harper almost refuses to shake hands with the Russian President, saying the recommendation “out of Ukraine”. Australian Prime Minister Abbott, however, still framed from Brisbane, promising to take Putin’s breast, so he is still in the Chinese summit had to rectify the situation, and at the summit he has already demonstrated ostentatious friendliness. But the Australians as the organizers played on the little things – the place is on the edge on a group photo, meet at the airport…

But Putin has left Brisbane just before the end of the summit not because of the offense – crash on the morning of the resurrection was planned before the arrival to Australia: and if this was some kind of demonstrative, the pre-provided, not reactive. However, the Western press still played it right: angry, indignant, ran away. But it’s for your own readers – the leaders themselves understand how things really are. And with Russia’s position and the nature of Putin.

Putin arrived in Brisbane because Russia not only believes himself to be defending the country (and certainly not will make himself a pariah, he came to continue its policy on building a new world order. Order, which will replace the Anglo-Saxon global project, known under the conditional name “the world-American”. The fact that the current summit was in Brisbane and last year was in Russia, and next year will be in Turkey by the way, Erdogan ignored the current meeting), i.e. on the territory of the enemy, if to call things by their names, were not the reason for the cancellation.

First, because the lack of Putin would be interpreted as a sign of weakness, and secondly, because Brisbane were allowed to hold the second of this year’s meeting of the heads of the BRICS countries (and at the same time and talk with the new Indian Prime Minister modi, who next month Putin will visit new Delhi), third, because high-level contacts between Russia and Europe is now supported only at international multilateral meetings.

And work with Merkel, and contacts with Hollande and Italian Renzi, despite their dependence on the Anglo-Saxons, Putin does not intend to throw. Not to mention the fact that they themselves, these meetings need more than him though, because he understands them much better than they.

Not only because of the struggle for Ukraine, which only adds a new trump card Putin, but also because the Europeans are torn between their own Mercantile interests (which is normal relations with Russia) and the Atlantic dictates, skillfully playing on the centuries-old fear of the “Russian Bear”. And Putin is a pragmatist, moreover, well knowing the German character.

It is clear that the release of French, Germans and Italians from the Atlantic dictates no, Putin now can not – but it works not only over their positions on the Ukrainian front, but also for the future, at a time when Europe will buck under the Anglo-Saxon rider.

Putin understood why and where he is going – and really nothing unexpected in the course of the summit never happened. With the Europeans, everything was as it should be – pragmatic Renzi called Putin to Italy (of course, under the pretext of international events), Hollande flirted fidgeted, “what is not said” (“Mistral”), Merkel, every day becoming more and more Atlanticist, still four hours spent in conversation with the “threat to peace”.

BRICS condemned the anti-Russian sanctions – not publicly, but this is enough for the next demonstration of the complete failure of “blockade”. With the Saudi Prince, Putin certainly discussed the future of oil prices. And, of course, the main outcome of the summit – joint communiqué of the summit expressed “deep disappointment at the continuing delays in the implementation of the reform of the IMF and fixed urged the US to ratify them before the end of the year. It is clear that this will not happen – well, BRICS is already acting on this basis. And not just the BRICS.

On the diplomatic and economic war that goes on between Russia and the Anglo-Saxons, true reconciliation is impossible. And it’s in the inherent contradictions in Ukraine, which Washington will cling until the last moment, until it under the weight of its own problems and the attraction of Russia will not collapse back into the Russian world. Conflict is unavoidable and doomed only to tighten in the first place because it is just part of a General confrontation between the Atlanticist and the major powers of the world.

This opposition is not so open-ended, as in the case of Russia – but the underlying contradictions (financial-economic, civilizational, geopolitical) with the Anglo-Saxon globalizers, China, India, Islamic world, Latin America is still fatal. Washington and London consider themselves “leaders” – but louder sounds in the world: who gave you this authority? And, most importantly, is persistent, is not really advertised to work on the construction of load-bearing structures of other, mixed and multi-polar world order to collapse the individual elements and the entire building of the Anglo-Saxon globalism not buried the whole world.

The fact that Russia is most actively stimulate this process, already throwing an open challenge to the globalizers, is associated not only with the current time (a direct clash with the West over Ukraine), but most of our history, that we even in the most difficult situation is strong-willed to defend their way and their land.

Suffice it to recall one simple fact – in the current “twenty” there are only three countries never were colonies of the West: Japan, Turkey and Russia. Today, Japan still has not gained full sovereignty is partially restricted after the USA occupied it in 1945. The heir of the great Ottoman Empire Turkey only our eyes begins to try to regain at least part of its former brilliance – and serious attempts to pursue an independent policy has led to conflict with the Anglo-Saxon world, in which Ankara is fastened as a member of NATO. There is China – but he lost the opium war and became an economic semi-colony in the mid 19th century, failing to return the last of the aliens captured territories only 17 years ago (and even then with the encumbrance in the form of the transitional period).

Is Russia – which objectively is the main obstacle to the Anglo-Saxon project of world domination. And Russia interferes in any of his incarnation – Imperial, Soviet, and even today.

Stalin had to fight Hitler, not Churchill – but complex situation a little differently, and a United Europe would go to Moscow under the leadership of England, not Germany. Churchill thought about the impact on Russia with the help of the Germans in the spring of 1945, and a year later proposed to reset the Soviet Union the atomic bomb. Russia is no stranger to face the combined forces of the West – and we never came out of this fight the loser.


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