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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Shot “attacking Gypsies” commando left free

The history of armed clashes riot police with “insulting Gypsies” in Yekaterinburg acquires new details. Both appeared in the police of the defendant released on his own recognizance and argue that only tried to defend his home from bandits. Firmly established only one cause of conflict was the wrong word.

The investigative Committee has decided not to file a petition for custody of the residents of Yekaterinburg Oleg Shishov and Alexander Dutov. Both are released under a recognizance not to leave. The names of these inhabitants of Yekaterinburg and the whole country found out on Sunday as participants in a shocking criminal history.

Shishov at 6.30 Monday morning came to the building of the Main Directorate of the interior Ministry “to surrender.”

“Shouted bluntly: “we Will kill, to rape, to kill. Still to throw a grenade promised”

“A citizen came accompanied by a group of people who introduced his neighbors and members of the media, – said the newspaper VIEW, representative of the Moi in Sverdlovsk region Nina Pelevin. – Man wrote the statement on bringing to criminal responsibility is unknown, which it accuses of using weapons and violence against him and a number of citizens on 3 September in the street Deputy in Yekaterinburg.” He Shishov, according to the interior Ministry, by that time it was wanted under article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder or attempted murder”). Somewhat later appeared in the police and Alexander Dutov. Their case was referred to the Investigating Committee.

Before going to the police, Dutov and Shishov has collected journalists in the office of the law firm and told them his version of what happened. What is the initial conflict, Dutov and Shishov tells reluctantly. It is precisely known only that both came to the police had an altercation with a roommate of the daughter of Dmitry Dutov, a Gypsy by nationality. It tells of the investigation, after “arising on the grounds of personal hostility” argument both parties agreed to continue their relationship.

“There was a conflict at a birthday party. The next day, to my home for six cars arrived, the people with threats of taking life. All say, cut, kill them all. Shouted bluntly: “we Will kill, to rape, to kill. Still to throw a grenade promised”, – quotes the edition Shishova Znak.com. The attackers, he said, were armed with knives and a gun.

Came to his house people Shishov and his friend Dutov was, according to them, beaten. Defensively, Shishov opened fire from a traumatic weapons, which was in his house. Opened fire from a hunting rifle “Vepr”. In the end, was killed by two attackers – 27-year-old Cyril Stripling and 18-year-old Pavel Basargin. Seven people received bullet wounds. After that, the attackers fled.

According to Shishov, all those who attacked his house was Roma, with the exception of Stripling and Basargin. Hunting rifle “Vepr” is a very powerful weapon, which even the witnesses are confused with the Kalashnikov (visually and structurally they are almost identical). Carbine Shishov in the end brought in the police. Also the police he brought his traumatic pistol from which the shot himself. As reported by the newspaper VIEW lawyer Shishova, the shots became fatal, produced a son, Alexander Dutov, Alexey. He the police did not come. “Where he is, I don’t know,” said the lawyer.

The representative of the local Roma, in turn, argues that any defense of the question. According to his version, the “Ekaterinburg.online, the initiator of the conflict was Alexander Dutov, who does not like that his 22-year-old daughter Alice meets a Gypsy Dimitri Oglu.

Dutov and Shishov, he said, was insulted by Dmitri. “Dmitry decided to investigate and ask for the insult. Humiliation undermines credibility. But the Russians were extinguished. We began to look for them, and he called the wrestlers (meaning dead Stripling and Basargin – approx. OPINION) to beat the face of the offender, and eventually found the house on the Deputy. Came, and those already waiting. They were ready – three stood in the yard, and the fourth was hiding in the attic with a gun. Self-defense cannot be considered because for them it was not sudden, they had time to call the police,” – said the source publication.

Both victims were athletes involved in mixed martial arts. Supposedly came to Shishova, they were presented by employees of security firm “the Owl”. In the firm VIEW newspaper stated that it did not know who Basargin. But the name Stripling known to them. “This citizen was dismissed in late August 2014 for negative reasons. Since that time, neither his location nor his occupation we do not know”, – said the representative of “Owls” Nicholas Stressed. “Negative motif” was that Stripling tried to intrude on shift, being in a condition of narcotic intoxication. With regard to Basargina, according to law enforcement officials know that he is a graduate of the Ekaterinburg cadet corps. There VIEW newspaper, refused to comment on the situation.

Shishov, meanwhile, the man to a certain extent, infamous. He was 38 years old, in the past he has served in the special forces “Rus”. The Chairman of the Sverdlovsk Fund special forces veterans Vladimir Efimov in an interview Ura.ru claims that Shishov fought as a volunteer in the Donbass. “He is well known in Cossack, old believer, volunteer, – said Efimov. – A very reputable guy: he served in the special forces. We met with him from time to time: a very decent and honest, a noble, who by bullies will not.”

According to the lawyer Shishov Dmitry Dushkin, his client is in the Orenburg Cossack army. “He was, maybe is business for refilling of refrigeration equipment, plus his wife is involved in tailoring” – he said the newspaper VIEW. As for Dutova, he introduced himself to journalists as a security guard.

Edition Ura.ru suggested that shooting in the house for the Deputy have to do before the shootout in the Academic neighborhood where the local criminal authorities tried to take away Parking from members of ethnic criminal group. Supposedly in this conflict, participated and Basargin with Striplings, who were used as mercenaries. However, as reported TASS, said the investigation is only about interpersonal conflict.

To hear the version of the second sides of the conflict to the Deputy is not yet possible. They come to the police are not in a hurry. The investigation alleges that nearly all of the six vehicles in which the attackers came. The participants of the incident to the Deputy proposed to voluntarily report to law enforcement. “According to unconfirmed reports, Dmitry (who is of new summer, there was a conflict in the Mountain Shield – approx. OPINION) found somewhere, but what investigative actions are conducted, I do not know” – said the newspaper VIEW lawyer Dushkin.

I should add that the street Deputy, became the scene, is the so-called Roma settlement (it is indeed partly inhabited by Gypsies) is the area of private housing, often fall into reports of the criminal chronicle.

The investigation is just beginning, however, the analogy with the events of five years ago in the village of Sagra in Sverdlovsk region. Here, in 40 kilometers from Ekaterinburg, in the summer of 2011 was a conflict between local residents and living in the village Gypsy. The as has established a consequence, through his relatives hired a group of mercenaries that went to the village. Skirmish, killed one of the attackers. The attack was condemned, along with the timing received by the police, did not respond to the call sagrintsev to come to them. However, in the case of new summer and Dutov, as you know, any calls to the police on their part was not.


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