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Monday, March 12, 2018

Obama called him a “son of a bitch” because he “lame duck”

Today the world’s media again the whole day to relish the new scandal which erupted around Barack Obama. Only just subsided passion around the red carpet and the ramp – the Chinese have forgotten to prepare them for the arrival of the American President at the summit of G-20. And already the new big story. This time the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte publicly insulted Barack Obama. American counterpart he called the “son of a bitch”.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

In English it sounded even better “son of a whore” – literally translated to English “son of a whore”. By the way, is apparently a favorite phrase of Rodrigo Duterte that the same words “wings” their worst enemies – the Philippine drug dealers. In fact because of them, and broke all this fuss.

His sharp statement the President of Philippines made in response to Obama’s words, which expressed concern about the deaths of over 2 thousand people in the fight against crime since the arrival of Duarte to power. To which the latter promised that he would curse the leader of the United States.

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However, an expert on diplomatic etiquette and Anatoly Sikorski said that all the scandals around Obama arise precisely because in the world diplomatic coterie do not think the leader is more of a “lame duck”, so to say about presidents whose second term ends, and they can’t be elected.

“It’s certainly not just that Obama a couple of months leaves the White house – said the expert. – It is impossible not to take into account the personality of the President of the United States. He is now extremely unpopular in the world. Largely to blame for his inconsistency and strong statements that he made in the beginning of his presidency. Many international partners of the United States pinned great hopes on him. So now such a response – no one likes disappointments. Hence the of Protocol gaffes at the summit: is not timely filed, the ladder, stood the red carpet… the Observance of Protocol in diplomatic circles – a very important thing. For people third-party such mistakes may seem something insignificant, a relic of the middle ages, in fact so diplomats can show deficiency of respect towards particular person. As for Barack Obama, something about him at the summit of G-20 just wiped your feet.”

Another expert “MK” on condition of anonymity, admitted that public insults from the mouth of a Philippine leader to the President of the United States a couple of years ago could lead to the rupture of diplomatic relations between the two countries. But in 2014 the situation in the diplomatic world is so electric, what about the etiquette forget even heads of state.

“Before, nor the Soviet party leaders, nor the leaders of the Western world – no one is allowed a public insults to their opponents, although a confrontation between two political systems was enormous, the maximum that was in the West – the Soviet Union called the evil Empire. Now if everyone spat on the conventions, the heads of state did not mince words. Remember how the President of Lithuania called “Vladimir Putin with head of terrorist state”. The impression that the international antagonism reached its climax, and everything gets a tragic ending. Of course, this electrification of international relations cannot but arouse concern.”


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