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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Mireille Mathieu shocked the Russian bear: the singer in Moscow Zadar samovars

There is a sign: as the charge of the first autumn rains, expect arrival in the French capital, which became at home, the prototype of Marianne, symbol of the French Republic. This summer, Mireille Mathieu celebrated the 70th anniversary, and therefore, together with red roses in Moscow gave her a pot-bellied samovar. However, as found by the reporter “MK”, programsis private party, where the legend was to drink moonshine and from where she was hiding (per her request) snack, samovar (unlike the brew) turned out to be fake!

photo: Elena Milczanowski

“That song… how did it start?” — asks Mireille Mathieu singing “Padam, padam” and telling his listeners how she “in one single night of” lived “life.” Probably this song was started nearly a century ago, when in 1967, the artist first visited the country on tour and, like a true French woman, fall in love with everyone at first sight.

But this time…

She just finished a speech on red square and, before looking at the St. Basil’s Cathedral. The Red square pulls a carriage, drawn by the celestial horse. From the coach on some hind legs out… bear. In the front legs bear bear big-bellied samovar, polished to the point that it reflects ruby Kremlin stars. Mireille Mathieu looks from the temple to the bear and not believe his eyes. Bear bows and dances with a samovar in his paws… “Stunning” after a little confusion thanks French in Russian without an accent. Well, how else to thank that come to us, even as it enters the eighth decade? This spring she at the age of 95 years died mother Marseille-Sophie, which the singer carried with him to all the concerts, including in Russia, and Mireille, told me her translator, still grieved the loss. But still found the strength to speak further.

Bears on the red square always seemed to singer a funny myth about his beloved Russia. However, to come close to the cute bonnet she was afraid, so the samovar, she was awarded the girl in the headdress. Washed down with a singer from a little stress “gift” Russian tea is not from it, and a glass of dry red: samovar-unlike bear turned out to be fake. But hush, had found out only “MK”.

Inside the white tent, which was pitched a few meters away from the Mausoleum, the trombone had no place to fall: to a Banquet of slender marsh walked all the bands, so fragile Mireille Mathieu barely find a place. For it did not, as before, to cover a separate “sitting” Desk — she modestly added, and all the usual bar. While the orchestras was putting the treats from the buffet for her to eat and not given: as soon as I perched at the bar, was taken to the area and give something handing. Look — the samovar again. And again gives the girl in the headdress. Just bear this time was not enough.

— Dear Mireille, the samovar that gave you the bear in the red square, it’s fake! — admitted to the donor, and immediately became anxious for the bear.

— Oh-La-La! — surprised Mathieu after she was transferred, but to order, not much. She then bears on the red square for anything, didn’t seem surprised.

— Right now we have you and a real samovar hand! — “have caught” the holder samovar — real and not.

— Oh-La-La! startled Mathieu looked around, after she moved: as well as somewhere already sneaking up on a bear with the new samovar? From those who love it Russian can expect anything!

Dipper was not, and she gasped. When she explained the secret of a samovar, smiled at the time he was: he was, of course, not real easy to hold it in red square in front of tens of thousands of spectators. And this would bear not told: we have a real heavy, and with the wiring in his side. Mathieu admitted that in her household there is one samovar, and also from Russia and also from the organizers of her tour. But Mireille is not offended: brews in this tea, especially after a bath, near which keeps strange Russian units.

Generally each gift, as told by the brother of the singer, Remy, she accepts with trepidation as the first time. Soft toys gives the sisters in their family flower shop: often there come tourists hoping to buy a dried rose petal from Mathieu. Rose, I really zasasyvaet, and they decorate the same store, but the prettiest bunch of flowers she alone belong to the Church. And she believes laughing brother and sister, Basil the Blessed, the Cathedral of which she is always baptized to and looks after the speech on the red square, protects it from… a cold.

— After all, when she in September in Moscow, always there is torrential rain, ” noted sister. — We already have that as a sign. Mirelle is afraid every time you get sick, but every time I do without, and she believes that she helps Sam Basil.

In this weather it would be good tea! But the singer on this night, no one tea to drink was not going: it tried to offer moonshine, but she just took another SIP of red wine, but some Zakus and is asked to clean, fresh and pickled cucumbers, parsley and dill… the Sausage was allowed to leave.

— Mireille is very pious but at the same time very superstitious, told me through an interpreter, her sister Monique, who, like many members of his large family, the singer is trying to always carry with them. — The French have a superstition that green for artists is considered an unlucky color. The great Moliere was in a green coat when he died, playing on the stage. Matita (so affectionately calls her sister. — E. M.) green not only does not wear’t even eat. Especially the asparagus, and so can not stand.

— Why do you think you are so loved in Russia? — ask Mathieu.

— Maybe because I’m so-and-th small, and my voice is so-o-Oh powerful, ” she laughs. — That’s the secret? And even the Russians love the old songs. You still popular “Ciao, Bambino”! Crazy, this song is a hundred years!


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