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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lone wolf Leonid Yarmolnik truly: “should be Censored”

Yeah, he’s no longer a chicken of tobacco. A person grows and develops. To the extent that he was the best actor of 2014. For roomate in “Hard to be God”, of course. Very famous producer, politician… a Great family man. Stop, stop! Yarmolnik is multifaceted, and in one particular interview, it will not cover, because it is impossible to grasp the immensity. Then we can be more concise, simpler, thinner. So, just a few of the faces of Leonid Yarmolnik. Man and boat.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“I cringe from the word “intelligentsia”

— Leonid, you are afraid to do anything?

— Every year, when you become adult, then most are worried, and so afraid for those you have tamed…

— Well, it’s family, inner circle?

— Yes, of course. The farther, the more I feel responsible for the correctness or not of their actions, and their objectives: how we live (I mean family), then, after some number of years, I wasn’t ashamed and I wasn’t worried about what went wrong.

— Nikolay Ostrovsky, one to one.

— Absolutely. But the impact, as is proved by life, I of anything do not generally. Despite the sympathy of the audience, authority, and still have a life is arranged so that it directs…

— It?

— Politics, if you will. Some things I absolutely accept. For example, kultivirovaniya a sense of patriotism to this land. This is my home, my land, is my all… Here I feel equal among equals, besides, I know all about it.

And you have nothing can surprise you?

— I’m just scared of idiocy, which periodically occurs when, roughly speaking, begin to monitor and follow up on all, regardless of your background, track record. When I become interested in my every penny or each of my view on what is happening, forgetting what I must have done in your life that may be stronger than politics, in an emotional sense, educational. That is still a struggle between good and evil this eternal tale.

— I thought it was good with the best. We now seem so…

— Still, I think, because I worked for many years, a sufficient number of people may choose the right way, change somehow for the better, be honest, decent, kind.

“That Munchhausen”.

— You hope so?

I hope he does. I do think that the country can consider itself normal, when the cultural events and sports. And when we need 28 hours a day talking about the bomb — not a bomb, cut off the head — not to cut off the head — it’s ruined humanity, not only Russia. We’re calmly watching TV, as the severed head, right?

— Sipping gulls.

— Yeah, well, between the toilet and a sandwich. And I think of myself. When I was a student and watched some documentary footage or feature films, where you gave the injection, I felt bad. Now if I can dissect anything down to the living. I’ve changed too, I also have the immunity to it. If you every day to be fed shit, then you’re 3-4 weeks to adjust. It’s like sturgeon second freshness…

Do you remember the restructuring is already tired of all the “Time” and we wanted to not start with the Secretary-General, and from our team to win anywhere at the world Cup? But now we’re back again to what it was: it’s all about him and little about the weather. However, the Secretary General is not with the eyebrows, a little bit different, but nothing…

— It is different. And you know what the surprising? Of course, we have a very large country and very heavy. It is very difficult changing. Maybe he (if we are talking about one and the same person) imagined things differently. But it’s like a swamp — addictive and turns you into the character, which can be any in this country.

— Which you want to see the so-called people. Or sweet, who plays the king.

— Of course, but, of course, this edifice is very difficult to manage alone. The people whom he surrounded himself, — they are Yes-men, this is a choir, there are no individuals. Far be it from me to criticize, be dissatisfied with everything. Now they say: “Here the intelligentsia reacts…” you Know, the intelligentsia was 20-25 years ago.

“My stepbrother Frankenstein”.

Is now a dirty word. And these were taken on the boat in the 18 th year.

— So then… No Gertow, no Likhachev, Sakharov… of Course there are people who keep these traditions, but they are so small… I cringe from the word “intelligentsia” because that’s not exactly the intellectuals with whom I can find common language. On the contrary, I can with them just to argue and suspect them that they bought is the right to be called intellectuals.

— The pretenders?

— Impostors, Yes.

“I was called a “Jew”, and I was hit in the face”

— Your family — who is this?

— First of all, this is my grandson Peter, a year and nine months. I believe that a truly adult was when Peter was born. Never thought it would hit me, never even thought of. I began to live a new life see the world through his eyes, literally. Interesting to me his reaction, I wonder how it changes each day, as he begins to notice something else changing its attitude to the different objects, phenomena — rain, revolution machines, TV remote… I’m terribly interested in trying to get into it and look at the world through his eyes. It’s just a delight! For me now the most important thing. I do now all the graphics are trying to build to work when he sleeps and when he is awake, I want to be with him.

— Do you live together?

— Yes, in the country. We have a nanny, of course. Sasha is my daughter and my son-in-law. She is my grandma, and there’s a helper around the house Nadia. So Peter, of course, surrounded by a fairly large circle of attention.

— A sister you live in America?

— Yes, for many years, since ‘ 93. My parents went, my sister and niece.

— In New York?

Yes. But the Pope is. Dad turned 80, and he is for 15 seconds… of a blood clot. They are there, I’m here.

Yes, new York is a great city!

Excellent, but… many times I have been, of course, in new York… of Course, excellent, amazing. But for me — for traveling.

“Hard to be God”.

— By the way, your not in Brighton?

— No, on ocean Avenue. It’s two more stops on the subway to Brighton.

Just usually of Brighton depressing, when it seems to have left these Russian or Jewish, and they are all there.

— Me there is a lot depressing. That me 20 years ago for the first time coloring this… now I wonder is this identity which does not change.

— Yes, to live constantly in this hard.

— For me — impossible. It is possible to be surprised, to smile, it can be 20 minutes fascinated, but as a joke, the video shows. If to speak about new York, I still love Manhattan, “Carnegie hall” with the Broadway theatres, restaurants, shops, water, helicopters… America in America.

— You were born in Lviv?

— No, I was born in the far East, in Lviv I learned.

“But you, sorry, have Ukrainian citizenship?

— No, how I acquired it…

— I read somewhere that you have there was the house and to keep it, you have taken citizenship in 93-m to year.

You know, when my parents left, the only thing they had were flat. Dad 31 years served in the Armed forces of the Soviet Union — and that’s flat. In order for this apartment to sell and give the money to the parents, I was registered, divorced in Moscow with his wife.

— Fictitiously?

— Fictitiously, of course. It was a very long time. I registered there, pretending that I live there, received the Ukrainian citizenship… but still nothing happened. Then my wife and got married again, had a wedding where you were and Gorin, Zhvanetsky, and Jankowski. All laughed, because for the second time in 15 years.

— It’s nice to repeat.

— Yes, it was such fun. Know if there the biggest problem is that we do not respect human rights and human rights, and commend him for the years when he works honestly, it works.

— But the lions, when you lived there, was a fairly international city. There were a lot of Jews, poles, Russian… anti-Semitism was not in sight?

— No, was. I always say do not hesitate: it’s a wonderful city, my favorite, incredibly cultural, beautiful, but ethnic stuff — they are always there. Lions always gravitated to Poland, to Austria-Hungary, and there can not forgive the Soviet post-war arrests and cleaning. But so many years have passed, and they continue to retaliate. And always say that the most hated are the Russians, the blacks and the Jews.

— So you and your anti-Semitism faced?

— Well, of course, encountered. And fighting. “Jew, Jew” — so they called me. If you would like softer to offend, it was simply “Jew”. But I don’t suffer from it, it was in my Teens, and I always fought.

— Are not you afraid that now here you again say: “Hey, Jew, come here!..”

— I’m afraid. But there is incredible confidence that in combination with me it’s so bad neighbors! Because I can compete with any full-blooded Russian or a man of any other nationality in this country on the part of patriotism and of what I have done, are doing, in my upbringing, tolerance. To say that I can only complete… eccentric, a man for whom I’ll bet he will be glorified.

“Makarevich thought belongs to the caste of untouchables”

But you have publicly supported the “Krymnash”.

— I think that Sevastopol is a city of glory of Russian sailors. All, topic closed. I was an honorary citizen of Lviv, and after that my remarks struck me, idiots. I hope it passes though to apologize, no one will. I don’t need the apology. If people living in Crimea, because they have become by Russia will be better in 5-10 years, then, all right. And if they will live or the same or worse, then it was an empty political stunt. But, to be honest, I don’t understand much, here I can’t to insist.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
With Andrey Makarevich.

And nobody asked you to speak thus? You do not want to Shine, having shown publicly loyalty?

— No, absolutely, it was my sincere citizenship. Andrey Makarevich holds a different point of view, and Irina Prokhorova, but this does not prevent us still to communicate normally. That’s the beauty of that person is entitled to their point of view. We can talk about it, to argue, but this does not change our human relationships, our respect to each other.

And when Makarevich attacked the pack, you have stood up for him.

— I not only stood up but also communicated with people who were branded on Nikita Mikhalkov. “Whose songs we grew up? — I told them. How do you one second to consider the man a traitor, a traitor to the Motherland?..” But I think that Makarevich himself did not expect. He thought he belongs to the caste of untouchables that he can afford to say it.

— But it should be: a man says what he thinks, regardless of the fact that attack him or not. And you all are afraid of the reaction of power itself?

— No I have no relations with the government — neither before, nor now. I always went about their business. I’m not going to do their job differently because another power. My purpose is to engage in my profession, and someone on the street — the Communists, Democrats, liberals… I could care depending on the extent to which change lives, the laws, the judiciary, medicine, education. But I’m still going to do what I do. I do not shoot a custom state picture.

— Here in this you are absolutely not seen.

— All know that in this sense I am a lone wolf and do not depend on the weather outside. Thank God, in recent years, I have a great opportunity to do what I want, and do what you do not want. Most importantly — you’re doing it successfully or not. If I’m doing something successfully, it adds me independence because I get money for it. Money for my whole life was not a means of enrichment, and the key to freedom — to choose what you will do tomorrow.

— You’re a newsman with experience.

— You know, it just kills me that the media today no matter who was born or died, the explosion or earthquake… It becomes food in order to score the air. I think it should be, but she can’t become dominant. It is wrong to hurt people and keep them in constant fear, fear and the feeling of constant trouble and tragedy.

But you know very well that it sold well.

— Yes, I’m against it. We are all well sold that is associated with emergency situations. We have sold well an ass, who is sleeping with whom… a low genre, genre, who made us in the mass sense immoral, unfeeling people whose immunity on the mountain, in trouble, especially someone else’s.

— What is wanted, and got. Wanted the freedom without bounds — that is, eat.

— It’s awful. For most of my life I dreamed that censorship was not, and now I am absolutely sincere when I say that censorship should be. Censorship at the level of culture, morality that need to show and how much, and what is not necessary.

But again, this will solve Mikhalkov and Medinsky. Do you need it?

— Yes, you have answered the question. I also tried in the election, but won the Director of the clinic of the well-known party. He beat me by 1%. And my site was the only one in Moscow, who believed until one o’clock. I am eternally grateful to those who decided that Yarmolnik does not need the Moscow city Duma, because I’m in the choir I can’t sing.


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