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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

In the accident rocket “Zenit-3SL” was to blame Ukraine

The announced reason for the unsuccessful launch of “Zenit-3SL”

26 Feb 2013, 20:01

The Text: Evgenie Romanov


Crash of the carrier rocket “Zenit-3SL” with the American communication satellite Intelsat-27 with floating cosmodrome was the fault of the Ukrainian side. This was stated by first Deputy Chairman of Military-industrial Commission under the government of Russia, Ivan Kharchenko. The findings of the Commission coincided with the version made immediately after a bad start.

On Tuesday first Deputy Chairman of Military-industrial Commission under the government of Russia, Ivan Kharchenko said that the cause of the recent accident of the carrier rocket “Zenith” became the fault blocks, produced in Ukraine.

“Report submitted by Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin (Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev), the findings of the report are that the cause of the accident was the fault blocks, produced in Ukraine, to the Russian machines have no complaints,” – said Kharchenko, adding that the report was presented to Medvedev on February 15.

As RIA “news” Kharchenko added that the Russian space Agency is mandated to inspect financial and economic activities in the framework of this international project and to report to the government on what to do next as the international agreements for the activities of Russian enterprises (95% of the “Sea launch” belongs to RSC Energia) the responsibility of Russia.

As you know, February 1, the start of the carrier rocket “Zenit-3SL” with the satellite Intelsat-27 under the Sea launch ended in failure – the rocket and the satellite fell four kilometers from a floating launch platform “Odyssey” located in the Pacific ocean.

“Zenit-3SL” was designed by Ukrainian Yuzhnoye ” (Dnepropetrovsk). Upper stage block DM-SL developed and manufactured in the Russian RSC Energia. On the first stage of the rocket uses the engine produced near Moscow NPO “Energomash”.

The launch rocket “Zenit-3SL” implemented by the international consortium Sea launch, created in 1995. Since 2010 the headquarters of it is located in Bern (Switzerland). The company Sea Launch AG provides a range of services for the removal of spacecraft into orbit using launch vehicles “Zenit-3S”.

Commenting on the accident, “Sea launch,” noted that the missile “Zenit-3SL” has successfully passed all pre-launch preparations and all systems and environmental conditions were “within the requirements” up to the moment of launch.

“In about 11.4 seconds after launch, the missile control system has detected an over-specified limit values for the rotation angles and yaw, respectively, have reacted by launching diagrammatic side off main engine of the first stage RD-171, designed for safety in case of loss of control rocket”, – noted in the message of the “Sea launch”.

Gloomy starts

After a disastrous start, sources in the space industry do not rule out that it could be the cause emergency shutdown of engines of the first stage, probably due to a failure in the control system.

The head of RKK “Energy” Vitaly Lopota has called control of the project “Sea launch” transferred to the state.

“I voiced the idea during a visit to our company’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin (January 15, this year). The answer is no, but, in our opinion, it is best to state deal. Russia will get its own spaceport on the equator for relatively little money. The amount of current liabilities of the “Sea launch” today exceeds $ 300 million,” – said Lopota, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

The head of the Moscow space club Ivan Moiseev noted that the Commission’s findings coincided with the version made immediately after a bad start. “There is no triggering unit power source. Therefore, the rocket became uncontrollable,” said Moiseev newspaper VIEW.

The expert is confident that the necessary measures to correct the fault will be accepted and the second time to step on a rake. “This failure at start-up is very serious. This shows that we have such things happen regularly,” he said.

Moses does not agree with the call Lopota to convey “Sea launch” to the state. “If you pass the state, then who will be there to do? It will not solve the problem. You just need to work well,” – said the expert.


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