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Friday, March 16, 2018

Have giant pandas as a species hope for survival

The international Union for conservation of nature decided to transfer for pandas from the category of endangered species in the category vulnerable. This “reduction” does not mean that the threat of extinction from the face of the Earth these animals completely passed, but now they are in much less danger, experts say.

photo: Artem Makeev

Usually by saying the word “Panda”, people mean it was a giant Panda is mammals with a distinctive black and white coloring of wool, resembling bears, and, to a lesser extent raccoons. Interestingly, today the only existing representatives of the family ailuridae are small, or red pandas, while the giant pandas scientists belong to the bear family. Pandas live in the mountainous regions of Central China: Sichuan and Tibet. While giant pandas belong to Carnivora, and, like other bear, are omnivorous, their diet is almost entirely bamboo. The body length of the largest individuals up to 180 centimeters and a weight of 160 pounds. For the first time these animals were discovered by the French missionary Armand David in 1869, and in the future (especially in the 1970-ies) the Chinese rulers often passed on pandas as a gift to others world leaders as a diplomatic gesture.

At the beginning of the last century a number of Chinese and American researchers agreed that climate change to a significant extent, endanger the existence of giant pandas as a species, and in the foreseeable future can reduce their population by half. While in China to protect these animals for several decades taken a variety of measures, including extremely strict — for example, today for killing a Panda in China carries the death penalty. However, not all action to protect “spotted bears” are purely punitive — the number of reserves, which are approximately two-thirds of giant pandas has reached 67.

A new study on the basis of which it was decided to exclude pandas among the endangered species, have shown that in the decade between 2004 and 2014, the population of these animals in China rose 17 percent to 864 1 individuals.


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