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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Experts have found why people are abruptly gaining weight, quit Smoking

Researchers under the leadership of Constantine Zachary from the University of Athens conducted a study, which could explain why those who quit Smoking, then often rapidly get fat. The point was not that people are trying to “seize” the desire to smoke a cigarette, or at least not only that.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Experts have found that the number of components of tobacco smoke, including nicotine, inhibit the body’s synthesis of ghrelin — the hormone responsible for appetite. It even increases the chances of smokers to be slim until they decide to give up the habit. Experts even note that, although this dependence was not too studied by specialists, many people have already seen it, and some people — particularly girls — sometimes deliberately start Smoking in hopes of losing weight.

However, if you decide to give up cigarettes, ghrelin in the body begins to produce “new forces”, which he often feels hunger, and as a result, eats more. This leads to the fact that during the first five years after the rejection of bad habits ex-smokers gain on average ten pounds overweight.

To verify the obtained data, the scientists divided the volunteers who participated in the study, into two groups. Those who fell in the first of these groups was to smoke two cigarettes, and those who were in the second, control was required just to hold the cigarette without lighting it, but “pretending” that they smoke. After some time, the participants were asked to eat any amount of food. Conducted the observations have shown that Smoking does affect appetite through ghrelin.

The researchers hope to continue research to better imagine the relationship between Smoking and changes of the human figure. Experts emphasize that weight gain becomes for many people who quit Smoking, the main reason to fall back.

On the results obtained, scientists announced during the annual Congress of the European respiratory society in Athens.


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