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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Despair like a hell of a time

Pain and despair possess the country. The Russians lose their jobs, can’t pay its debts and to feed their children. Because of the constant problems and lack of visible prospects for the crumbling family, someone decided to take a desperate actions, finally putting an end to his life. Russia is losing people.

Suicide after he was not paid salary in July was made by the employee sport school in Zabaykalsky Krai. At the beginning of August in Blagoveshchensk married couple mired in the credits, he jumped out the window from the 14th floor, leaving an orphan minor child. In the spring of Kiselevsk of the Kemerovo region from-for debts hanged himself the father of five children. Similar messages come from different mass regions.

Is it possible to live on a salary of 10-15 thousand rubles, when prices are rising continuously? Or retire in 8 thousand? As for the money to educate children? And if, God forbid, need emergency expenses, such as expensive treatment, the price of which at times exceeds the family budget? Well, we have free medicine, but we all know what it really is.

And it has terrible consequences. The wave of voluntary withdrawal from the life of cancer patients. After a series of high-profile cases in 2014-2015 this year the situation has not improved. In mid-August in the suburbs a man suffering from cancer committed suicide by using explosives. In June, another cancer patient committed suicide in Yaroslavl. Despite numerous cases of such suicides, the Ministry of health continues to assure that there is no connection between the suicide of cancer patients and the lack of pain medication no. As there is, of course, and the connection between the despair that you experience we have with cancer, and the state of the Russian medicine, giving, as a rule, little chance to defeat the disease to those who have no money.

According to Rosstat, in Russia annually take their own lives 24-26 thousand. But on a serious level the reasons for this and ways to remedy the situation are not discussed. Instead, the CPS has developed recommendations to journalists how to cover suicide.

More and more people in the country do not know how to live tomorrow, how to pay for housing, treatment. Russia falls into poverty. People lose their sense of stability, security, safety. The government ignores these problems and obviously has no strategy and even tactics of solving them.

In Russia, the darkness of “state servants” — more than was in the USSR, but they serve only themselves and their superiors. Top officials and fused with them business clans live in a secure and comfortable world, while ordinary people forced to survive alone. The state apparatus has lost effectiveness, have become the masters and a bar for protection which we have not, because they have power, and we — “cattle”.

Fear of the police is the norm of civilized life, a civilized state? Meanwhile, the arbitrariness of the police is maintained, all the talk about fighting him are talking. A recent example — the inhabitant of Magnitogorsk Igor Gubanov recently held a rally against police brutality, cutting off a finger. Other ways to be heard he found. In January living in a communal Gubanov and his wife were taken to the police Department. There, according to Gubanov himself, his wife was raped by police. A criminal case was initiated, but soon the investigators stopped him, accusing while the injured woman in a false denunciation.

Despair is felt not only by the people who dared shocking actions. Total discouraged mood is growing because of the fact that Russia switched to idling, stuck in timelessness, and it is unclear when and how it will end.

From the former great country was only a hymn but memories: space, victory, prestige… the Last major achievement was… 50 years ago! To replace the “unbreakable Union” came “Russia is our great power”, what next? Great and poor, great and poor — and combines these concepts, and how long you can live?

The welfare state in Russia is nothing more than a Declaration. The same Declaration, the word, inscribed in the constitutions of the countries of Latin America, Africa, Asia. Read the Brazilian in their favela that lives in supersocial state, and wonder. It is also a Russian with a poor salary or pension — though unlike his brother out of the country, “where many wild monkeys”, he lives while not in the shack. But as they say, the night is young.

The main problem now is that the country is deprived of the locomotive, capable to pull her out of the crisis. The authorities are puzzled only by self-preservation. The bureaucracy is corrupt, inefficient, and devoid of any strategic guidance. “Elite” (in quotes because it’s really not the best people in the country) is strongly denationalized, sees no interest in the development of Russia. While the state normal and non-corrupt — will not put “elite” in the service of the country, it will never be moving forward. There is a need for rigidity in the style of Peter I, once stopped, the order of precedence and forced the nobility-the nobility to serve. Or state the talent of Alexander II, abolished serfdom, despite the lamentations of landowners.

Instead, Pro-government spin-doctors are increasingly dispersed propaganda machine, looking for enemies and strongly varnished reality. Jingoism is frankly fills the mouth — don’t believe in it themselves it Directors, ceases to believe and the audience because, despite the introduced rainbow ideology, Russia is in place and the problems it solves nobody. Yet the propaganda that is to blame enemies, but she cannot always explain all of the new social turmoil and, especially, the extremely poor performance of the state. Well, Obama is bad, but what’s the indexation of pensions?

The only thing the government can really boast of is strengthening itself. But it’s losing power over the life force of the country. Self-preservation “elite” as a top priority deprives Russia of the opportunity to resume the traffic. Thus stripped of a political field in which almost left not only the opposition, but independent, thinking about the country people ceased to be born leaders. The leader of the country was left alone, and underneath, the layered mass of chiefs and oligarchs, embezzlers and boobies. Perched fiefdom and only think about themselves.

Political parties, except the generated by the same power of United Russia, weight in the country do not have. The same applies to public organizations. The media brought under control. Trying to shout louder than others either harshly suppressed, or trite bought. Many are already saying that the opposition only in calculation only on what they will pay for silence. Imitation of protest becomes a business, as an imitation of patriotism. In the crowd of clowns and crooks of intelligent speech the few real patriots, concerned not for myself but for the country, merge with the overall meaningless roar.

Destroying potential enemies, the government destroyed the very possibility of alternatives, reboot. The current policy is clearly ineffective, and what and who is? In the country speak a reasonable reformist recipes, for example, on the support of the national non-oil economy, import substitution, the recovery of consumer demand with social assistance to the impoverished population, on the cessation of export of capital, deoffshorization and the harsh suppression of corruption. However these ideas come from players of the second and third plan, which can only advise the government, but had nothing to demand. And power them from year to year ignores, increasingly compressing the spring crisis.

I am not exaggerating the situation, I would love to say something positive, but the situation is firmly stalled. It is clear what reforms are needed, of course, and how to spend and where to start — with the “elite” of the state apparatus, the budget, tax system. Remains open only the question of who is able to carry out. About the state we have already spoken. Active middle class in the country a little, and he is extremely demoralized. Remains the ordinary people, most suffering from the crisis and seemingly interested in initiating change. But to take responsibility in people is ready just a few that allows authorities to quickly localize the protest as it happened with the same farmers.

In the present circumstances the effect could be to give self-organization of people, the bond between the society and honest people in the government and power structures — but they are there, no doubt there, just not on the first cast. The country needs a public organization, a movement, a party that could unite the people and power to impose their rules of the game. The first should kick in society itself, which will serve as a signal for the people inside the system. It is necessary to move from a dead point.

Responsibility for what tomorrow will be with the homeland and with us, today, lies first and foremost with all of us. As said Mahatma Gandhi “if you want to the world has changed — he become this change.”

All that is required is just not to remain silent. Don’t give away your right to say and do to someone else. Do not rely on the unknown Savior of the Fatherland, because if he did not save the country before, why do it now? And, of course, is not to be afraid. To overcome the separation you need to avoid pointless suicide, severed fingers and broken lives. That people finally ceased to shamelessly plunder, taking the loot abroad. Even the smallest action, if it is collective outweighed the desperate personal thing.

You can, of course, waiting for the moment when the country finally comes to grips, as in tsarist Russia or the late USSR. But do we in order to gain new momentum every time it is necessary to go through the turmoil and destruction? Really need the victims to recovery?

The country is on the place, and it rushes the truck history. Two options: either himself to start the engine and go, or wait, when we will ride and are thrown by the wayside.


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