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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Biggest intrigue of the G20 summit “” Putin Obama failed

The political results of the G20 summit ended in the Chinese Hangzhou, was modest. Judging from the restrained review, Russia had not made progress on any of the important areas. Meeting with Barack Obama, which was planned to conclude an agreement on military engagement in Syria, due to the lack of compromise took place behind closed doors.

And the convening of the next “Normandy format” is not going for a year, hung in the air. Contradictions still so much that Russia will think about whether to take part in it.

photo: kremlin.ru

Before the G20 meeting, all remaining in the city, the Chinese seeded the conversation with one of the hundred most popular English phrases written in hieroglyphics. They learned the truth, a little. And what you have learned in most cases to understand it was absolutely impossible. However, one expression all security and volunteers have learned clearly:”Thank you for your cooperation!” – “Thank you for your cooperation!”

“Cooperate”, however, sometimes had unexpected occasions. For example, three times in a row to pass an inspection on the patch of 20 meters. Painting hands with lipstick to prove that it is not ultra-modern small arms. Or 40 minutes circling two steps away from hotels, because accredited to the summit, the transport may not stop at the usual stops.

But the open smile of the Chinese, who for a year taught that from a flawless execution of the instructions depends not only on the success of the G20, but also the happy future of the whole country, was worth the minor inconveniences.

On cooperation, but in a global sense, and spoke at sessions of the G20. The host of the summit, XI – emphasized the fact that leaders should adhere to their obligations and not to exacerbate the deplorable state of the global economy additional restrictions and protectionism.

The concern of China in this sense is understandable. The unprecedented success of the country (and the world, so that one generation had to live in poverty and in abundance) is largely based on the freedom of trade and investment. Recently, however, Beijing is constantly give a hand. First, Australia has blocked the sale to Chinese investors for its energy companies, then Britain has cast doubt on multi-billion investments China in the nuclear project.

Vladimir Putin at the first session instead of the problems of the global economy somehow talked about the Russian. And surprisingly recognized its modest gains and insufficient efforts of the authorities to overcome the crisis. “But still the situation is stabilized”, – he assured world leaders.

On the second day Putin, as the representative of the Russian Federation in the G20 Svetlana Lukash (the meeting was held closed to the press), called once and for all put an end to offshore companies.

The host of the next summit – German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported the proposal of si on the structural reforms, stimulating demand, and on the accelerated development of the digital economy. According to her, in 2016 in Hamburg need to hold a separate meeting of Ministers responsible for information technology. But in General, nothing new and important to the world community, the G20, from Hangzhou aired.

Although technically an annual meeting of world leaders is considered the economic summit, no one doubts that this event is primarily about politics. One participants need extra time to demonstrate mutual support and sympathy to each other. Others – such as a rule, the majority – to try to solve the problems.

The most difficult meeting for Vladimir Putin began late on Sunday evening, when it not to upset Petro Poroshenko, at a time (not immediately, as it was going initially) received in the headquarters of the Russian delegation at the historic hotel Shangri-La (here and met another great helmsman, Mao Zedong), Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel.

It was after the concert and buffet dinner, where the summit guests were served a local specialty – soup with matsutake mushrooms and crab in orange, so Putin in the public part was terse. And, in truth, not too explicit, declaring that discussion to be “small issues”, although in reality it was about Ukraine and Syria.

The conversation with Merkel, according to sources in the Russian delegation, lasted almost until morning. The Chancellor warned that despite the late hour, quite cheerful and ready to devote important for Europe’s problems as much time as you need. Well, Putin, according to rumors, all fundamentally important decisions at night. So any discomfort he probably felt.

Another thing is that the outcome of these negotiations were not obvious. Francois Hollande wrote on Facebook that an agreement was reached to hold the next summit of the “Normandy Quartet” in the coming weeks. However, according to the spokesman of the GDP, Dmitry Peskov, “Russia has not yet decided whether to participate in it”.

In Moscow, representatives of the Kremlin hinted that the meeting with Barack Obama will be held on the sidelines of the G20 – it is not clear just in what format. Apparently, it depended on the outcome of negotiations that Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry were almost around the clock, starting from the evening of 3 September. (Kerry one time was even forced to go to the nearest restroom in the press center for a long time not to leave the meeting. His unexpected visit caused quite a stir among journalists).

Side long been preparing to announce a “deal” which will help to advance the resolution of the Syrian conflict, but are unable to reach a compromise on a number of fundamental questions. In particular, Russia insists that the United States fulfilled his promise and spent the disengagement of terrorists and the opposition in Syria. “Without this, any agreement (on military cooperation – MK) can’t be done”, – stressed Lavrov.

When the Kremlin announced that the meeting between Obama and Putin will be held without the press, it became clear that the negotiations failed and no agreement between Moscow and Washington on the sidelines of the G20 concluded will not.

These guesses later confirmed the Russian foreign Ministry, noting that “a full understanding is not reached. Journalists were able to watch the leaders, after about an hour and a half, left the hall of negotiations. Barack Obama, without looking at anyone, walked in front of the retinue. Vladimir Putin, surrounded by the chosen approach, slowed down a little bit in the back. On their faces nothing was impossible to read.

Journalists hoped that Putin answer the numerous remaining questions at a press conference, which is traditionally held at the end of the G20 summit. However, communication was almost in jeopardy. One of the correspondents felt ill, poisoned by exotic for the Russian stomach Chinese food. This news is not a joke alarmed the security personnel. You never know what. And suddenly it really is swine flu?

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“Green light” press conference was given only after a visual signal urgently summoned to the residence of the Chinese physicians, stated that, really, nothing, ordinary food poisoning – according to the man, he ate dumplings. But the victim in any case is still isolated from the surrounding.

Vladimir Putin said that he sees nothing wrong in the fact that the agreement with the United States on the Syrian track has not yet been reached. “I wouldn’t want to announce. Now the foreign Ministry and the state Department finalize our prior arrangement, but it seems to me that we are on the right track,” said the President, adding: before to make a point, Russia would have to consult with Syria and Iran.

With regard to the Syrian invasion of Turkey, then, according to GDP, Moscow has never supported actions contrary to international law. “And, of course, we can’t be sure of anyone’s order!” he exclaimed.

Answering the question about the outcome of talks with Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin confirmed that the “Normandy format” is more alive than dead. But to meet just to meet, no one wants. “Is that Poroshenko himself!” – pinned GDP. However Putin is ready to continue the dialogue with the Ukrainian leader. “And where have to go!” – spread it with your hands.

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