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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Baikal shallows every 25 years

To stop speculation about the shallowing of the lake Baikal, which began in 2014, the scientists of Institute of earth crust SB RAS. The waters are really shoaled to a record lately 455 meters (compared to a maximum depth of 1642 m), but not because of the death of fishes, or the thickets of seaweed Spirogyra, but because of the normal cyclicality that is associated with the activity of the winds and solar activity.

photo: pixabay.com

Baikal is not dying, according to some speculative sources. His shallowing, which is observed today is generally associated with a particular cycle. The water level in the lake rises and falls once in 25-30 years.

Experts IZK so ran, a study conducted with data from the gauges (instruments for measuring and continuous automatic recording of sea level fluctuations that were used since 1899) and found that the level of the lake decreased significantly in 1930, 1957 and 1980, while the positive peaks occurred in 1910, 1933 and 1965.

As commented in IZK so ran, Baikal is fed mainly by South-East rains that fetches the wind of the Pacific ocean. And since the ocean level is constantly fluctuating, the rain is sometimes more or less. If South-easterly winds subside, the lake becomes less water. In addition to the size of the lake indirectly affected by solar activity and changing atmospheric circulation. Every 22 years there is a change of solar poles that changes the circulation of atmospheric flows. In 2015, for example, intensified northerly winds that are driven here by air masses from the Arctic.

Nevertheless, person also depends on maintaining the water level in the lake. For example, it can preserve adjacent to lake Baikal area from mass deforestation and fires, because they lead to drying up of rivers feeding the reservoir.


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