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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

At the Venice film festival appeared fake, the Belgian king

73-th Venice film festival came to the middle. And in the rankings of the press and the audience all this time was leading the musical drama “La La Land” Damien Chazelle who discovered the oldest film festivals. Festival Director Alberto Barbera believes that at least three contenders for the “Oscar” among those paintings that are represented in Venice, are available.

A scene from the movie “Honorary citizen”

Virtuoso romantic love story of “La La Land”, the characters of which all the time are singing, suddenly pressed very simple, the Argentine picture “Honorary citizen” Mariano Cohn and Gaston Duprat. It’s about a famous (fictional) writer and Nobel laureate Daniel Mantovani, who returned to his native town after decades. He lives in Barcelona. His portrait occupies a place of honor next to Dostoevsky and Borges. In the provincial Salas, he will meet with a former lover who dumped you accidentally sleep with her daughter, fell to him at the bar. Daniel rarely writes about Europe, draws his inspiration in the days of childhood. In Salas, his love and hate, set in honor of his bust, and immediately doused it with paint, and the writer throwing eggs. How it all began well: the film homegrown in honor of a dear guest assembled, retroraw him to tears, and gifts were presented — carried even banks with peach compote. And then almost killed, I barely got away from another young. The main role was played by 67-year-old Argentine actor Oscar Martines, which may give the “Volpi Cup” for acting.

The leaders listed and a movie “Night animals” by Tom Ford. People from the world of fashion, more recently, representing the House of Gucci, own brand represented around the world, he unexpectedly became a Director. At first, nothing serious it’s not foreshadowed, but the new picture is encouraging. A major role in the competition “the Arrival” by Denis Villeneuve, played by Amy Adams. In “Night animals” will not understand, whether really all that Susan reading the manuscript of her former lover, the writer Edward. She is the same girl with her mother was raped on a deserted road in the company of thugs. But isn’t her body found later on the spectacular red sofa (the former profession of Ford here affects).

Among the favorites were “the French” by French Director Francois Ozon, filmed in Germany with German actors. Again, this is a melodrama that are so generous present Venice, and paraphrase the film “Negoita lullaby” by Ernst Lubitsch. The events take place after the First world war. If you do not know that the film was made by Ozone, you’ll never guess what it is. So new style, the very style of this mostly black-and-white pictures for pet of all European festivals.

In Venice no longer huge queues, but many could not from the first attempt to break into the film “the King of the Belgians” by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth, presented in the program “Horizons”. It is made under documentary, and someone could easily be led to believe that a journey of the present Belgian king from Turkey to Europe. Not everyone knows his face. Pseudocorus the name of Nicholas III. And mind include: it’s not there with persons of Royal blood. The Protocol can be broken, but not to this extent. The king leaves Istanbul, dressed in Bulgarian national costume and wearing a wreath on his head, in the women’s ensemble. Bulgarian singer sing a song: “the Communists, the Komsomol, the pioneers…”. The king rides in the back with watermelon in Sofia, drinking raki with the simple villagers, falls in the Albanian prison where he’ll get to call Queen of Belgium. He is a big baby. Now, if this could be one ruler.

From 1 to 5 September in Venice, took Venice Production Brigde is a kind of attempt of revival of the market, the absence of which greatly affects the image of the festival. And while Russia has presented the new promotion two paintings. “Transfiguration” by Tatiana Voronetskaya — the story of a man able after the tragedy to take root in the consciousness of others. The documentary “Path of inspiration” debutant Anton Zemlyakova talks about the Russian jewelry art, which is not limited only to Faberge eggs.


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