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Thursday, March 15, 2018

A glass of wine a day declared a remedy for depression

In the scientific journal BMC Medicine published a paper, which the authors concluded that a small amount of wine drunk daily or every few days, helps a person to get out of depression. The study, according to experts, was held for seven years.

photo: pixabay.com

The study involved 683 2 men 2 822 women, whose age ranged from 55 to 80 years. At the beginning of the study, they do not suffer from either depression or alcohol dependence. As shown by further observation, the odds of developing depression was lower in those participants who had drank two to seven small glasses of wine.

However, scientists do not exclude that their findings can be interpreted in quite a different way: it is possible that people who use alcohol, less likely to complain of depression, especially professionals, so their level of of depression can simply be neglected.

Recently, another group of researchers found undesirable for many the effect of regular consumption of wine. As they found one large or two small glasses of wine a day reduces the chances of a woman becoming pregnant by about 18 percent.

It is also worth noting that not all scientists trust research, the authors try to prove the benefits of regular consumption of alcoholic beverages. For example, in March of this year, a group of researchers led by Professor Tim Stockwell from the University of Victoria reviewed this work and concluded that in many of them is a quite serious mistakes and even forgeries. In particular, in one of the selected for considering studies have proven that moderate drinkers experienced less health problems than those who did not drink at all. However, as total abstainers researchers recruited people in the past drinking, but later renounced bad habits — it is not excluded, what exactly from-for problems with health. Caused mistrust of the academic and research similar to the above, in which it was declared about the benefits of a few glasses of wine a week — Stockwell suggests that this quantity can not in principle have significant effects on the body, both positive and negative

In addition to the theme of wine, popular among scientists and the topic of depression, and not all experts believe the best way to get rid of her alcohol consumption. Recently, psychologists have stated that to get rid of depression and helps to work because it gives her the opportunity to escape from unpleasant thoughts. And other researchers recently concluded that depression quite effectively treats the time anyway, although at first glance this may seem odd, older people tend less to her than the young.


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