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Friday, March 16, 2018

Who will lead the Federal registration service?

Who will come to the leadership of the Federal service, depends on the implementation of the program of creating a unified real estate cadastre in the country

photo: Roman Orlov

According to several sources “Osmonitor” the Ministry, in the near future, the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography of Russia (Rosreestr) can lead Alexey Korobov. The post of head of Rosreestr became vacant in connection with the appointment of the former head of the Ministry Igor Vasilyev as Governor of the Kirov region.

Today Korobov is the adviser to the head of Rosreestr, and previously held the position of first Deputy head of this Department, from left, despite the desire to save this post. According to sources inside the Agency, Korobov has a complicated track record. In addition, his name, for example, was mentioned in connection with a resonant “Case of Shesterok”. In the case of a criminal group headed by the former head of the Moscow Federal property Agency stole property worth more than 10 billion rubles.

Another well-known story is connected with the situation around the FGUP “rostehinventarizatsiya — federalnoe BTI (BTI), which previously was the largest Russian enterprise in the field of cadastre and technical inventory. In 2014, the Boxes appointed for the post of Director BTI Vladimir Zaitsev.

To summarize, in recent years, BTI has lost its largest customer: FGC UES (200-400 million per year), MGTS (200 million rubles per year). The contract with the Ministry of defence by 700 million rubles at the end of 2014 was referred to the subcontracting to another organization. Began mass checks most of the heads of regional offices of BTI.

BTI now being prepared for privatization at a very low price. Who will be the new happy owners?

Yet there were repeated advice to address Korobov resign, but Korobov ignores them. Perhaps there is someone who can stand up for him? By the way, lobbied the parish Korobov in Rosreestr Deputy head of the Secretariat first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, Andrey Baturkin.

Rosreestr is now at a crossroads. Acting head of the Ministry Andrei Pregancy preparing to transfer to the new leader. Who will it be?

The situation is markedly complicated by the fact that on 1 January 2017 will come into force the Law “On state registration of real estate, which provides for the establishment of the Unified state register of real estate, as well as the simplification of procedures of registration of property rights and the introduction of a transparent mechanism for the electronic recording transactions. This will allow you to register the right of ownership in any region, not only where the object is. During the six months prior to the entry into force of the law if Rosreestr to perform it in its entirety?

“It seems that management of Federal registration service focused on anything but not fulfilling the orders of the President”, – told our publication on the condition of anonymity one of employees of Department. All attempts by Agency staff to pay attention to the existing problems in the work of the Ministry only lead to criticism of the former management of rosreestra.

Another source in the Rosreestr believes that the main problem of the new leaders that they are “successful managers” wide profile, while fully cope with the management of Rosreestr only professionals for whom the Agency “one of a dozen places to work” and “home”.

According to an employee of the Federal registration service, only such leaders would be able to see all the “pitfalls” of the forthcoming reform and avoid them.

Most of the Agency staff concurs that the potential designation of Korobov, the head of the Federal service for state registration may lead to difficulties in the implementation of the program of creating the unified real property cadastre. And this situation is able to discredit not only the Agency, but also the entire reform of the cadastre for many years.


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