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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Where did Karimov’s daughter Gulnara

During the farewell with Islam Karimov, many have noticed that next to the President’s wife Tatyana and his youngest daughter Lola no President’s elder daughter — Gulnara. I’m told she’s not allowed to say goodbye to dad, as she is still under house arrest.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Wasn’t at the funeral as well, and beloved grandson Karimov, named in honor of his grandfather, Islam Karimov. The son of Gulnara many years living in London, he studied at Oxford. Perhaps he resents grandfather for how he had treated his mother. But, most likely, the heir just don’t want to admit to Uzbekistan. Two years ago, Islam Karimov Jr. gave a controversial interview in which he said that he did not give the opportunity not only to communicate with a mother who was placed under informal house arrest, but also to meet grandpa. He told how 22-December 13, the birthday Karimova-the eldest, tried to get to the residence Karimov, to congratulate him. “We were not allowed. Just said that there is an order, not specifying details. I don’t think he knows we’re with him all the time to communicate,” said Karimov Jr. Then he announced that mother Gulnara he last able to see only in January 2014.

Recall, beloved daughter of President Karimov — Gulnara, which even saw him successor – fell into disgrace at the end of 2013. From giving of the head of SNB Rustam Inoyatova to the aging President denounced rumors that his favorite allegedly preparing a conspiracy against him, intending to plant in an armchair of the head of state cousin — the nephew of the wife of Islam Karimov Akbar Abdullaev. The President has not suffered such a “betrayal” and told me to put an obstinate daughter under house arrest. Besides, Gulnara lit up in the machinations of foreign companies engaged in corporate raids, which it was prosecuted in France, Switzerland and other countries. They say that this fact caused the President Karimov much more anger than the presidential ambitions of his daughter. After accusations of money laundering — this is a blow to the image of the Republic. In February 2014 she has been under house arrest. And , as reported by knowledgeable people, he was sanctioned personally by Karimov. After she has developed a storm of Internet activity, dumped details of family scandal to the public, it was deprived of access to the Internet. Since I know nothing about her. There were even rumors that she may not be alive: Gulnara — the heart arrhythmia and she periodically need to undergo examination and treatment, But from the country it was not allowed. However, on the eve of the funeral the network has a video in which she sings a song dedicated to his father. However, knowledgeable people say that the song of Gugusha recorded a couple of years ago, And since the frame only her voice superimposed on the video from official events, then to say with confidence that I have posted this video in a network it is not possible.

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