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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Weight at birth determines a person’s chances of becoming an athlete

If the child is not too much weighs at birth, the probability that in the future it will be easily be given large physical load is not too high. To such conclusion experts from University College London, who devoted the theme of a recent study.

The scientists collected information about 2 739 people born in the same week in March 1946. First of specialists interested in those study participants whose weight at birth was less than 2.5 kilograms. As it turned out, growing up, these children are on average significantly less successful in physical education classes in school and later in life significantly less likely to think not just about the sports career, but even the visits to the gym or regular morning exercises. Experts tend to explain this by the fact that any increased physical activity significantly more tired of people that affected their athletic performance, and attitude toward physical education. Thus, scientists say that the love of man to physical education is not always determined by first education, as many believe today.

Experts note that over the years they have noticed the problem will be more acute. By itself, the reason for this can only inspire optimism – every year medicine advances further and further, and infants born with very low weight, have more chances to survive. Thus, they constitute an increasing percentage of the population, but today, according to the researchers, physicians not sufficiently take into account the impact of low weight on the rest of their lives.

Because physical activity and their ability to migrate directly related to health overall, the researchers hope that their study will make professionals more closely and individual approach to ensure that people whose weight at birth was less than 2.5 kilograms, could maintain themselves in good shape.


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