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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Vakhtangov theatre, he moved to Ufa

These days in the capital of Bashkortostan the most successful to date, the Russian theater shows the best performances (eight titles), what to Ufa arrived five trucks with costumes, scenery and about 140 people. Big tour opened Evgenii Onegin”. Playing at two venues – at the Russian drama theatre and the national Tatar theatre “Nur”.

photo: Anton Prokhorov

Ufa – city-millionik where there are 7 theatres, and which boasts several big names. Here was born the great artists Nesterov and Museum, which naturally bears his name, the largest collection of works by the artist (bequeathed as their own work and personal collection). From here Rudolf Nureyev, who in 1961-th year became the first Soviet artist-defector, for which for many years became persona non grata. He received permission to enter the country only 72 hours to say goodbye to dying mother. Finally here he was born Sergei Dovlatov and the façade of the house at 56 elm street a memorial plaque. However it’s his 75th birthday on 3 September, took place in the city quietly. Obviously, all the attention of the public took the Moscow theatre. Tickets, despite the fact that the price of “Onegin” for the best seats reached 4 thousand (in Moscow they are the same – for 8 thousand) were sold out instantly, the interest of the local press and the first persons of the region.

“Eugene Onegin” was visited by the head Rustam Khamitov, the Minister of culture Amina shafikova. And together with the audience they are in unison got up in the final of the bows, and long was singing, obviously feeling their involvement in the success of the local Ministry of culture has put more than half a million on additional equipment for the Moscow performances, which isn’t even in that theater of Russian drama – a large, marble-and-granite lobby and very clean. The head of state is excited and promises to come to “Anna Karenina” – a dance drama directed by Angelica Cholina, which is busy Evgeny Knyazev and youth troupe.

But the performances of the Vakhtangov – an occasion to talk not only about work for an company, not only on a strong new generation of the Vakhtangov theatre (Arthur Ivanov, Eugene Kregzde, Vasily Simonov, Olga Lerman), but also about the public tour, which collapsed after perestroika and now reborn. While the play goes on we are behind the scenes under Pushkin’s verse, talking with Anton Prokhorov, General Director of the Federal Centre of Ministry of culture for support of tour activities. The center was created in 2014 year.

– Anton, in the Soviet Union was well organized system of touring theatres toured the country on a cultural mission, the public was aware of cultural events of the country. But “the machine”, why it broke, and now revived. The principles on which it works?

Is not a reconstruction though, because none of our employees because of their youth the system are not found. Something we take from past experience in the form in which it reached us from senior colleagues., but the idea remains the same. It is clear that not enough financial and human resources to do everything, as in Soviet times. But it’s not impossible, though, because in Soviet times was almost free of the hotel, had no problems with the tickets. And now all commercial terms and conditions: tickets for theaters the same price for what they sell, although hotels give discounts, but still not cheap.

But is it not possible to take the best from the past? For example, the Ministry of culture Aeroflot has always been discounts. The Ministry is unable to conclude a mutually beneficial agreement with the airline? Everyone will only use.

– Here is the problem: on the one hand, Aeroflot is unable to give the required number of flights (and we ship to 40, 50 or more people), and on the other , we are all limited by the 44th Federal law that says we have to spend budget money only on the basis of competition, therefore, directly with Aeroflot to enter into a contract we can’t.

– How technically equipped site where you go to the theatres in the capital? Are they willing to take the performances in the theaters with the latest lighting and sound equipment? Or all it is necessary to drag with itself?

Sites equipped with a reception performances are almost there. Such as the theatre in Yekaterinburg, equipped by the last word, rather the exception than the rule, so you have to carry with them a lot. So to ensure the tour of the Vakhtangov in Ufa rental costs of equipment amounted to more than half a million rubles. And the farther the settlement is from Moscow, the more expensive the rental costs. But the problem is in the fact that in other region is not to find the right equipment. Nevertheless, we insist that the performances were in the form in which they came up with the Director what they see in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

– Kulturtregerskih the mission of the Agency is clear – in major and that is especially valuable in small towns drive the best theaters with the best works, however, economic conditions in the Russian capital and regions, and even embarrassing to compare: the opportunities are clearly not equal. The regions themselves are interested in the big tour? As far as the theatres, which themselves to live not just economically advantageous to take a large tour?

– In its overwhelming part of the regions of interest with those with whom we work not for the first time, it is easier to find a common language. But those who take large theaters for the first time don’t always understand why they do not see the end result. Moreover, within the provincial theatres, sometimes I encountered with this opinion: “Why are we doing this? Come on tour, will lead our audience and we will not go”. But as they say those who are not confident in their abilities. In the case of Ufa, the Ministry of culture of Bashkortostan Republic took upon itself the payment of rent of expensive technical rider – amounting to more than half a million. But the tour still change the situation and the attitude of the authorities to the local theater. After the performances the Directors of the theaters I say that before our arrival, their Governor or his Deputy and not looked in the theater, but on a play came and now asked, “what about you? What’s going on”.

– However, in the opinion of professionals in the touring system has a serious problem. So, according to the Director of Vakhtangov theatre Kirill KROK chief among them is the shifting of financial responsibility from the Federal budget on the shoulders of the local theatres.

Project “Big tour” was conceived for the 20 largest Russian theaters and the list was not intended to expand, ” says KROK. All estimates were calculated in such a way that the costs of travel were covered by the Federal budget. And all the money that was making the host theater, in the same way. And then we could say that it is not only the expansion of cultural exchange experience, not only the rise of the cultural level of the region, but also direct financial investment in a specific theater, which is in place conducts a tour. Now part of the costs laid on the host side, so actually at the theatres after visits Metropolitan touring remains minuscule.

But is it bad when to the regions is going more theatres. And regions will learn not only popular brands but also open a new theater.

– Who is against? Let theatres be more like the regions where they were going, but then you have budget to add money. Otherwise, if the budget is designed to twenty theatres, in fact, spent thirty noble idea – successful theatres to help their smaller brothers in the province – is not working. We not only played, but we tapped, but people still have the money that they will be able to release a new show or buy his equipment.

In parallel with the Theatre, working in Ufa, the best performances Ramtha went to Khabarovsk, Birobidzhan and Komsomolsk on Amur. In the way of preparing to go Satyricon, Pushkin and Small. According to Anton Prokhorov, despite the problems of geography tour is constantly expanding and by the end of the year, the Centre tour will cover the theatrical process 45-48 regions where plans to show 240 performances, but will be 280.



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