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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The intrigue of the “New wave”: where did Pugachev, where did Sobchak

Sun, sea and a large star vanity fair. On Saturday in Sochi started the contest “New Wave 2016”, which was accompanied by a large star concert and not such scale, but no less fascinating parties. “MK” tried not to miss anything.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

The intrigue is always the first and chief is called “Alla”. If a Living Legend has arrived, everyone is interested in who and how she spends leisure time with, of course, outfits, hairstyles and songs that Donna, as usual, grandly carries on the duties of the Muse of the festival. And if she’s not looking like this year, the question arises: where does it actually go? This is what we asked Igor Krutoy. The composer smiled warmly, lamented the fact that “MK” always asks questions that other shy, and formulated the official version.

“There is nothing supernatural, — said the composer. Neither the second floor nor the third. Alla called me in my birthday (July 29), congratulated and said, let the little miss Muse, and next year… well, the Muse is on vacation.”

Another intrigue has arisen around ex-husband of the prima Donna. Secular details. Yes, Philip and really thin. No children came, they rest nearby, in Bulgaria. But who would have thought that the fuss will flare up around music. All in all, Its Pop royalty came on the scene, and Royal plywood suddenly refused to sound. And so it was twice in a row. According to the official version, the soundboard is not transferred hot official atmosphere, shorted, although other soundtracks sounded quite properly. “Here it is — my Kirkilovskoye happiness!” — must have distressed himself, Mr. Kirkorov, as he always does when something happens. But happens something to him constantly and often…

Philip all happened only for the third time, and I have to admit that the king of pop managed to turn the sound tragicomedy at its finest hour. A fragment of a Cappella, a few jokes accumulated years penetrating look of almond eyes that understand, saying how he loves the people, and he in spite of everything meets him in return, correct facial expressions tragic Pierrot, and the audience seems to have been willing to stand up and applaud. Did not get up, but gave a desperately — and on paper a La Greek song-“confession” about the fate of the villain “Sirtaki” and the soulful ballad “About love” from the film “Crew”. In General, the ranking of applause, which “W.” tries to always be noted, from the “boys” he was the most important. And from “girls” to close this topic already, his old friend and protégé Ani Lorak with no less heart-rending Thriller “Hold my heart”.

Lubov Uspenskaya and Dominik Joker.
Pregnant Sobchak came to the opening of the “New wave” in Sochi (36 photos)

Out of this ranking is, of course, Ricky Martin. World star played the role of the bombastic cherry on the cake of a concert-opening, and looked overseas pop old more than convincing, although the performance was quite “camp” format. Besides, he behaved like a gallant man. Chuckled and relaxed, took photos with behind-the-scenes community on the way from the dressing room to the stage, shook hands hired for the occasion musicians, extras, seen, probably, for the first time, and then a fun and relaxed worked his big fee. Only three and a half, hit, including a very irreverent version of She Bangs, and happiness, all was rife.

The contrast between our and our pop stars invariably raises questions. As firmachey it? They are some pills eat, or just raise it? Why is them all easy and fun, and our eternal sacrifice and overcoming the stage? The years go by, and the questions are the same. By the way, one party is foreign intrigue were Ukrainian Alekseev. It seems to be singing in Russian, and looks like a foreigner. The music is not that catchy, but served very mysterious and really brand. It is not the first time it is celebrated, and I would like to know how long this will last. I hope that the artist will be a staunch fighter, and his success is not limited to “Drunk heart”, already smashed the charts, concert and club grounds.

Finally, Kseniya Anatolyevna Sobchak. Another intrigue! As it was in Sochi, and even on stage in the leading role?! All seemed Ksyusha its still in Jurmala otsudila, and since then as a private “New Wave” became a bill in the geopolitical auction, the glamorous scandalous oppositionist, is definitely not the place. But apparently, the maternity capital in the case of Xenia issued in the form of rehabilitation. And the girl was good! Dress with feathers, an even more intriguing framing a pregnant belly, and even a couple of jokes do not forget the spirit of the TV channel “Rain”.

However, “creeping” rehabilitation and return to Ms. Sobchak from televizionnogo of exile already has a story behind it, starting with Muz-TV and rather “strange” programs on other channels, so everyone is now wondering: is this a new tactic of the Kremlin? And what it actually will go?

However, Irina Dubtsova managed to make a joke is not worse than Xenia. After the execution of his languid rooms diva behind the scenes allowed himself to assess the situation. “Stuffy, somehow, — said the pop diva. — Is it possible to go back to Jurmala? Still, autumn needs to be in the fall!” The train of a dress and perfume of Ms. Dubtsova disappeared in Sochi night, but the question came from the lips of the actress, were ready to repeat a…



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