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Monday, February 19, 2018

In China discovered one and a half millennia the ancestral graveyard

Seven graves, whose age is about 1,600 years old, was discovered in Jiangxi province in Southeast China, local archaeologists. Reportedly, the ancient tomb was found in Nanchang, and all who are buried in it, belonged to the same family.

photo: pixabay.com

Who led the group of researchers archaeologist Hu Zhen explained that the ownership of the graves family to one family shows their location, as well as the inscriptions on the bricks that have been found. Also, the scientist noted with regret that over the fifteen hundred years of the tomb is partially collapsed and were looted, causing to understand who was buried in them, people will be much more difficult.

Although the 1 600 years – a considerable period, discovered burials are not the most ancient of those that were found by archaeologists in recent times. In China – in Sichuan province in the southwest of the country in April this year a group of specialists under the leadership of Zhou Jicina stumbled upon the tomb of the stone age, the age of which is estimated at about 4 500 years. The researchers noted that some of these graves were in General quite good.

About the same period, other researchers were able to find to the North of the Egyptian city of Aswan is the necropolis of the XIV century BC, that is built 3,400 years ago. It included, at least 40 tombs and a small temple.

In July at the exhibition in the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem was officially announced that earlier, Israeli archaeologists first discovered the burial of the Philistines – war this nation with the Israelis is one of the Central themes of the old Testament.

In addition, the ancient cemetery, whose age is more than a thousand years old were found, including in Nimes in the South of France and also in Russia in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district.


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