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Thursday, July 20, 2017

At the Venice film festival got the Pope on the war and Moscow

On 73-m the Venetian film festival, taking place these days on the island of Lido, special interest film about a young Pope and the opportunity to look at Jesus Christ through the new glasses.

Frame from the film “Paulina” by Alexey Guskov.

Italian Director Paolo Sorrentino presented the first two episodes from the new TV show “Young dad”, where Jude law played the role of the first Americans, who allegedly became Pope. This is a fictional story, which once again allowed us to raise on its hind legs the whole Church structure, and probably annoy the representatives of the Vatican. Lenny as a child was the name of the new Pontiff, the young and the brains he’s not blinkered. He’s too relaxed for a representative of such a dignity. Long examines her naked body in front of the mirror, smokes where prohibited by his predecessors. In some moments he falls into a rage, reveling in their power over the congregation, which meets at the main square of the Vatican to heed any word of his. Sorrentino presented a mocking, ironic series, and much of it will certainly cause a protest from the representatives of the Vatican. Will see if Russian viewers of the series, Sorrentino is not known. A recent Italian TV movie, where the role of the real Pope was played by Russian actor Alexei Guskov, we have not shown. None of the channel it was bought, saying that in Russia very few Catholics. Now, is that the participation of Jude law and the glorious name of the most famous Italian Director Sorrentino could work.

In the casino building, built next to the festival Palace during the time of Mussolini, there was a new game — VR-Theatre. There are several episodes from the life of Jesus Christ in the new format. In a white room with a capacity of not more than 50 people, are the chairs. The visitors put on the head heavy points of space, which are called mask, then headphones. I have the feeling that the screen is wrapped in a ring around your head, you look up at one point, and at the same time the movie is over and back. Need to turn in the chair, and the point will move, there will be a cyclorama. While this is 50 minutes of screen time, another unfinished movie by unknown authors. Before beginning to read a small lecture on what it is. But as far as this movie is dangerous for the eyes, yet no research exists. 50 minutes — a real test. And the artistic result is not impressive.

5 September in the program “Venice classic” show restored in Italy picture “black Eyes” by Nikita Mikhalkov. He is in Venice do not come — the picture will represent the actress Elena Safonova. And restored “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky was represented by the head of “Mosfilm” Karen Shakhnazarov. After the show one of the most respectable hotels in Venice a reception was given. In addition to the usual treats, highly refined, fed canned food that caused the special interest of the guests of the evening. You open the jar, and in it one prawn in onions.

Mel Gibson will present on Monday his film “For reasons of conscience”, which has already shown to the press. The film is dedicated to little-known to most of us the episode of world war II. As Americans have a very vague idea about participation of the USSR in this war, and we have the Yankees on the role of information is very approximate. But the film is Gibson’s special truth does not add, although based on real events and documentary interviews with veterans of the war and completed the film. The first half of action the young Americans performed at the base where the preparations for a real war and then find themselves in the thick of the war. The final events take place in 1945 in Okinawa. The main role of the ordinary Desmonda T. Doss, who became a war hero who saved more than 75 people, played by Andrew Garfield. War Gibson resembles a computer game. However, there are some spectacular scenes that make you wince in horror. As, for example, blue eyes buried in the ground soldier. But lampuki Gibson has not escaped. Turned intestine, gnawed by rats, corpses give a bad taste. Fun with a naked soldier who had not managed to get dressed and naked sent on exercises, fun with a knife, hit in the foot soldier — all is from another life. The characters of Gibson are reminiscent of people with luxury villas of Los Angeles who gathered to play in the war.

The picture “Big” Valery Todorovsky in Venice, as far as we know, not taken. The reason, perhaps, that a similar story was told in his film “Pauline” participating in the program “Days of Venice”, the famous French choreographer Angelin Preljocaj and his wife Valerie high sensitive GAMM beta. Preljocaj — the God of dance, but a God of cinema, he did not. He visited Russia, and brought plays, and now half of his film was shot at us. Moscow resembles a depressed industrial suburb of pipes and dull people. And next — a Large theatre with its luxurious interiors. Dreaming about this young heroine of the film. Her mother was played by Kseniya Kutepova — and this is one of the strongest acting work in the film. Parents do everything for my daughter, pay excessive money for them, if only she studied at the Academy of ballet Bogunskogo. Dad Polina Shanidze — Georgians, and says with a European accent. On the screen the Russian winter, snow, forest, hunting for deer, which inhabits, apparently, directly in Moscow — it is in the spirit of some ideas of foreigners about Russia. Pauline eventually leave the dream of the Big, will leave for the young Frenchman to the South of France, to master modern dance choreographer, played by Juliette Binoche. Polina’s classical school, and all the innovations are given to her with difficulty. Only when she meets the man of her dreams, she will open the real world of dance.

And the image of the first teachers Bogunskogo embodied in the film, Alexei Guskov. Once he was accused of lack of patriotism and the use of music by American composers, and is now ranked as the category of old-fashioned choreographers. Preljocaj has given Alexei Guskov great plans, even when from the back, on the head of the actor feel what is going on in his soul.


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