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Saturday, March 17, 2018

At the G20 summit in China, Obama retaliated for Putin

Vladimir Putin may feel avenged. At the G20 summit in China, he got all what he was denied two years ago after the events in the Crimea – the marked attention and respect from other leaders. Special attitude to the Russian guest was evident even in the concert program – the only work which has included, in addition to national tunes was “Swan lake” by Tchaikovsky. But Barack Obama, the Chinese are clearly given to understand that he is now “a lame duck”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Two years ago, arriving at the G20 summit in Australian Brisbane, German Chancellor Angela Merkel easily went for a drink of beer in the nearest pub and, according to her, had a great time. But the Chinese, Hangzhou is clearly not suited for this kind of impromptu. Under the guidance of the organizers of the 9-million-strong provincial capital of Janssen, famous for the longest in the country jams (per year local drivers have to travel 1600 hours – more than Beijing and Shanghai) has turned into a real Ghost town. Completely empty road. Abandoned construction sites. The closed cafes and restaurants. This Hangzhou saw the guests and participants of “twenty”. “A special regime has started to operate two weeks before the summit, – said the representative of the Russian Embassy, Before the major international events it is – common practice; otherwise, there would be nothing to breathe.”

However, this time the Chinese have outdone themselves. Summit organizers not only shut down all the factories at a distance of 100 km from Hangzhou and imposed restrictions on the use of private vehicles, but was expelled from the city at least half of its inhabitants. The poor and ethnic minorities (e.g., Uyghurs) – violently. The rest were given a week of free travel vouchers. “Of course, no one was indignant. September – we have one of the hottest months. People were happy to go to the mountains and other more peaceful place”, – assured the correspondent “MK” volontaire may. Volunteers, and even police and people’s guards (they can be distinguished by red armbands armbands) is perhaps the only surviving residents of Hangzhou. Through the streets they move in organized groups, keeping an attentive eye on the foreigners. As rightly said by someone from colleagues: “a Feeling of surveillance does not leave even in the shower.”

Vladimir Putin arrived in China the night before and according to tradition was late. This time it did not wait for the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, with whom negotiations were opened by a series of bilateral meetings scheduled on the sidelines of the summit. The Russian President and other leaders lived in the most prestigious area of Hangzhou close to West lake. Luxury five-star hotels sit side by side with salons Ferrari and boutiques like Chanel (at the time of the summit, of course, nobody closed)

The memo, distributed to the participants of the summit were advised to pay special attention to silk scarves and a special grade green tea from nature with a sweet flavor. However, Vladimir Putin can hardly find time for shopping. On Saturday night, he still managed to meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who showed more patience, weeks of his Argentine colleague. And early in the morning, went to the residence to the owner of the summit, XI Jinping. And not with empty hands. A Chinese businessman, complained of the shortage of Russian ice cream in China, involuntarily suggested the idea of an original gift for a friend si.

– I brought you a whole box of ice cream, – from a threshold has declared Putin.

And apparently it has paid off. According to the Chairman of the PRC, every time I come to Russia, he requested his aides to buy a delicious treat. And then relishes his house with the whole family.

– Brand (brought ice cream – MC) I honestly don’t know, but I know that XI Jinping very happy, ” confirmed participating in the talks, economy Minister Alexei Ulyukayev and innocently added:”every time He buys it in Moscow, and now (received) for free.”

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As other members of the delegation in the vicinity were not observed, the speaker commented briefly on the main results of this and other meetings of the Russian President, who by the middle of the day managed to do more than half of the scheduled program ahead of time. With the leader of Turkey’s GDP, according to the speaker, discussed the cancellation of bradenburg and the creation of a free trade zone. With the Chinese President spoke in detail on all 10 joint projects, including gas pipeline and long-haul aircraft. But with Teresa may, common themes have not yet been found. The new Prime Minister agree to cooperate with Russia except on security issues. Journalists paid attention that at a meeting with the Russian leader, Ms. Mei held tight, I forgot how to put the lady first to submit the man a hand and generally clearly didn’t want to pose for the cameras. However, perhaps it’s not so much in Putin, but in the absence of appropriate skills. Still, the Prime Minister’s post may take less than two months and participation in G20 – her first appearance in “light” of big politics.

The main event was planned by the organizers for the second half of the day, and make preparations for them could not call Vladimir Putin vague memories. So in the days of his youth (and adulthood) has met arriving in the Soviet Union’s high foreign guests. Along the roads, which followed the tuples, there were crowds of happy Chinese. Then there was the slender ranks of stretched out at attention, as if mumifitsirovalis a few hours of waiting soldiers. And very very long red carpet, at the end of which the leaders met President XI. In the press center, which broadcast the ceremony, this feeling of “back to the USSR” was further strengthened expanded everywhere books “What do you know about the Communist party of China?” at least six languages. Propaganda, by the way, demand to the end of the day, the observer correspondent “MK” there is not one instance.

To the surprise of Russian journalists, the Chinese colleagues were extremely sensitive to compliance with the Protocol. When the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, decided to kiss the Chinese President on both cheeks, in the ranks of local reporters swept a disapproving hum. The appearance on the screen of Barack Obama, they were met with restrained cries. (The us President’s visit, as it turned out, was not set from the beginning: Hangzhou airport to his plane forgot to file the ladder, forcing passengers “number one” down the back stairs). But the appearance of Putin genuinely happy.

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Finally, the Russian leader managed to take revenge for all past grievances and isolation. Chinese authorities announced in advance that the Russian President will be almost the chief guest of the G20, and kept his promise. Si never to let “friend Vladimir” field of view. On the “family photo” he took pride of place in the Central part of the image. And even the long journey to the courtroom (And the G20 this year, sits in one of the largest buildings of China with an area of 850 thousand square meters) has done a side-by-side with the host of the summit. Where was Barack Obama, it seems, no one was interested. Chinese television have not shown even once.

According to XI Jinping, the next two days the world leaders will discuss the key challenges facing the global economy and try to find sources that, contrary to expectations, still will force it to grow. However, major discussions on this topic will be held on Tuesday. To guests ahead of time not quarreled, the first day of the summit, the organizers decided to dedicate the so-called “team building”. Presidents waiting for a reception, boat rides, a light show and a concert. The journalists were particularly looking forward to photographing the leaders and their spouses, but were bitterly disappointed. Almost all the participants were in China without second halves. Even South African President Zuma for some reason did not bring his wife with him. Neither one of eight.

Handzhou, China.


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