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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The President of Uzbekistan will be buried in the ensemble of mausoleums of royalty and nobility

In Samarkand are preparing for the funeral of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, who died of a stroke on 79 year of life. He led the Republic for 27 years – since the days when she was part of the USSR. The Commission for organization of funeral was headed by the country’s Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziyoev.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

It is expected that mourning ceremony will begin at noon. On the ritual of the funeral has told “MK” Russian Muslim activist, scholar – theologian Farid Salman Kharat.

– The man created by God from dust, and to dust must return. The case involving the burial, farewell – it’s strictly family related, it applies only to people. But of course, when buried statesmen, to the family adds a public component.

Any funeral is, of course, it’s sad. But the procession is not accompanied by a loud cry. It is strictly forbidden, because it is believed that a tear or the tear that fell from his eyes in a peaceful silence, it is more fertile than a loud lamentation.

Before burying a three-fold washing of the body of the deceased. It makes either a clergy member or a very close person, for example, brother, son, grandfather, father. Then read a short prayer, which is dedicated to the soul of the deceased.

Dressed in the latest clothes of this world in which man appears before the Lord and his soul appears before the angels shroud. The body of the deceased is transferred to a special stretcher, carried out of the room where the deceased is forgiven people. Read the funeral prayer and the funeral procession moved to the cemetery. Before it was decided to go on foot, now increasingly move by car. Burial takes place in the presence of a narrow circle of relatives, friends and associates. Man is immersed in the grave, there is a special niche. Is reading the Quran. Close the dead give charity in the name of your Lord’s mercy towards the deceased. The grave is filled with earth, it should take the form of a hump of a camel. Then all are removed at the grave remains the closest person or the representative of the clergy, Mullah, Imam, Hazrat, who reads verses from the Koran. When the reading of the prayers ends at the grave no one remains. It is believed that at this time, two angels approach the deceased, who asked who he was, the son of who he is, how he prayed, who acknowledged God, who is the Prophet.

Women Muslims in the cemetery are not permitted?

– It is believed that the woman was created after man, more impressionable and emotionally fragile. At the cemetery she might faint, so it is not allowed. This is done in her behalf. Not to harm her health. Then, when the grave had already been built, the woman can go and pray for your loved one of the deceased person.

When there are Wake?

– This is the question that marks the traditional Muslims from all sects. Muslims call the funeral canonical collections, which are held at the home of the deceased. Muslims have decided to gather at 3, 7 and 40 day in a year.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov would be buried in the necropolis Shahi Zinda. It is a privilege?

-It is a sacred place associated with Uzbek nationhood and history. The fact that the burial will take place in the ensemble of mausoleums of royalty and nobility, shows how society treats their leader, their leader. Any ruler, head of state, from the point of view of Muslims, is the shadow of God on earth. He is also the son of the people, and therefore must be treated with reverence and respect.

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