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Thursday, July 20, 2017

The expert explained why the funeral Karimov ignored the leaders of former Soviet republics

The funeral of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, was attended by representatives of almost all post-Soviet countries, however, the status of the President among the guests were the head of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, however, the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbayev are unable to attend, as were engaged on the sidelines of the G20 forum. Thus Armenia was the Deputy speaker of Parliament Hermineh Naghdalyan, and from the Islamic world, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Tugrul Tyurkesh and Iranian foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. Chief editor of the journal “national strategy Issues” Azhdar KURTOV told “MK”, which is a low level of international representation.

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– I do not think that the level of representation of foreign States at the funeral Karimov is evidence of some negative attitudes. As for the former Soviet Union, these days runs a series of national holidays associated with independence day. Of course, 25 years of independence for national elites more important than the funeral of the leader of Uzbekistan, which was not a large trading and political ties, as Tashkent is not included in the CSTO, the Eurasian economic Union, the CIS is, but this organization, in my opinion, in agony. So, weighing what is more important to appear national leader in his country or to be in a series of official delegations in Samarkand, the choice was in favor of the former. As representatives of the far abroad, it can also explain the different reasons. In the Muslim world Uzbekistan is respected in the sense of the presence of his Holy places, but Karimov has not been seen in the role of an active supporter of Islamization. On the contrary, he retained his secular state and hard-fought with religious radicals, and, recently, in connection with the events in the middle East, this side of his policy just intensified. Therefore, Muslim leaders might consider that instead of attending the funeral it is better to wait. Well, in European countries, the States of Western democracy, Karimov’s image is largely determined by the judgments of the opposition, which moved there from Uzbekistan, and various human rights organizations. From their point of view, Karimov was a dictator, and to attend his funeral, probably not very well.

– At the same time, US President Barack Obama expressed condolences to the people of Uzbekistan. How it’s okay to criticize Karimov while he was alive, but condole in connection with his death?

– Humanly, this is normal. Many peoples of the world there is a saying, which in Russian sounds like this: “About the dead either good or nothing”. In the end, the merits of Karimov actually exist, they can not see, but they are. This man saved his country in integrity and not allow it the civil war, and after the reign of Karimov was very difficult. In the same period, Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Tajikistan and so on has not stood the test of independence, Uzbekistan managed to do it.

– Will now develop the struggle for power in Uzbekistan, or the elites have already agreed about the next President?

– In Uzbekistan is carried out inter-clan struggle over the distribution of lucrative posts and the distribution of spheres of influence. But it has always been, and I don’t think now it will result in some violent clashes or riots. For this reason there is no.

However, this transition period will not allow us to judge what will be the further development of Uzbekistan, as there are several mutually contradictory trends. On the one hand successors to Karimov may be the only person from his inner circle, in terms of the established authoritarian system differently simply can not be. This means that the new President of Uzbekistan will confess the same beliefs that Karimov, while he built his career on personal loyalty to the former President. In this regard, it can be argued that the course pursued by Uzbekistan’s foreign and domestic policies will be saved. It’s connected with a question of basic survival. The relationship with the former regime will not allow a new leader to begin to denounce the decision of the previous management because he will have to ask where he was watching the whole time. Although Nikita Khrushchev did…

However, Karimov is compared with the next President of Uzbekistan was an important trump card – he built his image on the country’s gaining of independence. Any other successor of the image will be gone. This means that the next President will be freer in their decisions, so as not to be tied to the rhetoric of Imperial Russia, which brought many troubles to Tashkent. We can assume that now Uzbekistan will return to CSTO and enter into the Eurasian economic Union, but this requires a very good work of Russian diplomacy. Previously, it was impossible, as Karimov always suspected Moscow of infringement of the independence of Tashkent.

– After the death of Karimov of Uzbekistan will start to become a more open country?

– Local elites remember that the head of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev and his policy of openness has actually opened a Pandora’s box and brought to life the movements that have affected the economic and political life of the country. In the East do not like rapid change, especially when the government keeps the situation under control. Therefore, reforms in Uzbekistan if they do, then very slow, nobody is going to give them to the mercy of market forces or democracy in which the government can come to anyone. For this reason, one should not expect that Uzbekistan will appear free media.

Died Islam Karimov. Chronicle of events

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