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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Anglo-Saxons were drawn to socialism

“I criticize NATO, because this organization during the cold war, it was to complete its existence in 1990, with the Organization of the Warsaw Pact” – a statement of the future leader of the British labour party Jeremy Corbyn is not accidental. The socialist left has always been uncomfortable for the establishment, but now he is in favor with the voters. What is the reason?

Not just in the US Republican primary break all the scenarios of the elite – the same thing happens in a second country, the Anglo-Saxon world, great Britain.

“Corbin said that “if he becomes Prime Minister, the entire British national security strategy will be revised”

If in the United States during the presidential campaigns in both parties are growing in popularity non-system politicians trump the Republicans and socialists Sanders, the Democrats, the England non-systemic and leftist candidate took the lead in the struggle for leadership in the main opposition party.

Now the island hosts the election of the labour leader. After the defeat in the may elections has left ed Miliband, is scheduled for September 12 party conference to elect the head of the party. Voting is open to all registered party members – and in may the number of party members has doubled, from 140 to 270 thousand. People pay three pounds to take part in the vote – which is in the mail and began on 14 August.

By 12 September, all votes will be counted – and it seems that the election results will not be what seemed the party elite. In may, the main contender for the leadership of the labour party was 45-year-old Andrew Burnham – a former health Minister. But the unexpected inclusion in the voting lists 66-year-old member of Parliament Jeremy Corbin turned the whole campaign.

Corbin spent half his life in Parliament – he sits in 1983 – but nobody could have predicted that a radical left socialist and pacifist become a favorite of the elections. He quickly became the leader in the polls, and by mid-August, when the postal vote, left in lead over all three competitors, including Burnham. Behind him were ready to vote 53 percent of respondents labour, which provides him victory in the first round. Besides, Corbin supported by the main trade unions support the party.

For the labour establishment is a disaster – and no attempts to stop Corbin didn’t work. On the contrary – the more cursing Corbin nomenclature of labour and former leaders, the more support he received. Former Prime Minister Blair has advised those who say that the heart feels that the policy of the Corbin is correct, “to transplant a new heart; you are crap!”. And his successor Gordon brown said the party needed “a credible politician, not someone who is in the foreign policy alliances with Hezbollah, Hamas, the successor of Chavez and Putin.” Corbin was called a Trotskyite, anti-Semite, a useful idiot Putin – nothing helped.

“Under the leadership of the party Corbin will get a bad reputation with the voters and be forgotten” – scared the times, mocking his domestic program and foreign policy views. But this has no effect on voters – and not because they do not read the newspaper.

May parliamentary elections were a disaster for the British political system, causing not only the resignation of the leaders of three of the four major parties (except the conservatives, who managed to stay in power). The election results have caused the growth of confidence to the device of the elections and the parliamentary system. People were outraged that the winning party received 37 percent of the vote, took more than 50 percent of the seats in Parliament, was unhappy with the way the chopped the constituency, and was surprised that the Party United Kingdom independence (growing in recent years and anti-European opposition force, voted for by one in eight voters received 660-seat Parliament one seat. In these elections for the first time in the history of almost all the places of Scotland took the local separatists (left the program), and dissatisfaction with the party elite themselves became stronger.

And upcoming victory Corbin is only the first episode in the transformation of the British electoral system. The next election is planned for 2020, and it is difficult to predict what will happen with the labour party and personally Corbin at this time – but very important trend of the growing popularity of non-systemic forces and non-mainstream politicians. Corbin their views, and even appearance comes in sharp contrast with the usual nomenclature.

He never wears a tie, rides a bike, loves homeopathy, “green”, human rights and against the war, the oligarchs and racists. Author of columns in “morning star” first gained nationwide fame in 1990. Then the young MP during debate in Westminster strongly opposed to the position of Prime Minister Thatcher about the homeless – it is located in the North London area of Islington, there were plenty of them.

Corbin has always been in favor of nationalization, the increase in taxes for the rich, for state regulation and state investment in education and health. He is a very left socialist – and in their personal lives is absolutely modest: a few years ago in England has calculated how much budget money is spent by the deputies, he was the most “cheap”.

But reputation is reputation – and the leadership of one of the two major British parties is another matter. Especially after 90 years, the top of the labour party has swung heavily, and the governments of Blair and brown are not very different in economic and foreign policy from the conservatives. The English establishment was happy – but there were all sorts of freaks”: first, the independence Party Faraj politically incorrect, and now red Corbin. While Corbin current popularity means that people like his program.

Corbin offers to nationalize the Railways and energy companies, to increase the tax on super profits, to tackle social inequality, lower rates of education and even arrange free colleges, to invest, government investment in the construction of “national” infrastructure of hospitals and schools. And – wow, what a surprise – it welcomes more and more people. While Corbin would call populist (though it is clear that the opponents do) – its economic program approved by many British experts and scientists-economists.

Even worse foreign policy – Corbin said that “if he becomes Prime Minister, the entire British national security strategy will be revised. Okay, before the elections five years – but he made this statement in a June interview with the Russian TV channel Russia Today, who a few years before, during the war in Libya, recommended that to look for “more objective position than the rest” (referring to the British channels). And about the conflict in Ukraine, he said that “Russian aggression in Ukraine is not unprovoked,” and as indignant at Times, “justify Russian imperialism in Crimea, calling it “the people’s right to federalisation”.

This is all he is now commemorated by his opponents – but there was no damage to the reputation of the Corbin is not harmful, rather the opposite. And Sam Corbin, saying that he is not a supporter of Putin, continues his anti – war rhetoric- in particular, recent statements about the need to withdraw from NATO.

What is happening in the labour party and in British political life is interesting not only in a purely British context but also as part of obscheatlanticheskogo process. An increasing number of Western countries intensified antielitnye, and even anti-systemic politics and the forces that are against the dictates of oligarchic capital, both national and international.

This is not easy to left wave their views usually are not only anti-imperialist but also antiasteniceski character: against NATO, USA, IMF and globalization. Not only Greece since it came to power SYRIZA, not only Spain with the coming to power of “Podemos”, or Italy, with Beppe Grillo and his “Five stars”, but France is more popular marine Le Pen, combining nationalism with anti-globalization and adherence to the slogans of social justice.

Born a symbiosis of the left, socialist ideas, euroscepticism, anti-Americanism, nationalism and traditionalism. He capitalizes on the growing antielitnye mood caused by contempt for the corrupt and largely already supranational ruling class. In this sense, Jeremy Corbyn, although it is a classic socialist left, becomes, despite his age, relevant and popular, including among young people. As on the other side of the Atlantic – more elderly Bernie Sanders, as the left and anti-militarist sentiment. Even the billionaire trump’s popularity is largely due to anti-system and antielitnye sentiments.

The General crisis of confidence in the political system and the elite of the Atlantic caused by a number of factors. As the ongoing globalization of the weakening of the values of the political elites and the decline in their “human” level, triggered by the same globalization of the crisis the models themselves that Anglo-Saxon, European countries, shared spiritual and ideological turning point in the life of the Western consumer society, the collapse of national States and so on. In itself, this crisis is of course a sign that the West has entered the era of serious internal changes – what used to be called the revolutionary era.

For Russia this process is important because it goes along with the confrontation of the current Atlantic elites of our country – and virtually all of the increasingly popular sistemdeki perform at least against the policy of pressure on Moscow and are supporters of normal and healthy relations with Russia. So the words of Vladimir Putin that Europe will inevitably come to power politics guided by national interests, our eyes begin to be realized. And it may be that this will happen much faster than it seemed even recently.


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