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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Putin has shown to the heads of Japan and Korea Primorsky aquarium

On the Saturday before the beginning of plenary session of the Eastern economic forum (WEF), Vladimir Putin invited its guests – the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Park Geun-Hye at the opening of the Primorsky aquarium. However, at the Japanese premiere of the beauty water Kingdom has not made much of an impression. The best place for inspiration, he called virgin forests of the taiga, illumined by the rays of the sun. To get there, with Vladimir Putin and to discuss all necessary things,” Abe, in his words, ready to come to Vladivostok every year.

photo: kremlin.ru

During a visit to the Primorsky aquarium of the far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

At the opening of the long-suffering of the seaside aquarium, the leaders of Russia, Japan and South Korea went together. The Russian President obviously wanted to prove the validity of the famous proverb that Russian slowly harness, but quickly go. The aquarium is known to have built three times longer than planned delivery of object was accompanied by numerous scandals and criminal cases. But now is not just an entertaining attraction, which is fully worldwide as the largest scientific complex, which, according to GDP, intends to engage seriously in the study of marine biology.

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Users of social networks noted on the eve of construction preparedness of the aquarium still raises many questions. Dwelling on the net the photos it is clearly visible that after you hit Vladivostok the cyclone on the walls of the complex tech of the jet of water directly into the pool with Beluga whales. Fortunately, the opening day weather was favorable to the builders and local officials, the ceremony went off without a hitch. Putin, who repeatedly visited the aquarium, he acted as tour guide, showing Sisdo Abe and Park Geun-Hye the layout of the underwater vehicle in which he descended to the bottom of lake Baikal, and a giant sleeping catfish. “Fell asleep after lunch,” suggested the Russian President. In some aquariums sailed not only fish, but also scuba divers. Journalists, of course, thought it was dressed in flippers and mask FSO employees. But were researchers, studying the behavior of rays. Putin could not resist and reached into one of the aquariums – fortunately, not with the ramps, because the consequences could be unpredictable, and harmless to the marine exhibits of the stars, tropical fish and anemones. Park Geun-Hye bravely followed his example.

But the Japanese Prime Minister the fish practically were not interested. Walking through the building, he stealthily groped the walls and from time to time, tapping my fingers on the panels. At the end of the walk, finally, it became clear why. “Acrylic panel set for the pool Japanese company came to the conclusion Abe And your local dolphins also came from Japan.” Now Vladivostok for completeness of the exposition is urgently needed penguins. “This issue is addressed throughout the Japanese Association of zoos and aquariums, and will be resolved positively,” assured Abe.

After the opening of the aquarium, talking about the prospects of cooperation (not only in the context of dolphins, and penguins) continued at the plenary session of the Eastern economic forum. Putin invited the neighbours to intensify the integration processes in the region and joint efforts to launch several major projects – in particular, the construction of new transport corridors between the Pacific and Eurasia and creation of a single energy supercorsa linking Russia, China, Korea and Japan. Russia, he said, is ready to guarantee to its partners a competitive price for electricity and fix it in the long term.

Korean President Park Geun-Hye in turn suggested to focus on three areas: first, to establish joint ventures that will ensure the development of the region. For example, refrigerated warehouses, fish processing facilities, housing construction companies and medical centers using modern Korean technologies. Second, diversifitsirovat industry of the Far East, which is now focused on the eating up energy. And third, to connect the economy of the Far East with the economies of neighboring countries. In this regard, Park Geun-Hye expressed the readiness of South Korea to create a free trade zone with the Eurasian Union similar to that already in force between its country and the United States, China, Asia-Pacific countries and so on.

As for Shinzo Abe, the transformation recipe was simple: far East export base for the whole Asia Pacific and to actively use Japanese technology. “Russia has not yet experienced the industrial revolution of thought that occurs through contact with Japanese companies!” – quite frankly he complained.

About politics at the economic forum to speak at first, not planned. But without it, naturally, has not done. South Korean President asked Putin to affect North Korea: after the death of Kim Jong-Il’s rogue state repeatedly (18 times!) increased launches of ballistic missiles and at the expense of social programs focused on the development of nuclear weapons. “If we don’t stop them, the nuclear threat will become a reality!” said Park Geun-Hye. Putin has promised to use the possibility of Russia to return Pyongyang to the negotiating table. Recently, however, Russia’s influence on the country “Juche” has declined. Suffice it to recall the move of the North Korean leader who ignored the 70th anniversary of the Victory in Moscow. GDP stressed that Russia is categorically against the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the world – no matter what country it is. But in the case of the DPRK, in his opinion, should act carefully to not provoke the North Korean leadership to some unwanted actions.

Shinzo Abe did not avoid the most painful subject of bilateral relations associated with the conclusion of a peace Treaty. “Vladimir, we are of the same generation. Let’s show courage and take responsibility to resolve existing between our countries historical contradictions,” he admonished Vladimir Putin, is that Russia and Japan still have not signed a peace Treaty can only be described as an abnormal situation.”

GDP is not denied. Output you need to look. However, each looks at the problem through the prism of their own national interests, said the head of the Russian Federation. To find a compromise in a difficult territorial dispute, requires a high level of trust. Japan once had “cheated” Russia having refused to comply with the terms of the Treaty of 1956, ratified by its own Parliament. And then a long time refused from economic cooperation, citing political differences. “Now we need to create a solid basis for a restoration of trust and long-term development”, – Putin said.

Abe exclaimed that knows where the best place to discuss progress and plan for the future. “When he came to the virgin forest of the taiga in the light of the sun penetrating through the foliage , the ones who shot Akira Kurosawa, we might think about what should be the relationship between Japan and Russia in 20 or 30 years,” he said. According to the Japanese Prime Minister, he has invited Vladimir Putin to meet annually in Vladivostok and check on joint projects.

However, this year the opportunity to compare notes with the leaders of Russia and Japan will be presented twice, in November at the APEC summit in Peru in December during the official visit of Vladimir Putin to Yamaguchi.


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