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Sunday, March 18, 2018

China will soon overwhelm the Russian ice cream

The complaint of one of the Chinese entrepreneurs, whom he addressed in Vladivostok, Vladimir Putin, the inability to import from our country a large batch of ice cream was not confirmed. On the contrary, according to various sources, shipments to China are growing like a snowball. Moreover, the Secretary General of the Association of development and planning activities of enterprises abroad, Janiva Ho said that in his country soon will be running a factory producing ice cream according to the Russian technology and our raw milk.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Patriotic ice cream has always been famous for its unique taste and ecological purity. But this product is not just somewhere to export. Desired relevant logistics and storage infrastructure. And above all a powerful network of refrigerators in the field, close to retail sales. And most importantly, sustained demand. Meanwhile, if the European countries one person consumes 5-6 kg of ice cream per year, in China less than 1 kg. While in China are not accustomed to the mass consumption of dairy products. There more like ice cream, chilled desserts, and mostly from vegetable oils.

So until recently, none of the entrepreneurs on both banks of the Amur river and thought about the visible supplies of Russian ice cream.

But that all changed last year. Because of the collapse of the ruble, including the yuan, hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Chinese people rushed to Russia to buy rapidly depreciating local products. First to buy soy and wheat. But quickly figured Russian sweets, and vegetables, and meat.

According to Janeway he, in the border city of Heihe has been opened supermarket, which sells up to 1700 names of Russian products. In the next three years in China to open 300 such stores. However, dozens of them are already working in many Chinese cities. Very popular candy and other sweets.

Planned and the construction in China of the ice cream factories of Russian technology. Milk for it it is planned to supply from Sakhalin.

And the most important thing. The General Director of the Union of ice cream producers of Russia Valery elhov emphatically stated that there is no ban on the export of Russian ice cream in China no. Many Russian manufacturers, for example, of a number of Siberian cities, has been successfully delivered to China a large batch of your ice cream. Another thing is that refrigerators in China is clearly not enough. So the Russian President will still have to mess small batches of ice cream to the Chinese counterpart.


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