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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The value of life

Strange that in school burden students with a lot of unnecessary and useless, do not teach the main subject — the value of life. Without it, the other disciplines are meaningless. And maybe even harmful. What and how cinch to apply knowledge if there is no purpose and fundamentals? Then the gleaned information can be used and misused.

photo: Alex geldings


Talking about the cruelty of teenagers, I write about the terrifying callousness of children. But where do these disturbing, and even criminal implications? Is it only from biological characteristics of the human depths? No, of course. Because no one explained the “trudnootdelemy” generation, that means the one and only, one-time given to each life.

I laughed at the quote from Nikolai Ostrovsky: “Life is given to man once and live it must be so…” But in support of these words, we were stuffed examples of heroic deeds: people brought destiny on the altar of the Fatherland, sacrificed themselves in the name of great objectives. Propaganda? Of course, but a smart campaign keeps the mind moving, but instinct tells him to quiet down and chill. “What if I? And me? To the gallows, the axe, the fire… As Pestel. As of Jan HUS, Galileo, Copernicus… And would I like Talalikhin, Gastello, Matrosov… I would cease to exist? How is it — to cease to see, to feel, to enjoy the sunshine and meeting with friends? After all, it’s cruel, unfair — to break my life! And trample someone else — not cruel? B-R-R…”.

Don’t want to try on?

Blissful non-military at times it is necessary to cherish and enjoy. Not worry unnecessarily terrible visions. Not to beat yourself up idle and wasted time. Don’t needlessly stress yourself and others: Oh, not had my share of great romantic era! Not found me worthy of lucky star! But is peaceful (not always boring) times, people don’t die, don’t die, don’t sacrifice yourself?

Doubly, triply, so to speak, desperately unbearable and tragic death in vain — because of thoughtlessness, stupidity, insensibility of others. Kids coveted the wealth of his fellow students and for the sake of capturing a coveted computer or money the boy killed. The other kids hated classmate for otherness, for what doesn’t want to be like them, knocked around this her. Football fan-a teenager took his own supporter of the other team. Such examples are innumerable.

Why this happens? In many ways — all because of the same misunderstanding: the life of the one and only, and you yourself — as fragile, subject to death of the stalk, as one who strikes a blow.

In our school the education of an overabundance of optimism — a vague, sweeping, approximate, vague. And very little meaningful pessimism. In the great Patriotic war killed 20 million… In Stalin’s camps perished 20 million. Here are numbers! Impressive! Suppress. Negate the feelings. What can be soulful tears and ruptures, if the bill goes on millions of mass seizure from among the living? But to take and devote a lesson to a single fate. Not necessarily loud, widely known, and ordinary, but that was just horror-stricken heart and remain indifferent was impossible. Tell us, for example, dispossessed young woman, referred to Kazakhstan. She had three small children in the village from which she was sent. Those who were deported and settled in the steppe next to her, the children were dead. Lived prisoners who have not committed any crimes, in cold barracks. Their work was — greening the desert. A noble task! Fruitful work! They covered the dead ground seedlings. But the methods that caused the nobility, were not noble, there was a condition: if at least one sprout will die — the guilty will be shot.

The woman they say went on a hunger strike — although what it was to declare, if the food is already not enough, but the unbroken right here it wanted to protest. And it got her shot. Her children (amazing that they survived) were broken destinies. They have not lived up to the time when the archives opened and became known the fate of his mother.

As you kids born in the twenty-first century, this not-so-long mess? Don’t want to try on? Don’t want to stay without the mother? Don’t want to be exiled and executed for nothing? I am sure few people will be indifferent to this episode of our life.

Full pain history homeland

Make do with stories about how Salieri poisoned Mozart. In philosophical terms, the parable is deeply instructive. And if you take the fate of the poet Marina Tsvetaeva — in unvarnished form — and the fate of her remarkable, naive and tortured Stalinism son Moore and show that how can shape a life, that’s what victims sometimes requires talent, for genius does not guarantee prosperity and well-being. But the execution of Gumilyov and Pilnyak? And the death of Mandelstam? And the persecution of Akhmatova and Zoshchenko? It is necessary to inform the ignorant children full of pain and misery the history of our country, and not besot their jingoistic anthems and toasts, only great victories and achievements, plywood covering the ugly and criminal.

Love happy-ends

Movies and books to teach children and adolescents to happy-ends. At the last minute comes a happy deliverance from the threat, is a good wizard and scatters the clouds. What if such redemption will not occur? In reality, happy coincidences not so much. It is also necessary to speak honestly.

Need stories about the selfless doctors, teachers, soldiers, writers, scientists — not necessarily of the f, but poignant helping to identify, define its position in the kolovraschenie of good and evil.

You need to use common everyday language, scientism only turn away from the most important conversation about the main thing.

Then we can count that formed their personalities and are able to empathize and share the grief of the middle. Otherwise you will be (and already got) the cold egoists, do not know the mental agony, among prudent careerists, bureaucrats, and even notorious killers.


It would not hurt private lesson of courage to devote to the heroism of Janusz Korczak. No horror stories and intimidation! Just a test of their own courage, a test of imagination. You’re doomed, you are in the gas chamber, now all over, there will be no sunrises, no sunsets, no games with peers, no boring lessons, no boring teachers… Not everyone stand the nerves to simulate this. But with you — the teacher, who has not left you, not rushed out of the gas chambers, hiding behind the hypocritical words that you, children, nothing in life is not created, your death was no great loss, but I was an outstanding teacher and has been written can very much important for the education of future generations of books. No, the humanist teacher will not abandon you the minute the ordeal. This example will make you think very much about — about myself and about those around, and about what it means to be a Teacher.

Airport named after Stalin

Instead, praise Stalin and turning a blind eye on the politicians flirting with the shadow of Hitler. Should be placed in the textbooks is the other truth about these bad people. Bring them a biography in unvarnished horror. A formal ban mongrel figures would only incite interest in them. But while we hear and read: Adolf is so handsome, with a mustache and Koba — be Patriotic. (He killed 20 million “enemies of the people”.) Hence, it is named in his honor Volgograd airport!

No need to slander superfluous and stilted denounce. Enough to give a few facts such clear, simple, human (i.e. man-hating), the life of these (and I want to say: fanatics, fiends, murderers, but no!) ordinary, mediocre tyrants who used the cowardice and sycophancy of his followers. And the opportunists, too, must speak without reserve, without tragic shouting: “do Not let the scoundrels in power!” “No to war!”, “Criminals — to justice!” — about loyalty, obsequiousness, and tolerance of those who are in the household just helped to ascend to the top of the dictatorship notorious killers. “Sometimes, kids, we are raising the executioners, they are not fall from the sky…”

Yes, Mussolini built affordable housing for the people (for which Italians he is still grateful and keep these stone boxes as a memory of the benefaction). But without murder (wonderfully shown in the film Bertolucci’s “XX century”) these blocks it was impossible to build? Let’s distinguish: where the good of the people, and where distracting attention from their own pathology maneuver.

Vengeful and envious Hitler hated everyone who believed higher, stronger, smarter; otherwise, why put in Dachau sons of the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand, the man whose murder provoked the outbreak of the First world war? The Archduke was a figure remarkable, remarkable in its kind, he had planned to dissolve the Austro-Hungarian Empire and on its ruins to establish a United States of Austria — semblance and prototype of the current European Union, which includes several independent and at the same time connected by common goals of States. Draft, note, radically different from Hitler’s usurping of Europe; Hitler and the difference of their dictatorial views and progressive aspirations of the Archduke were well seen. From an early age he saved his hatred of those who was bigger, who was superior to him, a dropout, nobility and position in society who were provided better than he, the son of an official of the customs Department. (That’s what the driving spring revolutions, wars, and not the thirst for universal equality and justice. Equality would be if the sons of the Archduke became an equal ruler, or at least the ordinary citizens of the Reich, but no, they were captured and placed in a concentration camp, scoffed at them, the guards, forcing him to lick the tar coating yard of the concentration camp.)

A collective portrait of this type of political leaders: cowardly, like Mussolini and Stalin, obsessed with the paranoia of Stalin and Hitler, colorless and mediocre, like Himmler, oratoric and hysterical, like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini.

Uncontrolled by society the power leads to the fact that the ruler loses the sense of reality. People stared at him from the side, is clear: it is inadequate. But the mechanism to curb this madness, no — on the contrary, the surrounding Yes-men and hangers-on in pursuit of personal greed, convince the leader of his unsurpassed, thereby strengthening tyranny.

The question is here in what plane: not to allow such people to enter into politics, to put the filters and barriers on their way into power.

Mini-museums of Auschwitz, French and October revolutions should be in every school — a good example should always be before the eyes of the younger generation.

The horror of finding Lenin in the Mausoleum is not that demonstrate the savagery — the worship of the corpse — and that confusing and forced to worship the cynic maniac, it is advised to follow his example.


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