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Friday, March 16, 2018

The police led to the grandfather of Pavlik Morozov

3 September marks the 70th anniversary of actor Yury Kuznetsov. The words “real Russian artist that we’ve been tattered, just about him. It was the way described in Ostrovsky’s plays, which should go Russian artist from Vologda in Kerch, and from Kerch in Vologda. On the eve of the anniversary to really talk to us and failed, although he adopted for the interview several times.

Call Yuri Alexandrovich. He lives in St. Petersburg. In the girl’s voice.

– I – Alexander, the daughter of Yuri Kuznetsov, doing all his chores.

Yeah I just saw you at the festivals.

We go there together dad.

After early departure of his wife Yuri Kuznetsov is living with her daughter, touching cares about her and she about him. Sasha took care of all the household chores and helps his father. Alexander promises to call me back as soon as her dad make time for me. And so it happens. Pick up the phone, and there is a familiar voice Kuznetsova. He always says: “good, good, Good,” and feel that it will be so.

– Your anniversary fell on a Year of Russian cinema. Felt the peculiarity of the moment?

Oh, and don’t say.

– You have worked with major film Directors, starred Alexis Herman, but other filmmakers can also be found. Who, no matter how you know what is happening in the movie?

– I’m in Moscow at the young Director. He is very attentive. Nobody wants to shoot the average movie, but sometimes you have to work in difficult conditions, adhering to strict format. Before the word “series” not hesitated to say, and removed efficiently, and now, as if ashamed of something called multi-part feature film. I have a lot of them were shot. Behind those with whom I worked-was the second Director with a stopwatch and usually delicately and gently hinted that it was time to finish the job, because we’re on a tight schedule. He feels that the three scenes at the end of the work shift will not remove. In such circumstances and work. But what can I say? When Alexey Herman was shooting the film “My friend Ivan Lapshin”, too, because there was a strict deadline. Take out and put in a specific day and hour in front of the arts Council and the Studio that made. And if not passed during, overdue, followed the sanctions. Young Directors want to efficiently remove, but it is impossible for a change of 10-15 episodes to do. Did not get nice and powerful.

– That is not the goal – to cut the dough and only? The people doing?

– Of course! If the dough wanted to cut… Oh, I gotta run to a meeting. Will call you later.

Call again in the evening.

– When you promised to hand over the material? I have a birthday only on the passport on 3 September. And in fact, I was born on December 8. So take your time with the interview.

– If written in the passport that the 3rd – all the law. Anyone we can’t prove anything. How could this happen?

– My mom, who is alive and healthy, may God grant her health, says: “You are born on 8 th, Sunday the day of tanker. And three, I think, came because an eight ink was not enough. I was just kidding. Honestly, I was born on the 8th. Mom remembers all the dates. It is full of memory, although it many years. So we can talk all week about my birthday.

– And now where are you? Very busy?

– My daughter was found. Have not seen for a year. I have an older daughter, Natasha. Now I’m sitting with her and soon, my little Alexander. With it, you are already familiar. Not the youngest but second. And now she would come, and we’ll talk perezvonite..

That is to get an interview-not an interview. Yes, and the ceremonial portrait about Yuri Kuznetsov did not write. Not that he’s a man. But officials in his debt. Viewers and fans of this unique artist constantly complain that he’s still not popular, although this title was long given to those who did much less for art. And they are right. And Yuri Kuznetsov said that the use of title no, before it was associated with some benefits. And the people love him and no regalia.

Yuri Kuznetsov was born in Abakan. His father had served in the militia, and the son since the childhood was engaged in a theatrical circle, studied to be an actor in Vladivostok, and then worked in the Khabarovsk theater of the famous Omsk drama, where he noticed Victor Aristov, who worked with Alexis Herman, called the sample picture “My friend Ivan Lapshin”. So, thanks to the movie, Yuri Kuznetsov moved to Leningrad. Come to the movies grown man, he was 35. Starred in “Torpedo” Seeds Aranovich, “Cold summer of fifty third” Alexander Proshkin, “the Brother” Alexey Balabanov, “evenings near Moscow” Valery Todorovsky, “the Peculiarities of national hunting in winter period” Alexander Rogozhkina, “the Island” and “Tsar” by Pavel Lungin, the last as Malyuta Skuratov. And alternated “serious” work as a TV series: “Cops”, where he played police Colonel nicknamed the Mushroom, which is known all over the country and sometimes dopekat his love. Then there was “Streets of broken lamps”, “Crime and punishment” Dmitry svetozarova, where he played Marmeladov. A total of more than 170 roles in the movie. Daughter Alexandra also starred with his father before becoming his assistant and agent.

.Not so long ago, Yuri Kuznetsov played in the film “Pioneer heroes by Natalia Kudryashova the grandfather of Pavlik Morozov in the skirt. And so it was a pity. The Director, being also an actress, played in his debut film role the former pioneers of the late appeal. Her character wants to repeat the feat of Pavlik Morozov, but can’t. She resolutely goes to the police to tell his father and grandfather, who chase the moonshine. Grandpa magnificently played Yuri Kuznetsov. Well, yeah, he chases moonshine, and is punishable by law. A lot of people there. But usually at the blacksmiths is on the other side of the fence. Many investigators and police officials, he beat. The material is familiar, yet the father of all life in militia served. And his son followed in his footsteps, albeit on screen. But these police officers Kuznetsova recognize. He became close to them.


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