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Thursday, July 27, 2017

“The Japanese Islands, the Chinese ice cream”: the meeting of Putin and Abe held closed

On the first day of the Eastern economic forum (WEF) attention was focused on the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Judging by the mood of his and Vladimir Putin, Moscow and Tokyo closer than ever to resolving the territorial dispute and conclude a peace Treaty.

photo: kremlin.ru

Linrock Typhoon that hit the Primorye territory in late August, is not going to give ground. The first on the opening day of the WEF felt it runners in protection of tigers and leopards. When it came time to award prizes, from the sky poured torrential rain, backed by an impressive wind gusts. “That’s a good sign! – cheered the runners, the former head of the AP Sergei Ivanov: Thank you that love nature and wild cats.

The appearance of the official is fully consistent with its new position on the race’s special representative for the environmental activities came to a t-shirt with the inscription “Land of leopard”, the exhibition “far East – the edge of the wild” – a red tie with a picture of your favorite predator.

In the race Ivanov did not participate (From the VIP-participants of the forum in the distance came the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy and Deputy Minister of energy Anton Inyutsyn). But the exhibition examined very carefully, not missing the opportunity to pet a virtual tiger and tease the Governor of Kamchatskiy Krai Vladimir Ilyukhin presented at a charity auction in support of wildlife barrel of red caviar. “Once it is clear whose lot,” said Ivanov. Over the last two days cost of barrel with a far-Eastern delicacy has time to grow with the launch of 62 thousand rubles to 68 thousand 750 rubles.

Among the other lots was struck by a poster of a muscular torso Yuri Trutnev. Thus, the Deputy Prime Minister, whose biceps Vladimir Putin recently praised quotations from Vysotsky, advertising the film “Challenge myself” in which he starred along with a multiple world champion in kickboxing bath hasikov.

The price of the film from the original 50 thousand rubles grew to 110 thousand rubles. But the organizers are confident that this is not the limit: for example, last year the painting “the Lynx” from the personal collection Trutnev has sold over half a million rubles. Other governors – and in the auction expressed a desire to participate, the heads of all regions of DFO – was no less inventive: Oleg Kozhemyako (the Sakhalin region) was put up for auction a men’s robe of the indigenous people of Sakhalin Ainu, Roman Kopin (Chukotka) is a traditional boat of aboriginal Agapic, and Alexander Kozlov (Amur region) – the know-how of a local artist, depicting religious themes for window shutters.

More details about culture, customs and crafts of the Far East guests of the forum could see on the embankment of the island Russian. Organizers worried that the Typhoon Linrock will destroy the pavilions of the regions, built from scrap materials – mainly tarpaulins, wood and plastic – but the element only abundantly watered them with rain.

In the morning volunteers with buckets scooped water from the roof and tried to dry in the wind wet the exhibits. “We need something to strengthen the walrus. God forbid you fall into any of the guests,” through the pavilion of the “Chukotka”. “And we have mushrooms smell! Apparently under us have grown”, – complained of “Kolyma”. Fish were also a mile away is the Eskimos according to ancient custom, hung on the street fresh carcass.

But neither the rain nor the richness of the odors has not prevented Vladimir Putin to make a promenade: accompanied by officials, he walked along the waterfront to the moored at the pier of the ship of the new generation “Khabarovsk Krai”. In the captain’s cabin it became clear that the beautiful appearance of the ship has one bad flaw – it does not fully comply with the principles of import substitution. “Foreign production”, – shrugged Governor Vyacheslav Shport. But I promised at the start of serial production of the doubt because domestic analogues of such systems have already been developed.

Business program of the WEF this year consists of 53 sessions and 5 inter-country dialogue. According to in charge of the forum Yuri Trutnev, to sign the prepared more than 140 agreements 1.6 trillion And the number of guests expected to exceed 2.5 thousand people.

Compared to 2015, the company increased the number of Japanese and Koreans (most likely this is due to visits by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President Park Geun-Hye). But the Chinese were gone: perhaps they have not forgotten the problems with the population at the last forum, because of what some empty-handed delegates had to return to China.

This time, the hotels and the campus of the far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) enough for all, but not everyone was satisfied with their placement. “I don’t understand!” loud, indignant at the reception of the organizers of the tall American, ” I was promised a place in a hostel for 3 thousand rubles, and the amount in the account three times. I think it’s too much”. However the girl on reception was set up philosophically: “Well, Yes, many are unhappy. Someone in the room a cockroach, and someone settled down next to a stranger male. Then someone as lucky.” The correspondent of “MK” unlucky in part of the room for 8 thousand rubles per night found three live cockroaches and a couple of dead. But men, thankfully, did not have…

Vladimir Putin on the first day of the WEF was limited to the exhibition of promising projects and held a meeting with investors planning to invest in the far East.

It turned out that the ambitious plans of the government to establish there a favorable climate yet implemented in the best half. For free port still has not established a simplified visa regime. Get the land – the far East a free hectare – large problems. And custom old-fashioned work by hand and it lined up huge queues. With this Yaroslavna’s lament to GDP approached an investor from China: “the Chinese are very fond of Russian ice cream. But for some reason it is forbidden to export from your country. Please help us cancel the ban.”

“The first time I hear about it – genuinely surprised Putin – there Is not a national treasure or cultural value “Will now chair of the si (the leader of China, XI Jinping – “MK”) to bring our ice-cream as a special gift,” he joked. And quite seriously added that many investors contains a grain of truth: they need to look in more detail at the government and taken into account when making further decisions.

But the main event in the schedule of the President, of course, was the meeting with Shinzo Abe. I must say that the residents of Vladivostok gave a rather cool reception to the visit of the Japanese Prime Minister, hung out on the piers of the bridge leading to the island Russian, a poster about the futility of further disputes about the Kuril Islands. However, Vladimir Putin himself was courtesy itself.

Before meeting with Abe, he announced that Russia is ready to compromise in a territorial dispute that neither side felt like a winner or a loser. (It is noteworthy that exactly the same formula Russia uses in its dialogue with Armenia and Azerbaijan on Nagorno-Karabakh).

During negotiations, the parties discussed the concessions, which for the sake of signing a peace Treaty ready to go Moscow and Tokyo. However, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov coming to the journalists, chose not to provide details. According to him, the majority of the meeting was devoted to economic issues – in particular, discussed the 8 areas (medicine, pharmaceuticals, energy, urban planning, etc.), where the Japanese offered to intensify cooperation. “A number of major projects have a high degree of development. They will be announced during the visit of Vladimir Putin to Japan,” Lavrov said. Shinzo Abe in an interview with Japanese media said that Putin is waiting in his native Yamaguchi Prefecture on December 15. “I would like to speak on the issue of concluding a peace Treaty in a peaceful atmosphere,” he said.

And the truth is: in Russia, the rest can only dream of….

Read the material in “Basic instinct: will Russia to make territorial concessions to Japan”


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