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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Scottish scientist introduced the theory of private clubs of aliens

Astronomer Duncan Forgan, representing St. Andrews University, presented his interpretation of the theory of the so-called “galactic club”, according to which alien civilizations exist and even communicate with each other, but deliberately hide from humans. The calculations of the specialist showed that the probability of the existence of such interplanetary community is really quite large.

photo: morguefile.com

The theory of the “galactic club” or “galactic zoo” is one of the attempts to explain the Fermi paradox. This paradox was formulated by the famous physicist Enrico Fermi, and its essence is that both the presence and the absence in other star systems of our brothers on reason seems a bit strange. On the one hand, the universe and even each individual galaxy is so huge that the chances of the Earth to be truly one of a kind look is not too high. On the other, if aliens do exist, some of their civilization can be ancient earth, which means that we should observe certain traces of their activities.

In the mid 70-ies of the last century astrophysicist Ronald Braswell it was proposed “solution” to the Fermi paradox. Its essence lies in the fact that extraterrestrial civilizations do exist and the most developed of them even talked to each other. However, the Land, according to this theory, is in the “black list” of this “club” because its inhabitants are unworthy or simply not ready to join it. In this regard, the aliens deliberately mask their signals to earth people found out about their space neighbors ahead of time.

Although this assumption looks quite fantastic conspiracy theory on a cosmic scale, Duncan Forgan decided to test her, reaching to this purpose a computer model. According to scientist, as a result, he came to the conclusion that the existence of such “closed clubs” is likely. However, this is hardly a community of this kind can cover the whole of our galaxy, for this new civilization to appear in it very often on a cosmic scale, and exist for millions of years. However, a small coalition of aliens may be formed even in the case that intelligent life on planets member formed of only 250 thousand years ago (on Earth from this point it took 190 thousand years. Thus, it is possible that the earth is in “range” more than one “galactic club”, but they still avoid contact.

The astronomer pointed out that his calculations can not be considered proof of the presence on the territory of milky way aliens and especially collusion between them. However, according to the specialist, they may serve as evidence that the theory of “galactic zoo” has a right to exist.


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