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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Romance with attics and basements

Festival writer and rock ascetic Alexander Kushnir, who continues tirelessly to seek out the gold among the grains of sand, last year celebrated 25 years. Music reviewer “MK” Natalia MALAKHOVA second year following the UPS and downs of the competition in the composition of his jury. Passions are: the winners of the “Turkeys-2015” set such a high bar that participants in this “appeal” was Oh so easy to compete not only among themselves but also to prove that they too are worthy of a place under the sun. No surprises and even “crimes” has not done.

photo: youtube.com

The last word can describe the victory in the main nomination “Grand Prix” of the group with a symbolic name Purple Crime (black crime” – approx. N. M.). “Crime” is that its members cannot be called everyone’s favorite: they called different people have conflicting emotions. As one member of the audience: “Looking at them, I do not understand how to react to hate, rage, enjoy, or throw in artists such tomatoes”. The soloist of Dyakonenko Cyril jumped out of the Novokuznetsk on the Metropolitan scene as the devil from a snuffbox, moved to Moscow and here to gather the team. Most of the spectators saw this strange strange phenomenon for the first time, but young men already in the qualifying round to behave as if they have at least risen from obscurity musicians Nirvana. By the way, the obsessive Association with Kurt Cobain, who mysteriously merged with Marilyn Manson, at the sight of the guys on the ground do not let go. Concert Purple Crime – sound test is not for the faint of heart. Roaring garage sound blends with the same sharp, unintelligible vocals, reaching in each song to hysteria. All texts are in English, but here it doesn’t matter, anyway, to parse their meaning impossible. In the series “Vinyl” on the music industry of the 1970s, recently filmed by Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese, one of the characters – the Nasty Bits, a kind of dysfunctional teenagers, who founded the provocative team. Purple perfect Crime would play their role, that’s just the 70s are long gone, and perhaps to surprise the audience need some other means. However, here the opinions of “MK” Alexander Kushnir in some aspects: “I believe in them,” he said, in the summer they flourished decline, then a long painstaking rehearsals, much has progressed. If we lived under communism, this story would be about how the work made from the APE man”.

Speaking of real, if the local breakthrough; it was performed by the St. Petersburg group Andrianova Band, won the prize for “Best vocals”. Anastasia Andrianova is a professional singer who graduated from one of the higher musical institutions of the Northern capital, but for a long time she sang covers of other people’s things, and only about a year ago was to write your own. The girl surprised the audience not only copyrighted material: preliminaries it can hardly be called an actress (she’s barely moved and hid behind a synth), but the finale is opened to the “world” set for keyboards “special” person and suddenly danced, and – quite gracefully. By the way, this command is with Russian-language texts – one of the drops in the sea of modern native groups, desperately singing songs in English.

Joined the process of “revival” of the Russian language in Russian music and the other winners – Moscow group One Zim, making a “Best of show”. I must say, it was show specific: two of the rapper, two guitarists and a drummer rocking the hall light recitatives and juicy riffs, and then be in range and start doing a strange dance, swaying my hips. About the depth of the lyrics can not speak – it is not a thoughtful Noize MC and definitely not wise!!, and call their work hip-hop can be a stretch. But all the fun – and ironic pop quality product. It may seem strange that the team has become one of the leaders of the festival, which is usually an alternative to popular culture, but the “Turkey” is not a joke.

It is currently in the format of the mainstream, even rock-and-roll, showed a team of”First time” from Chelyabinsk, who won the prize of spectator sympathies. His opus may appeal to those who are nostalgic, not so bygone time, when the horizon of show business, a group of “Animals”. The guys surprised the audience with any new creative discoveries, no original sound, but bribed his ability to light and feel like stars on stage, even if large stadiums are still far. As practice shows (and as was the case with Purple Crime), excessive ambitions sometimes benefit: the dance floor enthusiastically sang the song with the modest title, “I am the rock-n-roll.”

Despite the inconsistency of what is happening, “MK” still found their favorites this year. They were members of another group from St. Petersburg with difficult to pronounce name Junkyard Storytellaz. They deservedly won in the nomination “the Best art concept”. The musicians make a meaty, juicy and distinctive jazz and Blues, although these directions are not so easy to be different. The artists themselves say that the rip cords on each statement and breaking my nails on the keys, and looking at how they are laid out on the ground, it can be trusted. Plus the team and that she’s not playing jazz standards, she has her own copyrighted material. To the question “why don’t you try to sing the same thing, only in Russian?” students reply shyly that there are already several Russian songs.

Geography “Turkey 2016” impressed. In addition to performers from different cities of Russia, the festival was attended by teams from Georgia and Ukraine. Informal “master classes” for the participants were the concerts special guests, provocative girls from the team “Dress 130”, which are somewhat reminiscent of the updated group Pep-See, but found their unique flavour and Jenya Noble, confidently collecting the big clubs in Moscow. Looked “at the light” (to play and to show themselves and look at others) group Sansara, singer Linda, the winners from the past, Kira Lao and drummer Jack Wood (the last team even scored a performance at the legendary festival Glustonbury). Will the current leaders of the festival to a success. The winners last year, such as the group Duo, Black Buttons now confidently move forward, delighting the audience with new songs and achievements. But, back to the beginning of the review, the current headliners are yet to strengthen its position and assert themselves. “MK” confessed Alexander Kushnir, “Turkey 2015” was stronger, but he has his own opinion on the events: “it seemed to Me that, on the contrary, this year there was more originality. We are not talking about the evolution of the participants from different years against each other, and the occurrence of phenomena. We see that the subculture exists, it is moved to the Internet, social networks and small clubs – their prototypes were the attics and the cellars, where he started the St. Petersburg avant-garde artists of the 1920s and 30s years.”


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