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Friday, February 23, 2018

Putin was able to form an opinion about the younger Anglo-Saxon elite

Vladimir Putin meets with students of the British College Eton is significant not only because about it it became known only after the fact. It’s not even in a symbolic gesture, indicating a supposedly beginners to improve Russian-British relations. The Russian President is clearly interested in the very phenomenon: a school for the British elite. And it is really worthy of attention.

That Vladimir Putin in the beginning of the twentieth of August he took a group of eleven iontsev, the students of the College wrote in a Facebook immediately after the meeting – but for the General public it was news only on Wednesday, after publication in the Daily Telegraph and the Sun. After that unusual meeting started writing other British, Russian and world press. Confirmed the conversation and the Kremlin.

“It is the Eaton became one of the main reasons that England became the United Kingdom”

“It was a private trip of the guys from Eton,” – said Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, adding that the one-hour interview was interesting and the President, and the guys”. Confirmed Sands and history of the organization of the meeting, as set out by itonami. In March of this year at Eton were made by Bishop mark Tikhon (Shevkunov) – the Abbot of the Moscow Sretensky monastery, Executive Secretary of the Patriarchal Council for culture and member of the presidential Council for culture and the rector of the Sretensky theological Seminary. During his conversation with students talking about their planned trip to Russia and they asked Bishop Tikhon to assist their meeting with the President. The Bishop advised them to write a letter to Putin, and as Sands says, “this request of father Tikhon was transferred to the administration, and with the assistance of the administration of such communication with the President was secured.

In this case, as found by Bi-bi-si, the future participants of the voyage to Russia initially wanted to place it as the trip of the official delegation of Eton, but the College refused to do so. In the end, itonly came to private. One of the main organizers of the trip was student David Wei, a Chinese from Shanghai who told that the trip took him nine months: “It was a private visit, nobody from the top are not organized and are not sponsored by… Before the trip we decided not to tell anyone about her training.”

The guys managed to keep it a secret until the moment you return home. Only a few days after arriving home, they published images taken in the Kremlin, on the page in Facebook. Photos where all 11 together with the President of Russia signed “the Boys Vlad.” Wei signed the photo:

“Guys, we really could produce a deep impression on Putin, and he showed us his human face.”

And another participant in the meeting of the Trenton Brycen wrote that they have held with Putin for two hours, adding that “in person he was small, but filled with a space.”

When the news reached the British press, she began to seek on this trip, the hand of Moscow, and to talk about how – as did The Times – that it was a “personal secret mission itonce order to melt the ice in relations between East and West, together with President Putin”. It is clear that in Russia the press was to treat the reception of itonce almost as part of a special operation of the Kremlin in establishing relations with great Britain. The more literally these days in Murmansk to celebrate the anniversary of the “North convoy” (the British supply route for lend-lease during the great Patriotic war) came the Queen’s daughter Princess Anna, and recently in China to be held the first meeting with Putin as the new Prime Minister Theresa may.

But still it’s just a coincidence – no matter how joking the English press over the fact that teenagers jump on and Mae, and a graduate of Eton, foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, having to meet with Putin before them. No, of course, Moscow is not against to demonstrate to London his desire to restore the almost frozen relationship, but not this prompted Putin to the meeting with pupils of Eton. Demonstrations in the spirit of “Samantha Smith – messenger of peace” (American schoolgirl who wrote to Andropov and came at his invitation to the USSR in 1983) is not needed.

The clue to Putin’s meeting with itonami is much simpler: the President was really interesting to see those who trained British and globalist elite. Because Ethan is not just the most famous English school, this is the same “English” that is our main geopolitical enemy over the past centuries.

City (i.e. global Finance), Windsor (residence of the Queen), Whitehall and Downing street (government) – all of them filled with graduates of Eton. Of course, not only Eton – Eton is located near Windsor, is the most important tool for the formation of the British elite. For almost six centuries, from Eton, was released nearly two dozen Prime Ministers (including the penultimate Cameron), hundreds of members of Parliament, bishops, bankers, children of Prince Charles, William and Harry, also graduated from this school.

At Eton study a total of five years – from 13 to 18 and there are only 1,300 students, but these numbers are nothing to say. As the cost of training – 50 thousand dollars a year. In order to get into Eton, it’s not enough to be just rich (most rich people are failing the threshold), you need to be a member of the correct family. And best of all, if this is family “old etonian”, that is a College graduate. Of course, in recent years, Ethan is becoming more and more globalist in the 60s abolished the rule that there could only learn children of those who are British by birth, and now the share of “hereditary itonce” fell to one-fifth – but that does not change his caste nature. Just slightly changed the rules of admission into the caste. And so the methods of control used by the London in the world since then has changed.

Britain has not ruled territories and seas in the literal sense of the word (though literally, too – with the younger-older partner of the U.S.), but continues to run the finances, plans (geopolitical) and ideas (advocacy and media). Britain, however, is not a country, but the Anglo-Saxon elite, which carried out the first project “the British Empire”, and now “the Atlantic globalization. And this elite is not an abstract set of families, but individuals and names. And correct education is the most important thing that you can’t trust the parents, and only a very precise, almost military system.

This training system is called “private schools”, among which are several elite colleges, led by Eaton. It is important not only knowledge, but also forming character, value system and attitude to life. Only then will a real, high-quality elite. Drilled, totally cynical, battle and knowing. Able to command and to obey, without understanding all the words, acting as competently trained and very clever dog.

Hereditary wealth here is not so important as the sense of their inclusion.

Thus is formed a caste. And what we call “Anglo-Saxon elite” is created here for centuries. Moreover, the presence of Eaton became one of the main reasons that England became a Kingdom, the world’s biggest Empire, what it was 70 years ago, and most influential center of power, which it remains today. Cadres decide everything – and without such people there would be no British rule.

Because there would be no relations to other peoples as inferior, or theories of racial superiority, neither of placing China on the opium, or the world’s first concentration camps (for Boers). All this was not created at Eton, but his graduates, who sincerely believed themselves the best in the world “have the right”. All the “Hitler”, scouts or American messianism – a pathetic derived from the main know-how of Anglo-Saxons: the system of education is ruthless to others “elite”.

Frames forged in boarding school all day – there is a saying that Ethan stands on three B: beating, bulling, buggery (corporal punishment, hazing and sodomy). And though corporal punishment was abolished in the 70s, and foreigners at Eton, more and more, traditions are not only in the kind of uniform – black tailcoat.

The involvement of children of rich Indians, Chinese and Russians (which, however, some) have not capital of their parents – and to generate the proper frame, “agents of influence” in the global scale. So the children are selected from the right caste families. Queen Elizabeth can not assign to India the Viceroy – but in order to continue to have an impact on this civilization, it is necessary to take part in the education of its elite.

The fact that the Nouveau riche-Anglophiles from around the world seeking to send their offspring to Eton, understandable and easily explainable by the fact that they also launder their money through the city. How is that any intelligence Ethan is an invaluable resource. It is clear that it is the undivided territory of MI-6 and MI-5 – College, incidentally, was Ian Fleming, who was not only a writer. And Vladimir Putin is not only President – and he certainly remembers that a graduate of Eton was guy Burgess, a member of the “Cambridge five” who worked not only on MI-5, but also for Soviet intelligence.

It is clear that Putin was recruited by iontsev, only figuratively speaking, but his interest in Eton can be called professional, and presidential. Indeed, though the Anglo – Saxons- it is leaving the global elite, but now have (and long have) to deal with the representatives of this school. Not David Cameron or Boris Johnson – and in the face of the tradition of “education personnel.” Called Eaton.


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