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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Physicists have invented the shirt-conditioning

A group of scientists from Stanford University presented a cloth shirt which could warm people in the cold, but rather to allow him to cool off in the heat. Material based on plastics capable of freely flowing human body heat while reflecting the sun’s rays on a warm summer day.

photo: pixabay.com

Experts say that they created the material is very cheap and more efficiently to cope with the cooling of the skin than any existing to date, the fabric, be it synthetic or natural. The researchers also suggest that their development will help the mankind to save energy — after clothing will be cool men, the need for air conditioning, cooling facilities, will decline — at least, they are much less likely to need to turn on full power.

The new material allows you to freely evaporate sweat, however, have this property and some currently used when creating a clothes fabric. However, the second property development, according to scientists, to date, unique. The idea is that the fabric reflects visible light, but at the same time, due to the special nanostructure freely transmits infrared radiation — that is heat. The result presented by scientists, the material allows excess heat to escape through the fabric. According to experts, in comparison with the usual clothes and this “cools” the skin by about 3 degrees Celsius.

As explained by experts in a shirt made of innovative material the person will be about as cool, as if the shirt he is wearing — that is such clothing at efficiency comparable to the lack of clothing itself. However, often the person still needs to show up somewhere in the shirt for reasons of propriety, and in this situation, according to physicists, they have created fabric can be invaluable.

Scientific work focused on the results, the scientists published in the journal Science.


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