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Friday, March 16, 2018

Orcas-the mutants are attacking the far East

At least five entirely white killer whale was discovered by zoologists in the North-Western Pacific ocean near the Kuril Islands. According to scientists, this color does not Bode well, neither by the animal albinos, nor orca population in the territory as a whole.

photo: pixabay.com

Killer whales are marine mammals belonging to the same biological family as dolphins. Their characteristic black-and-white and color, and their “spin”, in the vast majority of cases, are painted in black color. All-white killer whales are extremely rare and it is believed that such an unusual color indicates genetic diseases. According to specialists, orcas albino live on average significantly less than “normal” individuals.

In the past the white whales, the scientists were able to see not in all regions where the species occurs. Moreover, until now, scientists have found only single individuals with the same disorder. However, a recent case proved to be unique experts saw a group of killer whales-albino, numbering from five to eight individuals.

Experts tend to believe that a one-time appearance, at least five white whales suggests that the population faced the consequences of inbreeding, or inbreeding. Most likely, the number of these animals in the territory has decreased and individuals that are in close relationship, began to mate among themselves. It is known that this leads to an accumulation of genetic defects and with each new generation having an increasing impact on the health of born so young.

All the scientists in the world today there are about 50 thousand whales. They are combined in the population, the number of each of which is from several dozen to six or seven hundred. Although this species is not relevant to a threatened, this is due to the lack of information about it, so some experts believe that concern about the conservation of whales is becoming an increasingly important task today.

Obtained conclusion scientists presented on the pages of the scientific journal Aquatic Mammals.


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