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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Kiev has classified the concept of pacification of the Donbas

The government of Ukraine supported the Concept of the State target program “Restoration and development of peace in the Eastern regions of Ukraine”. Vadim Chernysh – in the past the most successful Governor of the Kirovohrad region, appointed to lead the newly created Ministry “in Donbass and the Crimea” – during the Cabinet meeting highlighted the main challenges facing the regional population..

Among them – a large number of internally displaced persons caused to physical infrastructure damage, economic problems (a large part of the population of Donbass left the previous work, breaking the connection between the controlled and uncontrolled Ukraine regions of Luhansk and Donetsk regions and between individual communities). the adoption of the Concept, they say, will “build peace and trust at the community level”.

Release on “Government portal”, available to Ukrainian citizens, consists of four paragraphs. That is, the full text of the new Concept (or “strategy of de-occupation”) is actually classified. As explained by the former head of the military-civil administration in Luhansk region, and now one of the Vice-Blackie George Tooke, the document contains provisions which, for various reasons, may not be available to ordinary people. According to him, retreating from uncontrolled Kiev Donbass parts of the two areas something of a “wall Yatsenyuk is not just unwise, but extremely dangerous for Ukrainian statehood in General. The process has already been recorded in the Donetsk and Luhansk may be repeated in Odessa, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhia regions, Russian regions where a large part of the population is not imbued with the Ukrainian spirit.”

Georgy Tuka on a recent television show said carefully hushed up by Kiev details: the West rejects Ukraine in aid for displaced persons from Donbass. And as in Ukraine, none of these programmes, no state funding promised earlier in the program of construction of housing for internally displaced persons, people live with a sense of hopelessness…

The political scientist Victor Shizontov believes that the most “weak link” in restoring peace in the Donbas is time. Western States are trying to help Ukraine to win at least half a year of relative peace, have the Kremlin has less and less influence. Ukraine, approving a document, calculates at least a year of negotiations in Minsk (tightening them until the end of the second presidential term of Barack Obama). This “game of nerves” all parties to the conflict to shake off the dream for “overtime” Hillary Clinton

Last week, the “MK” talked about the “good news” of the environment, Petro Poroshenko. It allegedly brought a member of the President’s faction of the Verkhovna Rada Leonid Kozachenko. According to Leonid Petrovich, Rada in September to vote in favour of granting the Donbas special status (say, votes for that already), for the granting of Amnesty for all who fought against the Ukrainian Armed forces and Pro-Ukrainian volunteer forces, for allowing the DNI and the LC have its own police, its own Parliament and other attributes of the Autonomous republics.

Soon Mr. Kozachenko denied material information by the Agency. He said: almost every data from the correspondent of the answers were hopelessly distorted and “reinterpreted”.

Wanting to resolve the conflict, the Director of the media group,Oksana Vashchenko posted an audio interview with the Deputy Kozachenko. Answers statesman, vague, vague. No wonder rasshifrovyvaetsya interview, the journalist allowed himself to add just a few words. Otherwise, the text would be completely unreadable…

Opening next Tuesday the 5th session of the Verkhovna Rada will probably start with the flaming speeches of the deputies-“patriots” categorically do not agree with attributed to the ruling coalition’s plans “the pacification of the Donbas.” The secrecy of the content of the fresh governmental concept dictated just by the desire to protect “immature minds” of ordinary Ukrainians from the usual rhetoric of Western Ukraine and Kiev “hawks”: “Victory at any cost!”.

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