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Friday, March 23, 2018

“Bench”: who will be the successor of the liquidated Herald LIH

Recently, the world media reported that Syria killed spouksmen and one of the leaders of the “Islamic state” (ISIS – banned terrorist organization) Abu Muhammad al-Adnani. About who eliminated the leader of the notorious dispute between Russia and the United States .

photo: youtube.com

Al-Adnani more than 2 years appeared in the American “kill list”, i.e. list of those who were to be killed. His head was given 5 million dollars. He was a particular target of U.S. air strikes on Iraq and Syria.

Place of death Adnani called al-Bab is one of the centers of the leaders of ISIS, as its population is quite substantial among those cities that are adjacent to the Turkish border, and that ISIS still controls, and where its leaders can easily wormed and get lost in the mass of the population.

Al-Bab is still a stronghold of the “Islamic state” in Aleppo province. Here, near the Turkish border, ISIS would be divided into two parts by the Kurdish enclaves, and on al-Bab has a special push from several directions. Now the push is happening from the side of Turkey, which has recently invaded this region, using aircraft, tanks and artillery. She protects those rebels who patronize US and Turkey. Turkey took ISIS a significant part of the subject “Caliphate” territory and is fighting against Kurdish militias, who are fighting against ISIS. Under the control of Islamists there is only a narrow strip in the North-Eastern part of the province of Aleppo, with “anchor” in the form of El-Baba. So, one thing is certain — the “town crier” of the IG al-Adnani is now somewhere in heaven in the arms of the houris. On earth leaving only his ashes. But the Islamists show their vitality. They have, as they say, “a deep bench of spare. Therefore, they will not be too difficult to replace al-Adnani, who was considered the heir of al-Baghdadi.

Among the leading candidates for a place Adnani is Turki al-Binali – religious figure, who is only 31 years old. They say he was even appointed chief mufti of the Islamists. He Binali comes from Bahrain. More important is the fact that al-Binali a very gifted speaker and this is not inferior even to the late Adnani. Binali joined ISIS in 2013 and began to publish highly influential theological works.

In April 2014, al-Binali has published work in which it is proved that it is not necessary to physically own a territory and control it before the proclamation of the “Caliphate”. In addition Binali head of the research team and the Department of fatwa” of ISIS. By the way, it was in Binali, we find justification and even the legitimacy of the rape of enslaved women jezeski. Relatively recently Binali went to Libya to help the local “branch” of ISIS.

In addition Binali for the post Adnani has claimed and Abu Luqman. It was the first time in his Wali, that is, the ruler of Raqqa and one of the strategists of the ISIL militants in Aleppo. Abu Luqman, was arrested by the Syrian authorities before the revolution. He has a law degree and he deals with the recruitment of foreigners in ISIS. He dealt with ever since the US occupied Iraq. Abu Luqman is known and what has been reported about his murder. He became a victim of the bombing, the Libyan dagger fighter, the disturbed action of Abu Luqman. But the fact of death is nowhere and nobody confirmed.

A person who will take the place Adnani will certainly work closely with al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS. Baghdadi found from time to time with regional emirs in their headquarters in raqqa. In order to guarantee his safety special drivers pick up rulers and take them to the Supreme. They have taken the emirs iPhones and other electronic means of communication to the enemy accidentally discovered the whereabouts of the leader of ISIS.

So, the “long bench” LIH earned. So American drones, and the Russian aviation there are over someone and something to work on.

The war in Syria. Chronicle of events

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