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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Andrei Tarkovsky Jr. learned about the show “Stalker” in Venice from Newspapers

3 Sep 73-m the Venetian film festival will show a restored film “Stalker” by Andrei Tarkovsky. This year marks 30 years since leaving an outstanding Director. August 25, in the Provincial theatre hosted an evening dedicated to his memory, which was attended by the son of film Director Andrei Tarkovsky Jr. He came from Florence, where he lives. Whether he would come to Venice is still unknown.

photo: Anna UNC

The fact that the participation of “Stalker” in the program “Venice classic” Andrew found out by accident. Until September 5, he planned to stay in Moscow to meet with the people which depend on the creation of a Museum of his father.

We met Andrew three years ago in Geneva, where he invited our mutual friend Elena Hazanova is a Director and art Director of the festival “Kino. Films from Russia and beyond”. Andrew participated in the conference dedicated to his great father and the problems of emigration. Since then, many new things happened in the life of Andrei Tarkovsky Jr. We speak immediately after the evening dedicated to his father, in the Provincial theater. And although we agreed to meet in advance to snatch Andrew even for a few minutes has proved to be difficult. To him were flow people, ladies with business cards that are somewhere on the case and invited, photographed, wanted to share the impressions. Andrew flexible inferior to their requests, so our conversation is postponed and postponed, and begins closer to midnight.

You know what restored to the “Mosfilm” “Stalker” will be shown at the Venice film festival?

– Yes, I learned about this from Newspapers, already arrived in Moscow. I was even invited to the press conference on this occasion, however, at the last moment. But I have to go to Ryazan to meet with the Governor and talk about the Museum my father.

– Outstanding picture of your father, which became an icon for filmmakers around the world, making from scratch. The young jury consisting of students, does not know of many films of the past, but the more interesting their choice. Section “Venice classic” appeared at the festival recently, and his choice of the jury each time unexpected.

– Yes, I have this idea too, was interested. Originally coined. I would like to attend the screening in Venice, but you have to break all your plans. I arrived in Moscow for a few days.

How long have you been here? Remember your visit in 2008 on the occasion of the “Martyrology”, when gathered colleagues of your father, about which he wrote in his diaries.

Two years I was in Moscow. I had no specific reason for this, no events came the questions of the Museum in the Meat. Is a village in the Ryazan region, where our family lived, and where there are not only things of the father, but his spirit. He built the house in the Meat, there’s also worked on “Nostalgia”. For many years, my father had his house, so this is actually the first.

photo: Anna UNC

– When we met in Geneva, you spoke about the possibility of creating a memorial Museum. He never opened?

– Finally, the case moved from the dead point. The government of the Ryazan region helped us. Established protected area, cultural landscape area with controlled development. That is the first step. In the next few days I’ll probably go there. I have an important meeting where we will discuss concrete steps for the opening program of the Museum. Of course, first we have to repair, and then everything else. Hopefully, by the end of next year we will be able to open the Museum.

– A house in poor condition? Would it require significant investment?

Yes, you need money. The house is not totally destroyed, but the repairs it will need. This year to do it makes no sense. You can only build in the summer or spring. There is no road, is the backwoods. Next year spring I plan to begin repairs.

– How do you imagine the activities of the Museum?

– This is a private Museum, still my house, and I would like to stay there. It should be around life. We have already conducted master classes. I dream of holding live laboratory for students of film schools and universities of art, where could come the master with his disciples to spend a professional to do educational work. A creative laboratory for the spirit and their components should be similar with his father’s view of art, to coincide with its vision and approach to creativity. So my idea is bound with a living laboratory. Naturally, the Museum will be open for visitors. But I would like that people could join there to this art, to learn, to grow spiritually.

– Not so easy, perhaps, to get to the meat?

– Yes, but everything will be organized. Meat is located in 100 km from Ryazan. Came to us already Andrey Zvyagintsev, Yury Norshtein, Sergei Solovyov, Igor Evlampiev, conducted master classes. Were guys, including the locals who passed the selection for participation in workshops with the masters.

– What’s new in the activities of the Foundation named after Andrei Tarkovsky, dedicated to preserving his legacy?

– We are currently working with producer Dmitry Klepatskiy on a documentary project dedicated to my father. I hope that next year it is implemented. Engaged in publishing activities, began to publish books, especially this happens in Italy. Every year something comes out. Work directly, without intermediaries. Our Institute does publish independently, which gives us freedom of choice and high quality. While all developing very well. Books are a big success. Recently released a new translation of the book “telling time” in Italian. The first edition was sold out in five months. Soon we will to use it.

“Father was operated on only on your own experience, your own feelings and dreams

– On the evening in the Provincial theatre Anatoly Bely read the diaries of your father. Remember the lines that your daddy didn’t like big cities. And you also told me that don’t like big cities.

Apparently, I inherited from his father a love of nature. He instilled in me her. I do all my holidays spent in the village, in the Meat. The village is closer to me. I need nature. The city is wonderful, but a relaxed mental relaxation is possible only in nature.

– When you arrive in Moscow, who have to go to visit, invite tonight? You’re 15 years of age left Russia.

– You saw that on our evening today the hall was full. Yes, I left them in 15 years, but 10 years back. The circle of friends support. There is a very close to me, my cousins, many friends, those who worked with her father. I am very happy with how today went. Did not expect that so many people will gather.

– Evening in honor of his father – not a one-time event? Will it be repeated?

– If there is such a possibility, then why not. We had a similar evening, there was in it, only video, only text and music. The poems of my grandfather Arseny Tarkovsky sounded by Sergey Bezrukov who has helped in the evening, gave a theatre. Judging by the reaction of the audience, maybe it makes sense to continue such evenings.

– How did the candidacy of Anatoly Bely, who actually speaks on behalf of your father. The choice could not be accidental.

photo: Anna UNC

– Sergey Bezrukov has told. And our producer Dmitry klepatsky, who organized the evening, works with the music. He knew that Anatoly Bely reads, accompanied by the orchestra. He has experience working with musicians, which is very important. We are all on the music built to a greater extent than in the picture. The image is aligned with the music. I ran the file with frames from the films of his father, his photographs on the screen, following the musicians and text reader.

Sounds of piano and violin. Musical Duo invited from Italy?

– Yes, Natasha and Rafaela Gazzana.

– Natasha? But she’s not Russian?

– No. She is Italian.

– They’re sisters? Very similar.


– Do you cooperate with them or is it your relatives?

Ten years ago we met and started working together. And now Natasha is my fiancée. We had a few joint projects done. She and her sister – a very good chamber musicians. But this is the first project that we did together and devoted to my father. Long rehearsed. In my opinion, Natasha and Rafaela successful music picked up. They know very well the work of my father. We discussed the music that must have sounded. Natasha and Rafaela, of course, know much better works for chamber ensemble violin and piano, and offered different options. I think that is the chamber ensemble for this is good. The text, the music is meditative, intimate. Music allows you to concentrate on work father.

– Maybe it was an accident, and you do not realize that all the time on the screen appears the image of the boy in the pictures in the selected frames. The young Kolya Burlyaev in “Ivanov the childhood”, your father, still a child with my parents, the same little sister Marina Tarkovsky. I even thought that this boy is you, your reflection.

– Maybe something subconscious and laid, when I chose the image. I really wanted to show a biography of his father. Have you seen his real photos in the family home with his father – Arseny Tarkovsky, mom, everything that comes its real world images, which he then reproduced in the movie. They have specific roots. This is his dream, his life, his autobiographical quotes. I found it interesting to put some of the shots that are occurring in each picture – the child, the nature of some archetypes. It was typical of father. He operated only from personal experience, their own feelings and dreams. When a person experiences a certain event, then he can pass on the screen. If it’s only a fantasy, then there are false notes, and the viewer immediately sees it and feels.

– Night fell on the birthday of gorgeous actress Margarita Terekhova, who was 74. Andrei Tarkovsky was able to remove it surprisingly.

– Yes, I know about the birthday, congratulated her daughter Anna Terekhova. She came to our night and gave me a book of his mother.

– When you see in the “Mirror” hair of the heroine of the colors, and then exactly the same in the photos of your grandma, mother of Andrei Tarkovsky, are experiencing strong emotions

– I specifically took this wonderful shot, thinking about Margarita Terekhova. And then there is my grandmother. First, very young, and after a time – aged, in front of the mirror. It is very beautiful.


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