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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Amendment for resident

Moscow Parking space is no surprise. They are firmly fit into the life of the city, greatly relieving its center. But how to make life more comfortable for drivers living in the center? About his new initiative, which will significantly improve the situation of residents of the center, said state Duma Deputy Nikolai Gonchar.

– Nikolay Nikolaevich, what initiative You act?

– I am often approached by residents of the Central district with a request to extend the period of resident Parking permits. In support of this initiative has already collected more than 1,500 signatures of residents and the number of supporters of this idea is growing steadily. Today to arrange a Parking permit can be for 1 year, and every year car owners have to re-collect documents for renewal. We propose to increase the validity period to 3 years, retaining the right to the owner to design it for 1 or 2 years.

Please Muscovites perfectly logical and reasonable. Where it is possible to simplify bureaucratic component – need to simplify to the car owner did not have to prove every year that he’s who he is. I hope that the authorities of the capital will hear us, and in September, we will solve this problem. After all, if a system of resident Parking permits works, it does not mean that it is not necessary to simplify.

– Who is eligible to obtain a resident permit? In the center of a lot of people rent apartments, they can apply for a permit?

Residents can be owners and investors of apartments, the tenants of the property under the contract sotsnayma and tenants. For the latter a prerequisite of the contract of employment of 1 year and the presence of temporary registration for more than a year.

A resident permit allows Parking within their district from 20.00 to 8.00 for 1 year. For an additional resident fee of 3 thousand rubles it is possible to Park in his neighborhood around the clock. Allowed no more than 2 permits per apartment. It can be only for a vehicle owned in the absence of arrears of fines.

– Difficulties with registration of resident Parking permits?

Difficulty owners are having with collecting documents. For example, after obtaining the consent of all homeowners. Often, the owner does not live at the place of residence abroad or work in shifts and get it approved is a big problem. Or is it a communal apartment where rooms are rented and owners in the afternoon with fire not to find. Another problem residents of communal apartments – the apartment is possible to obtain only two permits, and if the owners of four rooms, all the machine and uneasy relations with neighbors is a civil war. The question we have to solve separately.

There are many errors in the databases when the people who have paid for a permit, receive fines for unpaid Parking tickets. In addition, thousands of people simultaneously apply for re-registration, and even often in the holidays. This creates a queue, the loss of a huge amount of working time and nerves of the townspeople.

Extension of validity of permits all make life easier. Residents tend to rarely change their place of residence. Many residents of the center generations live at the same address, and why wouldn’t they invest in their Parking space for the next few years? Of course, two years will have to pay 6 thousand rubles., and for 3 to 9 thousand rubles, but the price will not change.

– Today could be done as soon Muscovites will be able to issue permits in the long term?

Held a thematic round table on this topic. We discussed the matter with the members of MHD, municipal deputies, CAO, representatives from the Department of transport. According to its results it was recommended to increase the validity of the resident permit of up to 3 years, leaving open the possibility of booking for 1 or 2 years. The leadership of the Department of transportation, by the way, fully supports this initiative.

Annual period of validity of the resident permit was created to gather statistical information on car owners – how many of them will prolong its action. Today, the vast majority of car owners did this, and it says the demand for increase in validity of resident permit.

Currently, the issue is addressed at the level of local authorities and I think that will be resolved positively. It seems to me important that in September the residents was the opportunity to draw a permit under the new rules.

– Are there benefits to the Muscovites for the resident Parking and will they be able to issue permits for long term?

– Today people with disabilities are free to Park in the places marked with special marking. In addition, the right to apply special permissions, for example, have a large family. It entitles you to free Parking in the area-wide paid Parking around the clock throughout the year. However, the family is only 1 solution. Also to Park within the whole zone of paid Parking of the second world war, minor prisoners of concentration camps, the Soviet Union and heroes of Russia, gentlemen of order of Glory. I’m working on a question to these categories of citizens are also able to apply for up to 3 years.

– How other countries solved the problem by Parking in the center?

– Long-term resident Parking permits worldwide practice. So, in Paris the resident permit is also valid for 3 years, and renews automatically. New resolution to replace the old come in the mail after the deadline. Berlin residents can buy the right to Park near the house for 20 euros for two years.

City officials support our initiative, and I think, in September the residents will be able to Park under the new rules.

Paid for from the electoral Fund of the Potter Nikolay Nikolaevich – candidate in deputies of the State Duma of the seventh convocation in the City of Moscow – the Central one-mandatory constituency No. 208

Paid Parking. Chronicle of events

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