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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wall in Mexico yet, but trump already jumped her

Jumping an invisible wall on the us-Mexican border, Republican presidential candidate Donald trump was in Mexico. Moreover, he met and held talks with Mexican President Enrique peña Nieto, on whose invitation he arrived in Mexico city. Note that this invitation has drawn criticism and even outrage of many Mexicans.

photo: AP

Joint press conference on Wednesday, August 31, held in soft tones. Both her party emphasized its “warm nature”, despite significant disagreements on trade issues and immigration.

The invitation to visit Mexico was sent by its President to both candidates and Trump, and Clinton.

Trump acted much more effectively and immediately took the initiative. His speech at the press conference, trump read slowly with the already written text. But, answering questions from the media, turned around. He said he now believes the President of a neighboring country my friend and paid tribute to the Americans of Mexican origin. Trump said that they are above any suspicion and are “people who know how to work hard”.

However, trump admitted that he told the President of Mexico quite frankly — the Mexicans are getting disproportionately more from trade agreements with the United States. He also stressed that illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States poses a problem for both countries.

During the press conference, trump raised the issue of the construction of the wall, but left out another question, who will pay for it. (According to his option, pay to Mexico). As you know, the wall on the border, paid by Mexico, is the hitch in his pre-election promises. It is a very large construction site, the price of which is accordingly very high.

President Enrique peña Nieto tried to smack on the trump issue of the wall. He also did not accept the objections of the trump against trade agreements. But his words in defense of the NAFTA was very streamlined. He cited statistics of the American chamber of Commerce on this account, which States that free trade is favourable to both countries.

Without reference to the specific comments of trump, the President of Mexico said that was harmful to his country. “Mexicans in the United States, it’s true people, and laborers, said peña Nieto. They deserve universal respect.”

However, the President has refused to make Trump a reprimand in the international arena. On the contrary, he expressed his optimism about the fact that he and trump can work together if trump was elected head of the United States, “even if we don’t agree on all the specific issues.”

Distributes in Mexico calls for organized resistance and protests found no response in the country. It was all the more surprising that many Mexicans have accused its President of “selling the country’s most disgusting person”, that is the Trump.

Despite calls to demonstrate against the trump rally, which was held in Mexico city, was ridiculous. At 11 o’clock in the morning there was only one protectic, but the journalists had a few dozen. Half an hour later, the number of protection “increased” up to four people, including a Mexican wrestling mask. But the number of journalists has already exceeded 50. At 12.30 gathered only 10 of the demonstrators, and the number of reporters was growing like a snowball. However, the protesters were very noisy in expressing their indignation and disappointment at the attitude of Donald trump and President peña Nieto.

The Mexican President has previously said about trump pretty strongly. So, speaking on television last month, he said that Mexico would not be paying for the wall built on the us-Mexican border. And even before peña Nieto compared trump… with Hitler.

The President does not represent the Mexican people. He did not consult with us,” said prothestic masked wrestler, priznali that the protest was very “anemic”. He complained that active in social media now replaces the traditional street protests: “People are protesting clicks “like” or “dislike”.

However, as recognized by the Mexican seal, trump’s jump in Mexico city through a still existing wall will certainly help him earn some points in the battle for the White house.


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