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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Victoria Tokarev told about the novel with Danelia and wisdom

Rules her life ingeniously simple: do only what you like. While it is unlike the beloved wife of the Saudi Sheikh, daughter of oil tycoon or girlfriend heart the banker for all of your “want” pays itself. To do this, just anything in 26 years to write the story “a Day without lies”, write the scripts for the films “Gentlemen of fortune” (with Georgy Danelia), “Mimino”, “it was a dog on the piano” and others.

photo: From personal archive

— Viktoria samoilovna, and you get to live without lies?

— Get after fifty. Previously, my main priorities were love and creative success. And by this age, already finished and with that, and with others. The success obtained, love is dredged. All right.

— And when you fell in love with last time?

In 57 years. And it was awful. Firstly, fifty-seven is already a lot, and second, that person can be described with three letters — schmuck.

— You once said about Sergei Dovlatov: “He would have seduced me and left the next day, and I would hate him”. Unrequited love is not about you?

— If I see that love in return could not be, I just don’t go on these relations. And with Dovlatov we didn’t know each other, but everything would have happened exactly. He was very popular, very handsome and had a great selection.

But then why must hate? Can’t you be thankful for some wonderful moments?

— No, impossible. Gratitude is based on something fundamental.

You kept a copy of love letters that he wrote to Georgy Danelia at the peak of feelings. How is it possible to think about the second instance, when emotions prevail over reason?

— (Laughs.) This is purely professional. I knew that this rush of feelings, I hardly even tested. Once I broke my leg. It was late evening, almost night, and in our holiday village all live behind high fences. I lay in the snow and thought about how I feel because I know that it may be useful to me. There was no despair, no panic, even the pain was not felt.

— Why among those whom you call the architect of your life, there is not one female name?

— If you were a woman, only my mother, who I created such unbearable conditions that I had to run away somewhere far away. She was tortured and loved.

— You didn’t have in childhood thinking: here I will die, and then you will understand everything, but it’s too late?

— It was, of course. It is in child psychology.

— You have inherited something from mom besides the resemblance?

— Character, I guess. I’m a heavy. Very often my daughter says, “Hello from Natalya Stepanovna!” About parents I wrote a good book “he locked the door, whom did you bring?”

— With these words the mother of your dad met his young chosen one, taken from under Donetsk.

— I recently my sister brought a photograph, where all my father’s family assembled, and among them my mother. It is, I tell you, this white crow! This village! I could not understand where were his eyes. But apparently, their marriage is needed in order that I was born. So it was not accidental, it is the Providence of the Lord.

— What do you think: if your father had not died so young, at age 36, he would have retained the family or has found another woman — in the image and likeness?

— I think that parents would be together. There is such a thing as a sense of family. Some of it is, and the other is missing. It is primarily a sense of responsibility. My father never would have left mother, with two daughters, and mother would never have left dad for the same reason.

— You never talk about your husband. We only know that he is an engineer with blue eyes. It was love at first sight and hasty marriage proved durable.

— There are women who love a man more than a child. And there are women who love children more than anything, and the man holds the next place. I’m of the second. I would not be able to build happiness on the tears of his daughter. Her father was and is so passionate, infinite love, to rend them, to take away would mean just to mutilate a child. I couldn’t pull her daughter from her own father and drag to another — someone else’s uncle, to whom she is not completely necessary. And that’s the reason for my long and continuing marriage. And when I see families where the husband has some children, the wife of the other, it’s like artificial. Because love is the passion between a man and a woman is, and only a different past.

But your daughter’s marriage to Valeri Todorovski did not work…

Valery Petrovich Todorovsky is very well behaved in this situation. He loves his children and really support them.

The sense of family is the anchor that always kept you, but there were probably moments when you were ready to break?

Not only moments…

— You have a happy feeling when you can say: “I won my life.” And that could become a loss? If you were a teacher?

Yes. That would be terrible.

— You communicate with Georgy Danelia?

Now we communicate very much. Talk on the phone two or three times a week, and everything he says, I am very interesting. Despite age and illness, his brain works as before, and humor — the sea. The inner world is not touched, and personality has not faded.

In your life it was also one of the brightest pages.

— The brightest! The fact that he is a very interesting person. The Lord God created nature, the animal world, but he can’t Express himself through the rain, through barking, meowing, or croaking, he may Express himself only through man. But not through everyone, and in very rare instances that he chooses. Danelia is one of them.

— When did you start your novel, you was 28, Daneliya — 36, and his common-law wife, actress Lyubov Sokolova — 46. She, like the moon before dawn, on your background disappeared from his horizon.

— She was never at the Zenith. She just gave birth to a wonderful son, who made the happiness of the whole family. I remember Kolya, it was a very beautiful and talented boy. The media loved him and she still does, despite the fact that nick has gone before, in 25 years. When I see on TV young pictures of George Danelia, I notice how similar it was to nick.

His mother, Mary Andzhaparidze, your novel is not welcomed.

— Mom was initially in love with me. It is then she is not welcomed when it was all dangerous. I now understand very well. She wanted Kolya was a complete family. This is normal.

— And then you feel no remorse?

— Moments were, of course, but love is like a train that swept away everything in its path. And moral prohibitions don’t work.

— Viktoria samoilovna, I am fascinated by your openness. These are only self-sufficient and independent people.

Is firstly, and secondly, lying is humiliating. And if you can not lie to you, it is very convenient. There are intimate details that you do not want to pull out but in my past there is nothing humiliating. There is only what is the reason for great stories. The artwork is interesting when recognizable when it is for real. I write about what is happening in the life of almost every female.

— Many of you will recognize yourself in your heroines.

— One woman called from the scandal: “Who told you my story?” I said, “What? “I went to rest, and our car flipped. I was in the hospital and fell in love with the doctor”.

— And you recognize yourself in the film “Autumn marathon”?

— Not really, because Alla was a typist and I was the writer. This is a different social strata. Here she is typing, sitting hunched at the typewriter, and the writer is another level. Typist earns pennies, looking for a perk, and the writer, if he is also a screenwriter, goes into the other material the corridor. And then I was married and with a child, and Alla alone. Overall we have only what Buzykin was married. That’s all.

— In General, no Parallels?

— There are Parallels, because Alexander Volodin wrote his story. He was just such Alla, whom he loved very much. And the heart — another story, and he tried the Alla me to pull up. And by the end of the work, they argued.

— You are still very independent in contrast to the Alla. That’s your strength. But not wanted at least once to become a weak woman?

I don’t understand what it means to be weak. My independence — financial independence and professional competence.

But in the Soviet time your book came out rare.

Books rare, and the films often. Then the script was worth, the car “Volga”. And now — as “Volvo”.

— What are you missing money?

— To buy the island, although in reality I don’t need it. My home is my island.

— You have just finished a new book.

— I haven’t read it. Just wrote, that’s all.

— You said that you will now be six months to rest. To a spring filled?

— No, I’m just tired.

— Maybe you’re just tired, it will take time — and you will want to return to the table?

— Maybe so.

— Who you like from the current writers?

I like Prilepin. He is a very talented man. But very brutal. Read his story, where he describes the murder: they took his hair seven times and has hit a nape about asphalt with all the fury and malice. Seven times! While his mouth went bloody bubbles. It is written that I felt like killing.

— Earlier you liked the Lemons.

And now I do. This is a very great writer. Because of a known scene with a black man in the garbage in the book “This is me — Eddie”, to inspire the people so disgusted, no one wants to see the main thing — the despair of lost love. It’s his suicide, his suicide. Dovlatov was talking about Limonov that as an individual he is insignificant. To me it is close to the percentage of truth that rips space.

Who else is on your short list?

— Petrushevskaya, although she else, some kind of broken consciousness. Very fond of Fat, she recently wrote a short things, like how she cooks jelly. Or tells how sank the Titanic: like everyone knows, but still very interesting.

— There was a time when books Tatiana Ustinova were in great demand.

— No one read. Although the very Ustinov love.

Darya Dontsova is also very prolific.

— She’s so sweet, and gentle, and touching. Was sick, recovered, and all this was told. Some people think that she did PR. I believe it was actually, and always, when you see her, happy that she is healthy and alive. And let him write your ironic detectives, just wants. But I don’t read them because I love another irony. Namely the irony of Fazil Iskander, Sergei Dovlatov, Aleksandr Volodin.

You on his island away from politics?

I don’t walk away.

— You’re still the first toast raised for Gorbachev?

— Not anymore. But perestroika gave me a lot. In the restructuring, I signed a contract with the Swiss publishing house. And managed the money to build a house that amounted to my happiness. So to underestimate Gorbachev — is unfair. My generation has the opportunity to dress well, not like it was in Soviet times.

Thanks to Gorbachev I even got a mink coat. There was such a case. Edward Radzinsky traveled on the route Samarkand — Khiva — Bukhara and we were greeted by the Chairman of the collective farm. It was autumn, but it was oddly cold, and I took a light mink coat. The Chairman submitted it to me and said, “Come into my harem!” I said, “I’m 40 years old, why are you such an old wife?” He said: “a Woman who brings home the income, valued as a young woman.” — “And where did you get that I generate income?” — “Look at you what a coat! How much of it hats you can sew!”

— Status things have value for you? If the handkerchief, the scarf, if bag, Dior.

I have a kerchief Burberry I was given by Larisa Rubalskaya. I have two brooches, enamel in gold I was given by Oleg Mityaev, or rather, his wife Marina Esipenko. I have a profession that is my happiness, two grandchildren and a great-grandson Ilya of unprecedented beauty. And that’s all I need.

— In your village, probably a lot of stories with people going. Or nothing comes from behind high fences?

All heard, but I do not discuss them, and then I set fire to the house.


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