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Sunday, March 18, 2018

To change Merkel may wine Queen or foe seniors

The crisis of migrants has led to the rapid decline in the popularity of Angela Merkel, and the CDU is urgently looking for in their midst a politician who would be able to change the post “iron kantslerin”. The most obvious two candidates, both very colourful and controversial, and the Russian and German standards.

The policy of Angela Merkel towards migrants was disastrous for the political rating kantslerin. Its support among the population is falling every day. After the July terrorist attacks in Bavaria, public opinion polls showed that more than 64% of German citizens do not want in 2017, Merkel headed the government for the fourth time in a row. But the question now is about the once most popular policy not only Germany but all of Europe.

“The only real achievement of such is that in the mid-90s, it chose the wine Queen of Germany, and in 1997 she gave the Pope a bottle of Riesling

Along with kantslerin losing popularity and the ruling party, the risk in the next year to lose the parliamentary elections and go into opposition for the first time since 2005. In view of this, the CDU is not the first month discuss the need to portray a semblance of a change of course and to provide the public with a fresh face, which would symbolize this new policy. Therefore, the search for a successor for Merkel became the main occupation of the Christian Democrats in the current political season, and again for the first time in many years, ” Merkel is at the head of the CDU since 2000.

Last winter it seemed that kantslerin found the perfect successor. 43-year-old Julia klöckner – smiling beauty, Catholic, and winemaker – has shown useful ability to fluctuate along with the party line, but from time to time and to evade the official exchange rate by allowing myself an easy Fronde. Including fatal for Merkel, the issue of migrants. So, meeting with the Imam in a camp for Muslim refugees, she was offended that he did not shake her hand, wrote about it in “Twitter” and asked the left-wing feminists, where they look, when in their country so brazenly violated the principle of equality.

We also spoke out strongly against the wearing of the burqa and managed to make a number of statements, which gave voters a timid hope that she’s a little tweak CDU policy towards migrants. In particular, it is proposed to adopt an action plan, in accordance with which the question of granting migrants political asylum should be dealt with right on the border of Germany – rejected the country not produced. Moreover, the quota for migrant workers was to be updated every day. On the one hand, such a plan, little would have changed in the real situation. On the other, would give the voter the impression that the government controls the situation and keeps its finger on the pulse. The plan, however, successful swing.

But the problem is we are not in it, and, as emphasized by its critics, the lack of practical experience of the Manager. In fact, her only achievement outside of intra-party career (she is now Chairman of the CDU in the Landtag of Rhineland-Palatinate) is that in the mid-90s, it chose the wine Queen of Germany, and in 1997 she gave the Pope a bottle of Riesling. But it is likely that in the eyes of Merkel it is the lack of experience and has made such an ideal successor – a cute, obedient and well able to accept the role of puppets. Kantslerin supported their protégée at all events, the Newspapers wrote about such complementary articles with headlines like “not this woman to head Germany?”. Everything for her had to be decided in local elections in March 2016. However, she miserably lost – the CDU under her leadership ceded power in Rhineland-Palatinate, the social Democrats.

After that, the ruling party and personally kantslerin had to worry about finding a new candidate. They probably drew attention to opinion polls and ratings of political popularity, the top line of which is now occupied by men (for example, in the ranking of the magazine “der Spiegel” this is foreign Minister Steinmeier, Finance Minister Schaeuble and Federal President gauck). This is the case in the ranks of the CDU there, and a man. His name is Jens span, he was 36 years old, he’s a banker by training, a Catholic by conviction and openly gay in orientation. Today he is the Deputy Minister of Finance and a Deputy from the CDU North Rhine – Westphalia.

In Economics and politics span positioning itself as a purely liberal, speaking at the same time, tax cuts and same-sex marriage. In 2008, he actively spoke out against the pension increase, which caused severe irritation of the Union senior citizens, who showered the kids with insults in verbal and written form, promising to oppose his reelection. The kids then helped support President Roman Herzog, however, has received full threats, of course, anonymous. In the Federal election of 2013 span spoke out against the Union of the CDU with the socialists of the SPD Steinmeier. According to him, to make this deal, the CDU has gone on unjustified concessions, such as reduced retirement age from 67 to 63 for some workers.

Campaign for its promotion is extremely reminiscent of a similar campaign we. The same photo arm in arm with Merkel. The same article in the same German and British publications. Even the same headlines, convincing the reader that span will lead Germany in 2017.

The main similarity is that party members let both candidates for the role of successor to small attacks against their policies. Span, for example, bills itself as “aranceta” demands to legalize the ban on wearing the burqa in public places and offers migrants-Muslims not to “strain” due to the fact that in Germany and made in the gyms shower Nude. But despite these tentative flirtations with the voter, span continues to support the immigration policy of Merkel. “The German people want to help the refugees,” he says. He just wants to do this for all the rules.”

In General, the CDU will be holding a casting party for his youth. We pass it failed, now some time we are going to observe Spanam. If he fails to please voters, there are other young Yes early, which as a priori of new faces in the German society is now a clear demand. If you fail, the party may well nominate him for the post of Chancellor, where he will pursue exactly the same policy as is Merkel. Except that the words will speak a little more.

However, this plan works only in case, if the party be able to hold at least a relative parliamentary majority in the elections of 2017. But the chances of that are falling every day. It’s not even clear whether the CDU again to make a deal with sister party CSU – the Christian social Union, playing in this multi-year Alliance, the role of the Bavarian branch of the CDU, but preserves party autonomy. Recently the former head of the CSU, Edmund Stoiber demanded that the CDU to change the immigration policy to close the borders of Germany. According to him, the Bavarians are doing everything in their power to make the “sister” of the CDU to change its course. Slams migrant policy of the CDU and the current President of the CSU, Horst Seehofer, threatening to go to Federal elections alone. The second point on which Munich can not find understanding with Berlin, this anti-Russian sanctions, the benefit of the Bavarian business in Russia is especially active. In the beginning of the year Seehofer even made a visit to Moscow, where he met with Vladimir Putin that a number of leaders of the CDU was seen as the Fronde and almost a betrayal. In the election of political struggle, all these contradictions will inevitably come up again.

The problem for her party is now not only Bayern, but the former lands of the GDR. No wonder this year in Saxony-Anhalt, more than 40% of the vote collectively gained sympathetic to Russia the “Left” and “Alternative for Germany”, which is usually attributed to the radicals, albeit with opposite poles. Former citizens of the GDR used to trust the official propaganda that may force them to vote for anyone, just against the ruling party.

Yet and possible separation of the CSU, and the relative success of the “Alternative for Germany” are the only remote threats to accustomed to defeat the CDU. However, the political processes in Germany recently deployed in high-speed mode, and new faces are quickly looking for a CDU may not be able to save it in the elections of 2017.


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