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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The work of the American biological laboratories looks suspicious

“There is reason to believe that on the territory of Russia and closed bases for the production of biological weapons in Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan got the viruses of African swine fever, SARS, new types of modified flu”. Military experts are seriously considering the threat of development by the United States biological weapons.

“We know that Americans have a variety of programs, including our neighbors, which is dedicated to research in the field of biology. And their refusal to establish a monitoring mechanism for the implementation of the requirements of the Convention on biological and toxin weapons Convention suggests that these studies are not completely peaceful,” said Lavrov on Thursday during a speech at MGIMO. According to the Minister, the United States blocked the Russia’s call for the creation of a verification mechanism of the implementation of the Convention on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons and on their destruction (BTWC).

“States really have not respected the Convention on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons Convention, signed by more than 40 years ago”

Back in may, Lavrov’s Deputy Sergei Ryabkov said that the US is working on weakening the international regime on the prohibition of biological weapons, while simultaneously increasing its own military biological infrastructure, including along the borders with Russia. According to him, the actions of the US to undermine the BTWC.

In may, the Russian foreign Ministry has already made similar accusations against the United States. “The Pentagon has built a Microbiology laboratory a high level of protection in the suburbs of Tbilisi, Alekseevka village, placed there his military medical research division. Completed construction of a similar facility in Almaty,” – said Ryabkov then.

In August last year, Moscow expressed concern about the creation of the military Department of the USA in Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan biological laboratories added protection that can be designed for the production of biological weapons.

“Combat ciberesfera recipe”

Commenting on Lavrov’s statement, former chief sanitary doctor, the assistant to the head of the government of Russia Gennady Onishchenko has suggested that the United States create around our comprehensive offensive biological base.

“States really have not respected the Convention on the prohibition of biological and toxin weapons Convention, signed by more than 40 years ago. The first example is the September 2001, when it turned out that the combat ciberesfera recipe, which was discovered in envelopes and sent to several addressees in the United States, was manufactured in military labs States the main expert on biological weapons, States Bruce Avenson”, – Onishchenko told the newspaper VIEW.

Onishchenko said that the United States has built a military bacteriological laboratory, not only in Georgia but also in Azerbaijan, in September, will be commissioned a similar facility in Kazakhstan at the moment are built similar facilities in Ukraine, close to our borders. “I note that in these laboratories work directly with the us military microbiologists that once again confirms the military nature of these agencies epidemics engaged civilian personnel. This is the modern highly equipped microbiological laboratory with the highest level of protection that says that to work there with the most dangerous viruses. Their area to thousands of metres, there is room to store large amounts of biomass. All of this suggests that these objects are military laboratories, which is developing weapons of offensive character,” he says.

Strange epidemics

As he wrote in 2013 to the newspaper VIEW, the former chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko urged to check the operation of the base Lugar” because it did not exclude the communication of an outbreak of African swine fever in Russia with the activity of the American laboratory. We will remind, officially it’s called Research center for public health name of Senator Richard Lugar in honor of the U.S. Senator who led the programme for the disarmament of Russia. “The aim of the American secret laboratories that are studying a situation with natural outbreaks and virus circulation in the territory of the Russian Federation and the Caucasus, to develop a formulation able to be involved in the destabilization of the economy, the political situation in the country. We are talking about the possibility of covert use. Examples already exist”, – said Onishchenko then.

In February of this year, now being in the position of assistant to the head of the government, Gennady Onishchenko made with the assumption that the emergence of zika virus infected mosquito in Abkhazia is also associated with the activities of this base. “This is the combination of American laboratory and the presence of this mosquito – worries me, in terms of deliberate intervention in the natural course of peprocess”, – said Onishchenko Bi-bi-si.

Military expert, a former member of the UN Commission on biological weapons Igor Nikulin also suspects the Americans in biological attacks in Russia. “Suspicions that the US is using biological weapons, the Americans do not even try to dispel. And suspicion very much. In particular there is reason to believe that on the territory of Russia and closed bases for the production of biological weapons in Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan got the viruses of African swine fever, SARS, new modified types of flu, and the latest epidemic associated with the American activity”, – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

According to Nikulin, dispel all these suspicions can only be measures for establishment of mutual trust. He recalled that in the late 80’s-early 90-ies our and American experts traveled to each other with the inspections of closed objects. “Why our specialists do not check, for example, the activity of the Odessa anti-plague Institute, “the Lugar laboratory near Tbilisi? We could, for example, to make sure that the appearance in Abkhazia in 2012 of a mosquito infected with Zeke, no way associated with the activities of this institution,” said Nikulin. However, he pointed out, for some reason, Americans strongly oppose such inspections.

On the other hand, as recalled Nikulin, biological weapons are extremely dangerous weapons, including for those who own and would like it to be widely used. Starting with its large-scale use, it is difficult then to halt the spread of epidemics. “You have to be insane to decide on its mass application”, – the expert believes.

The laboratory constantly check

However, Deputy head of the Georgian National center for disease control and public health Paata Imnadze, who back in January was quoted by “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”, recalled that the Center Lugar is accredited by the world health organization (who) laboratory, which is constantly checked, which is often visited by the who mission, and to say that it carried out experiments on people and animals is a delusion. “As well as that of the laboratory periodically leak dangerous strains, which lead to dangerous epidemics,” wrote his words to the newspaper.

As you know, the Convention on the prohibition of the development, production and stockpiling of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons and on their destruction (BTWC) was signed in 1972 and became the first international legal instrument banning an entire class of weapons. The document prohibits any production and use of biological weapons. The parties are currently 163 States, including all the republics of the former Soviet Union.

As I wrote two weeks ago, the newspaper VIEW, news that managed to decode the genome of the bacterium that caused the epidemic of anthrax in Sverdlovsk in the late 70’s, and thus details the creation of the Soviet biological weapons caused a spike of interest in the topic of bioterrorism. The threat of biological weapons exists just because there is the weapon itself, even in conserved and strictly protected species. To allocate it in a special direction of the terrorist threat is premature, the benefit of this is the case when the threat is easy to calculate in advance. To track down a psycho in a truck in nice is difficult, and to detect signs of activity when trying to create a fighting the virus, on the contrary, very simple. While there is worldwide consensus regarding the impossibility of using and development of new strains and is constantly working on creating antidotes. In this regard, analysts believe that the threat of biological terrorism is exaggerated.


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