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Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Russian economy was recognized as the most unfair in the world

The fact that in Russia there is social inequality, we know firsthand. Are we going to the supermarkets and use public transport?..

But now the big foreign consulting Agency officially “recorded” in our country “the most unfair among the major economies of the world.”

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to the experts, 62% of Russia’s wealth is in the hands of millionaires, and another 26 % are billionaires. Space for medium-sized businesses, which in developed countries usually keeps the backbone of the economy, quite a bit.

At its injustice, just behind Russia is India’s economy, where the rich Rajahs 54% of the country’s wealth. Then the United States with 32 %, Australia (28), and UK 25 %.

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel or will further deepen the chasm between rich and poor in our country? We asked the Director of the Institute of contemporary economy of the Russian Federation, candidate of legal Sciences Nikita ISAEV:

– The fact that raw materials and other resources are in the hands of the rich, not amazing, this should be treated quite easily, ” he says.– Moreover, 90% of the world’s wealth is owned a little less than 500 people. Everywhere declining share of the middle class, the markets slowly but surely move into the hands of the “powers that be”, to win a place in the sun is becoming increasingly difficult.

But this is no tragedy.

Any violation of the General balance usually leads to war. In particular, for those reasons, started 1st and 2nd World war. And Russia as part of the global economy in this regard is no exception. Another thing, how do we support small and medium businesses. Russia accounts for less than 20% of GDP, whereas in other countries, 70 percent or more of..

It is clear that most of this policy suffer socially vulnerable layers of population below subsistence level only in 2015 and we had 23 million. I do not exclude that this year they will be all 30 million Average salary in the Russian regions in the range of 10 thousand rubles a month is no surprise.

What to do with it? Alternatively, it is possible to introduce a progressive scale of taxes for businessmen with a windfall. Notice I did not call for it, but say, as a possible option. In the US, it comes, by the way, up to 90 %.

We are proud of our gold reserves, which are mostly stored in the US and some other countries and that we give very little income. I think it’s time to print it out and send in the economy. These finances were working for Russia.

Well, to try to stimulate employment, to invest in the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Such an economic policy would soon paid for itself handsomely. In the meantime, we just feed the top managers of state corporations with their fabulous salaries and bonuses. And the authorities ‘ desire to change the situation are seen.


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