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Saturday, February 17, 2018

The people of Ukraine are prepared to pay for housing and communal services almost the entire salary

New price increase brought the level of communal services in Ukraine to the level of average salaries in the country. This has resulted in the execution by the Ukrainian government of the recommendations of the International monetary Fund. “No one understands why the rates in Europe and wages – no comment Ukrainian economists expecting a massive refusal of citizens to pay for communal.

From 1 September 2016 in Ukraine for the fourth time this year increased electricity tariffs for the population. It will grow by 25-30% depending on the level of consumption.

“What does it mean to set high tariffs? You can quickly and lot to raise money quickly to plunder them and quickly run away”

Established the following rates: up to 100 kW/h – UAH 0,714 (0,57 UAH), from 100 to 600 kWh – 1,29 UAH (was 0,99 UAH), more than 600 kW/h – UAH 1,638 (1,56 UAH). Rate for large families, foster families and orphanages of family type, regardless of the volume of electricity consumption was 71.4 UAH.

The cost of utilities increases with such frequency that sometimes the population does not have time to track what services and how expensive to, for example, the time to save money or pay in advance more at the old rates, the economist notes “the Ukrainian choice” Alexander Koltunovich.

For example, from 1 Aug growth services for hot water in homes where there is centralized hot water. This caused the rising cost of utilities are almost 100 hryvnia, indicates Koltunovich. “In August all received invoices for July, in which a cube of hot water is in the range of 80 hryvnia, which is more than two times higher than a month earlier,” he says.

The economist has calculated how much you will have to pay for communal summer and winter with the new rates. So, for a Studio apartment in the summer will have to pay UAH 954 (2400 rubles) per month in the winter – 2600 UAH (6500 rubles). For a one bedroom in summer 1675 UAH (4200 rubles), winter – 4313 UAH (10 800 rubles), for a two-bedroom summer – 2645 UAH (6,600 rubles), winter – 5942 UAH (14 900 rubles). The difference between summer and winter payment system more than two times.

But most importantly, in comparison with the salaries, which get the usual Ukrainians, we can only empathize with what weight hanging on them coming monthly receipts. Recall that the average salary in the country this spring, according to the authorities, amounted to UAH 4865. That is, a sum which barely covers the cost of utilities for a one bedroom apartment.

“Given the level of solvency of the population with a minimum pension of UAH 1130, the minimum wage in 1450 UAH free of tax and the average in 4920 UAH, even with subsidies and incentives to master the new tariffs will not all. Under these conditions, the population of the country risks in the best case, the disconnection of services or even eviction from their own homes. If the government of Ukraine adopted the decision about the repeated raising of tariffs to the level of European countries, it had first to bring incomes to the level of the European” – outraged Koltunovich.

Ukrainians rightly considered the increase in electricity tariff is unreasonable: every time increase of tariffs for utilities affects their pockets, reports UNN.

“Will be able to pay, but the question is: how much will go to pay for fares and how much will be left. The amount I get at work, and every time we raise fares, I personally have less and less money on themselves and family,” – says the inhabitant of Kiev Dmitry. Exactly the same question haunts and Kiev Boris: “I as a man who not only earns, the higher prices pay for light have much impact on the budget. I pay my utility bill, but will my life is the question.”

How can, for example, to pay for a Studio apartment, doctors and postmen, whose salaries 3000 and 2700 UAH? If in the summer for communal they will have to give a third of their earnings in the winter – almost your entire salary to: the medical worker will remain for the life of all 600 UAH (1500 rubles), and the postman – funny 100 UAH (250 rubles).

Slightly better situation in the Ukrainian capital, where the average salary is around 7900 UAH (19 800 rubles). Only the people of Kiev, apparently, can afford to live in an apartment, however, winter is the dry residue after the communal is also not too happy – about 1900 UAH (4800 rubles). Residents of Ternopil region, where the average salary is the smallest in the country – 3260 UAH, communal overall not too tough.

The government of Ukraine would have to stop experimenting so over its population. However, experiments will continue. Only electricity rates raised over the past two years four times, and in March 2017, the Ukrainians are the fifth increase.

The authorities of Ukraine explain that the light should rise as part of their fight against cross-subsidization of the population and other consumers, industrial. This, of course, is equity share.

However, Kiev forgets who triggered a sharp and continuous growth of public services. The head of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko recalls that at the time, the IMF has indicated in the Memorandum for the Ukrainian government that the reason for low wages in Ukraine in that country are subsidized utility tariffs. Logic is this: if industry and other consumers pay more, including for the population in the framework of cross-subsidy, then they can no longer pay their employees. The IMF recommended Kiev to stop the subsidy, which automatically resulted in the growth of tariffs, but for some reason not the increase in wages.

“Smart man this recommendation would listen and threw it, but our experts in power somehow believe that the IMF is very smart. As a result of such actions of the Ukrainian government made a mistake. Now for this mistake the Ukrainians are paying the price. Most importantly, nothing you can’t fix. Everything finally collapsed. What do the Ukrainians? Just don’t pay for utility services,” – said Ohrimenko, reports the Ukrainian Agency FAN.

It is not surprising that the debts of the population for utility services in Ukraine are growing by leaps and bounds. Debt has reached more than 2 billion and could easily reach 20 billion, says Ukrainian economist.

“In 2017, in Ukraine, tariffs for utilities will be in Europe. Several enhancements worth waiting for. In the country no one understands why the rates in Europe and wages are not. All agree that a government that is now working in Kiev, sitting on suitcases. What does it mean to set high tariffs? You can quickly and a lot to collect money quickly their plunder and lightning to escape. No one in the government has no plans to sit a long time” – sums up Alexander Okhrimenko.


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