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Friday, March 16, 2018

Sergei Ryazansky: happy to take the experience of the pioneer organization

“I don’t like that the boys were in the motion formally because for them it will Shine some buns,” said the newspaper LOOK the head of the Russian movement of schoolchildren (RDS) pilot-cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy. He said, why RDS refuses the experience of the pioneers and will cooperate with youth organizations of law enforcement agencies.

Thursday, September 1, movement of the Russian school launches new version of its website. Earlier this week in Moscow has passed meeting of coordination Council RDS, which discussed the prospects of development of the organization. As noted by Executive Director of traffic, Director of the Russian children and youth centre” Alice Kryukov, “we were able to unite on one platform of regional coordinators and representatives of pilot schools from 80 subjects of the Russian Federation”.

“We do fear that this may become a mandatory obligation, which was in Soviet times, so we have formal procedures for the entry into the movement just yet”

We will remind, the decree about creation of new youth movements, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed in October last year. The idea of having RDS came from the parliamentary parties, who believe that the country, which were the pioneers and the Komsomol, have come the modern youth organization. In a presidential decree with the purpose RDS named “improvement of state policy in the field of education of the younger generation and promote the formation of personality based on the characteristic of the Russian society system of values”.

The movement was headed by the cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Sergey Ryazansky. In an interview to the newspaper VIEW, he spoke about the purpose RDS and what it must become for the young generation.

OPINION: Sergey Nikolaevich, September 1, the Russian movement of students, has promised to launch its own online platform where students can propose and develop their projects. What, for example, projects may appear on this site?

Sergei Ryazansky: We plan to involve partners in the field of IT-technologies that use the site RDS will help students to make their own their own websites from scratch. Based on the website traffic they’ll have the opportunity to participate in online broadcasts of the workshops and webinars. In our information and media Commission includes journalists from different publications. Based on the website they will conduct online classes with the students.

September 1 starts a new version of the official website RDS that will host Federal and regional news. Let me remind you, RDS offices established in all regions of the country. Students will have the opportunity to sign up on this site. If the student is interested, he just signs up and will have the opportunity to participate in nationwide contests. For example, if you talk about information and media activities RDS, it could be a competition for the best minute video about the school. Thus the student can take a movie through your personal account on the website of the movement to upload it to the contest page and become a member. The site will be a voting system, which will be able to participate with other students.

OPINION: there are concerns that joining the movement imperceptibly turn into a “obyazalovke”, as Octobrists and pioneers. What is the mechanism of joining the organization?

S. R.: We do fear that this may become a mandatory obligation, which was in Soviet times, so we have formal procedures for the entry into the movement just yet. In some regions spend quite beautiful and solemn ritual of entry, where we don’t. But we don’t require statistics, reports, we do not see ratings. Important for us that in our projects, the movement wanted to participate as much as possible children.

We will register school counselors and Vice-principals on educational work, which will cooperate with us just to be with them, to see what projects they are involved with. On our website are made special pages of students and schools is a primary cell.

OPINION: Participation in RDS will help in the future to enter higher education?

S. R.: I would Not want to see the boys was in motion formally because for them it will Shine some buns. Universities, I believe, yourself will be interested in ensuring that their students become socially responsible and educated citizens. So officially there are no extra points for admission to universities is not provided. And, in terms of universities I would gain would be students who have participated in many projects.

OPINION: RDS can be both a school for the selection of future officials, managers?

S. R.: Selection wherever it goes, based on professional qualifications and activities. When we hire an employee, we asked him what he was doing, where he attended and what his experience. If young people come up with a good list of his personal achievements and participated in social projects, they will be in demand in the social field. Guys – the leaders of the school Council, regular members of volunteer projects would be of interest to any commercial company, because it is people with an active lifestyle. It will efficiently work in any professional field of activity.

OPINION: what President Vladimir Putin issued a decree on the establishment of RDS in birthday of Komsomol, is a symbolic gesture or just a coincidence?

S. R.: It’s just a coincidence, although I must say that the first Congress was held in the birthday of the pioneer organization. But it’s just a coincidence. It is clear that RDS not created in a vacuum. We are happy to take the experience of the pioneer organization and those organizations that replaced the pioneers. They cooperate with us and happy to join us.

OPINION: RDS plans to cooperate with social structures in law enforcement agencies: traffic “Uname”, military-Patriotic center “Vympel”, the relevant clubs. What can be specifically such cooperation?

S. R.: they Have an interesting educational programs, Patriotic clubs, the same DOSAAF, which was in Soviet times. It is evident that these agencies are interested in that came to them motivated, ideologically well-prepared young people. The military profession is becoming more and more popular. Among boys and girls is a growing demand for military “Patriotic”.

OPINION: How many schools have already joined the movement?

S. R.: We don’t know because the number is growing constantly. Officially we call a figure of 250 pilot schools, although we understand that the end of the year it will be 800! Many schools, even if the regions have not formally named them the pilot, still trying to work together with us to participate.

It’s very cool! Once there is such an interest, so we are moving in the right direction. Not important for us how many people, schools. Importantly, this demand, is of interest. I hope that we will get feedback, and try to make the guys really wanted to join the Russian movement of students.


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