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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Scientists have named an unexpected advantage of high people before low

High people are capable of more accurately than the relatively undersized, to estimate the distance between various objects and to them, and this difference persists even if they are sitting, and their comrades are low on the hill. To such conclusion the group of researchers from the Ohio state University.

photo: pixabay.com

In the study, experts were asked to estimate the distance between objects 12 persons, whose growth was less than 175 centimeters, and the same people that were above this level. As it turned out, if the objects were at a distance of from three to twenty meters high the participants gave more accurate estimates as in bright and in dim lighting. Even if the short people stood on the hill, the higher of the participants in the experiment were set, the result is not too different. According to the researchers, this may mean that high growth not only helps to more accurately estimate the distance itself, but somehow contributes to the development of this ability for a long time.

Scientists say that if the results are confirmed, they revealed the advantage can play an important role, in particular, for athletes. If, for example, the benefits of high growth for basketball players is obvious, a new study shows that indirectly it also helps, for example, tennis players.

Previously, different experts have published a number of studies showing that the growth not only determines the chance to hit his head on the top crossbeam of a door or comfortably to watch the show from the fifth row. In particular, recently, scientists have found that people of great stature are increasingly inclined to conservative views, while low, by contrast, are more likely to support political forces, promising reform. In another research work, the experts found that tall men “ceteris paribus” on average earn more than those who are “inferior” to them a few centimeters. The researchers noted that these are only General trends — sometimes short people earn a lot, but the overall statistics are evidence of some injustice. Finally, the authors of another work noted that men are on average high growth more popular among women.


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