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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Russian aircraft designers have achieved “top engineering”

Russia has completed the implementation of another important and unique engineering project. Announced “in the metal” so-called “engine of the second stage” to fifth generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA). This is, without exaggeration, a real breakthrough – analogues of a complex product is only in the United States. With the new engine the T-50 will gain its true power.

That engine (the so-called “article 30”) ready, said East economic forum the General Director of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur aviation plant (branch company “Dry”) Alexander Pekarsh. “The engine of the second stage is ready, it works. The tests go according to plan”, – quotes its TASS. It is, of course, on the ground, and bench testing – it is planned that equipped with a new engine the fighter rises into the air until next year. However, the fact that the engine is ready, assembled and tested, significant.

“This long-term Russian project, allowing to leave on new level, to some extent, to catch up with the United States”

It is the lack of a new modern engine was one of the arguments of those who refused to give up the fighter T-50 is a fifth generation. Now the PAK FA (prospective airborne complex of frontline aviation) is able to become a truly multifunctional super-maneuverable combat machine, able to “forgive” the error of piloting and fly at supersonic speeds without using afterburners, to attack the enemy in all weather conditions.

“This long-term project, allowing to leave on new level, to some extent, to catch up with the United States, which is also not standing still and doing the groundwork for the sixth generation, – said the newspaper VIEW, Professor of the Academy of military Sciences Vadim Kozyulin. – But in the meantime, States that have fifth-generation aircraft, a bit: is the United States and some of its allies. China is also trying to create such a plane. In short, in today’s turbulent environment is very important.

Indeed, the Americans have a fighter of the fifth generation F-22 and fighter-bomber of the fifth generation Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. However, the United States is the only country with a whole squadron of fighters of the fifth generation. The first of these appeared in 2005.

As for Russia, the project of the PAK FA or T-50 as a whole is implemented. First flight of the fifth generation fighter made in 2010. The General public, he was shown at MAKS-2011. However, the engine of this fighter – the so-called engine of the first stage, known in engineering circles as a “product 117” – much smaller than its American counterparts. The engine of the first stage is essentially a modernized version of the engine AL-41F1S which are intended for the su-35S. But these tanks belong to the fourth generation. That is, the number of requirements that apply to the T-50, “product 117” is not achievable in principle. It is, above all, about agility in battle at supersonic speeds.

As previously stated by General designer of NPO “Saturn” Yuri Smolin, with the new engine so-called engine of the second stage, the fifth generation fighter “will become more docile and can quickly react to the actions of the pilot. All in all, as noted by the designer, the new engine will differ from its predecessors increased specific thrust, reduced specific fuel consumption, less weight and will be relatively cheap to maintain and operate. To build such an engine, we had to solve many difficult engineering problems – for example, a high pressure compressor with the use of new materials and technologies. In the American press it the local equivalent was called the “pinnacle of engineering”.

In Russian “article 30” there’s many unique designs. First and foremost among them stands out the blade of the turbine. It is made from a unique heat-resistant Nickel alloys and has a very complex structure. Nothing like in the engine of the first stage not.

Russian engine of the second stage was developed in cooperation of all the design offices of United engine Corporation (UEC). The main developer is OKB imeni A. M. Lyulki. This was previously reported by RIA Novosti the head of UEC Vladislav Masalov. He was named the chief designer of the project – Evgeny Marchuk.

Serial production T-50 will begin in late 2017. So, the troops fifth generation fighter with “article 30” will arrive in 2018.

Experts, noting the importance of achieving, do not rush to say that Russia has created the world’s best car. In response to the question of the newspaper OPINION, which, an updated T-50 or the us F-22 is better, Kozyulin noted that now the comparison is in favor of the one who compares”. “While both of these machines met in the air, it is meaningless to talk about it,” he says, ” Every analyst who believes a particular plane better finds in them the pluses in their favor.” It is hoped that such a meeting will never happen. After all, to converge the T-50 and F-22, at least in the current international climate, can only if the US and Russia will enter into direct military conflict.


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