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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Poroshenko said the protesters environmentalists Mariupol “mercenaries of Putin”

The arrival of the first persons of the Ukrainian state Petro Poroshenko in Mariupol was preceded by an unexpected accident at the Ilyich plant, where on August 27 in heater No. 2, there was a crack and the city was covered with clouds of red smoke. Mariupol and so is not a standard environment, and then…So with the arrival of Poroshenko angry citizens began to prepare with a special feeling.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Environmental activists began to ring up journalists in an attempt to calculate the route of the President, the first reaction was to block his way! Then, in common thinking, decided 8 kilometers from the front not to mess with the security service, but mobile teams on hunt for President came out. And during the speech Poroshenko on the occasion of the opening of the first in Mariupol center of administrative services a group of people in masks began to chant “Give me oxygen! We want to breathe!!!”.

Helpful local officials tried to shut down the protesters by boys with national flags, but came out worse. Poroshenko, had not heard, what chant the strange people suddenly ad-libbed: “Here are the mercenaries of Putin pulled our country back!”.

Subsequently, someone from the environment have prompted what you want “mercenaries Putin.” Plants in Mariupol owned by Rinat Akhmetov, the whole city leadership, from the mayor on Vadim Boychenko year ago sat in chairs in the city Council from the offices of “Metinvest” Akhmetov and deal with metallurgists for clean air in no hurry from the word “no”, the environmental Inspectorate fines violators symbolically, and the mandatory announcement of the increase in emissions of plants printed in the “local” newspaper “Donetsk news”, which is published now only in Kiev and also belongs to Akhmetov. A perfect vicious circle!

In the end, Poroshenko went to the press and promised to punish those responsible for the pollution of the air, the ill-fated convector in September put kind of on a planned overhaul. And “mercenaries of Putin” now in Mariupol extremely popular Internet meme.

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